Videos – SW Dominican Republic Road Trip – Day 4

Headed for Constanza

Headed for Constanza

So here we are on day four of our whirlwind road trip through the southwest of the Dominican Republic.  Actually we are headed back up from the southwest more toward the central region of the country.  We will show you a few of the quaint places we discovered along the way and explain our expectations for our trip up into the central region.

Of course, nothing goes exactly to plan… as if we really planned every detail of this little adventure.  One thing you learn when you make the move to this tropical island, or any other Latin country for that matter, is that you have to learn to “roll with the flow”.  The one thing you can generally count on is that you can’t really count on anything to come out exactly as you planned or on exactly the schedule you anticipated.

Our day four adventure was just one of those cases.  In our “planning” we anticipated we would be on the road about four hours as we headed up the back road from Barahona up to the little mountain town of Constanza.  We expected to have plenty of time to spare to explore Constanza and the region around it.   BUT…..

Not everything goes as planned.  Most of the back road up toward Constanza is nicely paved and in great shape.  However there is a stretch of rock road north of  the little town of  Sabana Largo through a national park just south of Constanza.  Remember what I have said about roads through national parks.  Well this one was no exception.  Only a few miles south of Constanza we find this rocky road had been closed and we had to turn around and make the whole trek back down the mountain back to the main roads and find an alternate route back up into the mountains….  but we still captured plenty of interesting video and discovered some great hideaways that we will certainly revisit again.

In the first video for Day 4, we just grab a coffee in the hotel and discuss our plans for the day and take a quick tour of the hotel discovered along our trip.


In this second video we head out through some of the most beautiful and productive mountain farmland in the country on our way up to Constanza.


Like I said earlier, if there is any lesson from today that will serve you well if you should ever choose to move here or to any other emerging country…. sometimes you just have to roll with the flow and enjoy the journey along the way.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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