Time, If I’m Correct There’s Not Much Left toThink of Your Plan “B”

The Hourglass is way beyond half gone. You need to start moving on your plan "B" That is if you actually plan on having one.

The Hourglass is way beyond half gone. You need to start moving on your plan “B” That is if you actually plan on having one.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up a good friend who’s going to be staying with us for a week. Since I had some time today I wanted to post a blog and bring up something I tried to draw to your attention back in March of 2013. Seeing how events are currently unfolding this past post appears to be spot on with its accuracy. However its accuracy is not the reason I’m bringing it to your attention. The reason I bring it up again is about time… You’re Time! The time left for you to take action on that plan “B” and if I’m correct there’s not much of it left.

Way back in March of 2013 I used the analogy of what markets and a spinning top both share in common. Mouse over the bold print as I’ve linked it BELOW so you can revisit and have a second look. Volatility folks the article is all about volatility. That’s exactly what’s currently unfolding around the world. Volatility in markets, currencies, commodities and it’s also appearing in the form of conflicts.

Conflicts ranging from internal unrest from citizens who’ve have had enough abuse from their Government to nations challenging long term relationships with each other. Allies have changed to enemies over the last two years at an alarming rate. While the cause varies the effect is the same. The effect is volatility in one area or another.

Blindly see them falling into the matrix. The bottomless pit if you will.

Blindly see them falling into the matrix. The bottomless pit if you will.

As previously mentioned when we’re getting near the SHTF moment the top will start to wobble (volatility). Eventually it will straighten up (QE, Printing artificial stimulus) and shortly after that fall dead on its side. Well were at the time the top is wobbling pretty excessively. So what’s your plan B?

Over the past two years I took a lot of flak for mentioning gold and silver are going anywhere but up. Many of my readers along with hundreds of comments from other sites that post my blogs called this thinking NEGITIVE and therefore continued promoting they’re shoot to the moon philosophy. Honestly I don’t mind flak as it’s a good thing. It informs me that folks are actually reading my posts and that’s what it’s all about. However for my readers benefit there is one thing I might suggest that will surly help you going forward into the next plane.

Start learning to think in a cylindrical fashion. Begin understanding that the whole world is connected like the gears of a transmission (another Post) and you’ll educate yourself eventually understanding WHY in just less than two years we are where we presently are. Gold is sitting at 1217 USD per Troy Ounce and its close relative silver currently sits at 17.28 per Troy Ounce. Hum??? Wonder what happened? What happened is not understanding everything is connected. Most of us think in a linear fashion.

Cylindrical thinking. If you don't master this type of thought pattern you'll keep making the same mistakes time after time. Sorry but it's a fact.

Cylindrical thinking. If you don’t master this type of thought pattern you’ll keep making the same mistakes time after time. Sorry but it’s a fact.

Come on be honest with me or more importantly be honest with yourself. Over the last two years have you ever heard even just one time the SELL WORD in the metals business…? I haven’t. When prices go up a few dollars in gold or a few cents in silver BING the BUY Light comes on! OK let’s review it from another other angle. If either of the metals goes down what happens? BING the same bell is rung…BUY!

Let’s really get down to thinking in a cylindrical fashion folks. I’ve got a question for all you “Stackers” out there. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if your stack was anywhere from three to four times larger? If the answer is yes then learn how to think in a cylindrical fashion. Ever wonder why all the good folks suggesting that you get out of paper money are the same folks so willing to accept it for metal?

WHY? It’s because the promoters who you are buying from understand the difference between thinking linear and thinking cylindrical. If the above doesn’t make sense and you’re happy that you spent the same amount of cash for a stack that’s three or four times smaller then you’re either a sucker or just a plain old closed minded fool.

Look it is what it is as facts don’t lie. Their gospel and we should have been triple digits for silver and several thousand per troy ounce gold… and were nowhere even on the right set of tracks yet. Like I’ve mentioned in several posts before…nothing can repair before first having crashed. They’ll get their day but on the rebound and not before. Keep an open eye over the next four to five years…you’ll be very glad you did and yes I’m a big advocate in physical metals but it takes time and a little more understanding than just buy buy buy. Build acquire then buy and you’ll be buying a whole lot more for the same initial investment.

Perhaps this is about the right time to leave the subject of metals and explore some other forms of volatility that are currently unfolding but weren’t several years prior. Here’s the short list of many and their not in any chronological order of their occurrence.

  1. Sanctions on Russia. Ask yourself what good did this manufactured event do? Screwed Europe to the max that’s one thing it did. But is it a good thing? Another negative development caused by these sanctions is the growing trend that the world is rapidly viewing the former dark side as the new and emerging light from above. That I can tell you with surety is not good for those residing in America.


  1. Russia, China, and the other nations that make up the BRICS all bypassing the reserve and dealing directly in other currencies. I’ll list a few more examples but on a deeper level of thought contemplate the following. Anyone who would begin to believe that what is currently being used as the world’s reserve currency will continue to be the reserve currency forever should indeed have a reality check. That illusion was graciously placed in people’s minds by the same source who want to keep the current illusion of reality mistaken as reality. What you’ll be witnessing sometime into the future is nothing more than a normal paradigm shift of power. The reserve will be handed off to the next qualified player when the correct time arrives and sometime after that when they also abuse this power again will forfeit it onto the next qualified player. It is what it has always been.


  1. China announcing “yuan for euro” direct trade. Direct trading of yuan for euros will be allowed in the FX markets. Potential Game changer in the future BUT NOT YET. Until some other replacement can be found for the dollar nothing’s going to change. Convertibility, confidence and volume are required in order to have a reserve currency. To date and the foreseeable future the dollar still holds the reigns.



  1. Russia dealing directly in other currencies and even gold for natural resources. The China/Russia resources deal is also a clear sign of long term where the wealth transfer lies. Again these silly sanctions over time are going to prove to be a huge mistake. (think of Athens)


  1. BRICS nations Forming their own International banking system. Soon to follow their own SWIFT system that will bypass the currently used system and in fact implement two different choices. THANKS FOR THAT ONE MR. PRESIDENT!!! Or should I say Yosemite Sam.


Shifting to a few other areas of interest here’s just the tip of the perpetual iceberg. Unrest over in Ukraine, all over the Mediterranean, Hong Kong, Scotland, Italy, Spain, France and is soon coming to a neighborhood near you. Remember I mentioned 2016 as being a banner year for a hockey stick uprising in violence. I hope I’m wrong but thinking with my head before my heart leaves me little doubt of this occurring.

Some additional Government efforts towards keeping the brains of the masses as scrambled as an egg have recently come to light. Let’s add in the latest manufactured enemy ISIS. ISIS is taking over parts of Syria, Iraq and currently is supposedly present in western nations. Ever ask yourself how just two years prior an unknown foe comes into this much power and funding…I have and the answers I come up with the uninformed masses of the western nations aren’t going to like.

H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and now the granddaddy of them all EBOLA.  When are you going to wise up and start asking the WHY questions.

H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and now the granddaddy of them all EBOLA. When are you going to wise up and start asking the WHY questions. Ever wonder who holds the patent all of these viruses.

The second egg in the omelet of confusion I’m referring to might come in the way of a recent attack on health. Let’s keep your mind off the real problem and keep it occupied with the latest threat, the Ebola virus. No Joke here folks this could be serious and I don’t have enough information on it to really be of usefulness. Once again I incur you more than ever to ask the WHY on this one. WHY does the most powerful in the western nations own the patient on such a virus to begin with? Forced vaccinations, chipping the people, marshal law or closing borders… I don’t know but it’s really way past the time you the citizens need to start asking WHY. That I know with absolute surety.

It will serve you well to remember that once any of these acts are instituted all the pieces are stripped of the game board and re-deposited right back into the box. Get it you’re not going anywhere. This is why I’ve been mentioning that you need to get started on your immigration homework. I don’t care what country just as long as you’ve started it. I might suggest that you re-read prior posts on grandfathering in immigration laws. This is for real folks.

I’ll just travel a bit further down the rabbit hole as I feel if by now you’re not seeing it for what it really is… well perhaps you never will. Every revolution needs its statistics and this one won’t be any different just far worse.

Are you taking notice of how many former allies have suddenly been relabeled as enemies? Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria just to name a few. Those of you who converse with me personally know I do a lot of reading and on many varied subjects. History is one of those subjects. I’m Confident many of you history buffs out there already recognize who America is mirroring.

Athens the Largest city and capitol of Greece started dictating to their neighbors and then allies by what rules they will be governed by. One by one these allies left and joined Sparta. They then aimed their aggressions back at their former ally Athens. It’s worth mentioning that at the time Sparta was actually a communist ruled country and Athens was not. Remind you of any currents events unfolding as I write this post? Well they do say history has a habit of repeating itself.

One of several reasons I love living in the DR is people fend for themselves a lot more than in the western nations. They know how to survive and fend for themselves far better than most western cultures. That fend for yourself mindset that once thrived and is what made America great to begin with has all but vanished. When you successfully divide and conquer the people of a nation then a demoralized nation is what the effect will be.

As with many other countries here in the DR they don’t seem to have inhered by birth what I deem as an entitlement attitude. In the western nations it’s gotten past the point of no return because people not only believe but depended on Government to handle all of their difficulties. Many believe they cannot survive without their Government dictating almost everything to them.

Ironically that’s the same uninformed herd of sheep that runs around chanting living in the land of the free. Most other countries I’ve either worked in or actually lived in have a radically different attitude. Most believe you have got to take care of yourself because the Government is not going to do it for you.

All these grant programs have turned the tide in a once great nation into a nation of entitlement. While everyone has the right to agree or disagree with almost anything I would like to add this last sentence in and perhaps provide a better understanding. It’s difficult to get a person to understand something when their salary depends on them not understanding it. Hopefully this may serve useful the next time you find yourself about to have an argument when discussing sensitive subjects. Keep it tucked away then you’ll be able to walk away and avoid a useless waste of both time and energy.

As long as they keep feeding the peanuts the masses will be fine. It's what happens when the peanuts run out that should have you concerned. VERY CONCERNED!!!

As long as they keep feeding the peanuts the masses will be fine. It’s what happens when the peanuts run out that should have you concerned. VERY CONCERNED!!!

People just like animals in a circus can be trained. Once taught you’ll have no trouble getting a trained dolphin to do several backflips for a handful of tasty fish. It all works great and for a while both sides the trainer (Government) and the Dolphin (uninformed masses) are happy.

The problem arises when the food runs out so the handouts run dry. Sure the trainer (Government) goes out and finds another type of animal. Let’s use a tiger for this analogy (higher income bracket earners). Again for the analogy say that this animal doesn’t like to eat fish. This animal prefers meat. Since all the fish is already gone and there’s plenty of meat that’s never been used yet… Let the show begin all over again.

The trainer knows to feed whatever it is that the animal will enjoy. In this case it’s meat (Equities) and so the circus continues for a while longer. The problem is the Dolphin and the tiger over time have forgotten how to find their own food. (Government dependency) as they’ve been hand fed for so long.

When the free food runs out then my friends is when you have a big problem!!! Just another of the many reasons why I live here in the DR. You can’t take away something that someone never had to begin with. In the campo we take care of ourselves and grow a lot of our own. One thing humans share with all other animals is when they’re hungry enough they’ll do almost anything. Not to mention when their children are hungry then is when all hell breaks loose.

I invite my readers to take some time and go back over the last couple of years of posting. See what you’ll find that came into play. After all I disagreed with so many of the more popular sites so why not check out what’s come to reality and what’s just come and well… basically gone.

All of the examples in this post may be caused by varying causes. The effects however are all similar. They create volatility in one degree or another. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

“What does a spinning top and our current market trends Have in Common?

mike February 12, 2016 at 9:05 am

a suggestion!

consider to put a date at the top of your articles.
this gives some context later on for people who read it.

Barry February 12, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Easy enough will do and thanks

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