Videos – SW Dominican Republic Road Trip – Day 3

Headed through mountains near the border of Haiti

Headed through mountains near the border of Haiti

On the third day of our whirlwind roadtrip of the southwest region of the Dominican Republic, we ventured up the border of Haiti on a true 4wd rock road, up from Pedernales back over to the Barahona area. It turned out to be great road for four-wheeling but not so great for video. We did catch some great mountain views on video, but we had to concentrate so hard on getting through the road alive that we missed some opportunities to capture our little adventure on film.

As we pointed out on the videos, most of the roads in the southwest region of the country are in great shape and fully paved, however some of the twisty-windy roads through the national parks tend to be rock roads cut along the edge of steep mountains and it takes FULL concentration to keep it on the road. There were even a few times where we had to ride with two wheels on the road and two wheels up on the side of the mountain just to get past a washout or blockage in the road. Now for us, this was great fun and adventure, but if you are not an offroad or 4wd fan, you may not appreciate it and may want to stick to the paved roads. To everyone his own.

In today’s video we will share a few of the road and mountain scenes as we pass up the Haitian border to get back over to Barahona.  You will find plenty of mountain farms all through this area, mostly staffed by hard working Hatian families.  Oh, and by the way, we never had any reason to be fearful for our safety on this or any other part of our road trip.  The people we met and talked to along this stretch of the trip, and along the whole trip for that matter, were friendly and helpful and just a delight to be with.  This is a very friendly country and a smile and a “hola” go a long way.


So now we are headed to day 4.  In our next post we will start our trek back to the central part of the country, up from Barahona up toward the mountain town of Constanza….. of course we don’t make it all the way… check the next video to see why.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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