The Two Emotions We Crave More Than Love

Denial's Twin Brother

Denial’s Twin Brother

One of my favorite past times is reading. Spiritual books are at the top of my must read list. Yes they even out rank trends for those of you who might be wondering. Did you know there are two emotions human beings have a stronger craving for than love? The first is a sense of belonging and the second is denial.

Whether this blissful feeling is a result from a successful relationship, a feeling like you’re part of the community you reside in, or even that feeling of contentment although there’s nothing much happening… there’s still no place you’d rather be. All stem from first possessing a sense of belonging. Without that key element in place the other feelings can’t follow.

Why because there’s no opening for them to get in… That is into your life or into your senses. Many of the  fine folks I’ve met seem to at least on the outside have it all. Still there’s a monkey on their back that keeps reminding them something’s missing. That feeling of contentment just may be whats lacking. Something to think about for a great many that just can’t seem to figure out what’s missing in their lives.

Denial works similar to a bar code. It's impregnated in your mind... Your subconscious mind that is.

Denial works similar to a bar code. It’s impregnated in your mind… Your subconscious mind that is.

The second emotion I’d like to touch base with is denial. In varying degrees a large percentage of us live in denial. Of course most would disagree but that just goes to prove how tricky the emotion of denial really is. It’s been my opinion that denial shares in common with Satan what I’ve felt are still to this day two of his most powerful tricks. First convincing people that he doesn’t exist and second using the space between cause and effect as an excuse of being lucky or unlucky. Let’s face it nobody’s going to wake up tomorrow to find a fully grown oak tree on their front lawn. Some time ago a seed was planted even if you don’t recall when.

When a nation and its citizens have become demoralized this also attaches itself in the form of a strong sense of denial. Wouldn’t you agree denial in this sense takes on a myriad of forms? The economy is the culprit that seems to be a popular choice for many. How about maxing out the credit cards then believing it was the result of being tricked by those easy credit payment commercials? One of the surest ways I know when someone is living in denial is when I hear the following. “There’s nothing I can do about it…I’m powerless.” No doubt about it Denial is the trickster that could make old Satan jealous with envy.

One of the strongest sources of keeping the masses in denial. That's right MEDIA!

One of the strongest sources of keeping the masses in denial. That’s right ROBOT MEDIA!

I guess in most cases it may provide temporary relief from the pressures Opps! Almost fell for it myself. Damn he’s a good opponent. Again similar to Satan they both only have the power to get in if there’s an opening to begin with.

Why not take a step back and ponder things for a moment. Since we all live in the same economies and the economies of the world are all interconnected the real source of the issues so many of us are facing can’t be caused by economies. That may be the effect but certainly can’t be the cause. It may serve you well to keep the following sentence in the back of your mind. Thoughts are causes conditions are effects. Just may be an effective way of closing the opening that the trickster is always looking for.

I was recently sent this YouTube by a good friend. He commented: Barry this YouTube depicts just how demoralized western nations have become. Pointing the finger at any other cause but their own poor choices has somehow become acceptable in society.

When circumstances become unbearable and the world seems to be aiming towards a head on collision in some folks lives still the trickster has them convinced it’s every ones fault but their own. Not a doubt in my mind that denial has metamorphic qualities.

I suppose the trickster denial (unlike Governments) ensures us there’s still a lot of ammunition left in his arsenal. The birth chip entitlement mentality and abundance of time are just two more you might not want to get fooled by. Perhaps Albert Einstein said it best “The separation between past present and future is only an illusion although a convincing one.” Until next time this is Barry in DR.

In Debt We Trust America Before the Bubble Bursts:

johnsteven October 1, 2014 at 9:19 pm

Such an eye opener, when i watched this video i was shocked.I have always told myself. if i do not need something i will not buy it.I have never had a credit card in my life.Always paid for things in cash including my property.If you keep it simple stay on that path pay your credit on time.I have lived here for many years and i would say 90-95 per cent of people pay with cash.Thank god.Regards jb

Barry October 2, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I found the video intresting from several points. I noticed how everyone seems to be crying about being in debt but is also dressed to the nines. What can you say it’s a sickness and as with any such issue one never repairs themselves till the first come to grips that they have a problem… Not someone else is causing them their problem. The video also reminded me of an old commercial of what appears to be a successful father with his family on a Sunday afternoon. When his neighbor asks him ” how can you afford all this” I love his answer. Because I’m up to my eyeballs in debt. Most who visit us are shocked when I tell them to bring cash when visiting. In the campo it’s still basically a cash society and credit is still given by word of mouth. When’s the last time people had that in western cultures??? Oh well it is what it is.

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