Videos – SW Dominican Republic Road Trip – Day 5

Jarabacoa stopover

Jarabacoa stopover

So we managed to backtrack and make our way back up the main national highway, Autopista Duarte, headed back up toward Constanza and Jarabacoa.  Because we were running out of daylight, we decided to stop overnight in the town of Bonao at just another of the many quaint little hotels we discovered along the way.  When we left Bonao we decided to head into the little mountain town of Jarabacoa.  Jarabacoa is one of those little mountain getaway towns that is very popular for many of the professionals and business people in Santo Domingo.

As you will see in the videos, we stayed in a terrific mountain resort hotel in Jarabacoa on our fifth and final night and we loved it.  While you will find things a little more expensive in Jarabacoa because of the more upscale clientele and tourist demand, most of the prices are still reasonable by first world standards.

As you will hear in the videos, Jarabacoa would probably be our second favorite place to live in the Dominican Republic.  Of course preferring the ocean over the inland mountains we chose Cabrera on the northcoast for our home.  If we want to cool down and take a little mini holiday we can always drive over to Jarabacoa from Cabrera for a day or a weekend.

In this first video on Day 5 we take a look at some road scenes headed up toward Constanza and Jarabacoa and then take a little tour of the fantastic little mountain hotel where we spent our last night.  I think you will agree that this was a pretty nice little resort, well worth the $90 a night cost, with full breakfast.


In our last video for this road trip, we take a quick pass through the edge of Jarabacoa on our way out of town headed back to Cabrera.


Well, it has been an interesting, albeit a bit hectic, week on our road trip through the southwest region of the Dominican Republic and up through the central region.  Before this trip we had never spent much time in the southwest and it was interesting to check it out.  Of course I have to admit that there is nothing like home, and we were happy to be headed back to Cabrera for a vacation after our “vacation” in the southwest.

You know, it adds a new perspective to your life when you already live in a tropical paradise, surrounded by some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches and quaint little towns.  Traveling is fun, but it also helps us realize that for us, we already live in our paradise.

We hope you will come experience and explore the Dominican Republic and our little northcoast village of Cabrera someday soon.  We would be proud to show you around and let you meet the locals and the expats that now call the northcoast and especially Cabrera home.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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