Videos – Southwest Dominican Republic Road Trip – Day One

Day One Of Our SW Dominican Road Trip

Day One Of Our SW Dominican Road Trip

It is simply amazing how vast and diverse this tropical island of the Dominican Republic really is.  As I mentioned last week, we decided to take a whirlwind driving tour of the southwest corner of the island.  I think, when all was said and done, we covered about 400 miles.  Much of our trip was on highways and roads that were well paved and in great condition.  Some of our trip was on rocky back roads, especially through some of the national parks, where I would strongly recommend a 4wd vehicle.

It is amazing that you can be enjoying the beach at sea level one moment, and be up in the mountains at over 5000 feet in only a couple hours.  Each day this week I will post new videos of our little road trip attempting to give you a flavor of the southwest region of the island.  Of course there is no way our videos can do justice to some of the incredible sights and sounds we experienced on this trip, but maybe they will give you enough of a taste to wet your appetite for your own road trip one of these days.

Today’s videos were captured on day one of our trip.  

We drove down from Cabrera to Santo Domingo on the new toll highway then headed over to the biggest city in the southwest… Barahona.  There is nothing really special to see in Barahona, just another decent size city.  But heading out of Barahona you will discover what a diverse region the southwest really is.

In this first video we head out of Barahona toward a national park called Sierra Baharuco for a little mountain scenery.


Next we head down the coastline through some of the small towns, headed toward a small coastal town called Bahoruco


On our third video from day one, we head toward the town of Paraiso


As you will see in several of these videos, some of the mountain and ocean views in this portion of the country are quite breathtaking.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find the the quality of the roads in most of this section of the country are in very good condition.  This southwest region of the Dominican Republic is definitely the least developed and most natural of the coastal areas of the country.  While some of the mountain and ocean views are incredible in the southwest region, I definitely prefer to live up in our little northcoast village of Cabrera.  I believe the temperatures are a little cooler up in Cabrera and I really prefer the unspoiled broad beaches that are surrounding Cabrera.

Next time we will check out the videos from day two. from Paraiso to Cabo Rojo to Perdenales.

Until next time, this is Barry in the DR.


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