A Close Friend and An Eye Opening Visit

Christopher and me

Christopher and me

For the last week our good friend Christopher came down and paid us a visit. It’s been over 7 years since Liane and I last seen him. Together we did so many things and personally I know Christopher left with a whole different understanding of many things. While composing this post three of the many things that popped into my mind are as follows. The misconceptions about lifestyles in third world countries, the quality of food and a completely different understanding of what sustainable living means.

After the visit was over I pondered about our time spent together. I was thinking about Christopher’s newly gained knowledge from visiting here. I thought of a line from Jimmy Buffet’s Margarita Ville… ”trying to cram lost years in five or six days” might be the most accurate way of describing what I witnessed while we were together. Not that Christopher’s life isn’t full, it is but there was a slight tinge of wonder in his eyes at the end of the week. Perhaps wondering what might have been if he stayed traveling as he did not all that long ago. Christopher used to be a fashion model and traveled all over Europe and Asia. He has gained a lot of knowledge from his travels and it shows.

It took about four days before Christopher really took notice of the people and how smiling faces were the norm for the region. He questioned it several times while observing the people during their normal day to day happenings. Whether riding 3 people on a scooter or just out in front of any store conversing it didn’t matter smiles were the vast percentage of expression. More than once I’d hear “why the smiling faces?” Almost as if he was missing the punch line of a joke he’d wonder what’s with the facial expressions.

The expression on a persons face speaks volumes. It's not about money it's about being content. Content with you and your surroundings.

The expression on a persons face speaks volumes. It’s not about money it’s about being content. Content with you and your surroundings.

I remember once an older woman smiled and waved us to come on over. I explained she’s seen my truck several times and just wants to have a chat and possibly a coffee together. He was dumbfounded about the thought of anyone ever doing that where he lives in Florida. I explained it happens to Liane and I often since we spend most of our free time exploring small out of the way towns.

Another thing about Christopher is he’s in fantastic physical condition. Exercises every day and his diet is almost entirely organic. Looking at him one would never think he’s hit the forty mark in years. Together all of us went to Las Terrenas for kind of a lunch/beach day. Here we are enjoying the beautiful weather and Christopher decided to go for a swim. A ¼ mile swim followed by a ¾ mile jog (on sand) one way and the same returning including another ¼ mile swim back to his point of origin. Exiting the sea he comes up to us and says that feels good and he’s not even winded!!! The dude is ribbed.

Christopher the ham on the beach.

Christopher the ham on the beach.

I bring up this point about his condition just to make another point. His diet is even stricter. We spend several days wondering the back roads and enjoying food right off the farms. After a few days he comes out with a saying that I think I’ll remember forever. “This food tastes alive” My body senses its higher quality than I’m obtaining at home. I’m also digesting it better.

Since Christopher obviously is one who can appreciate quality foods Liane and I had to take him to a place we know of. We knew he was in for a surprise. We requested steak and questioned how fresh the beef would be. The chef asks us to wait for a moment and he’ll be right back. A few minutes had passed and the chef returns toting the entire tenderloin on a huge platter. Fresh enough he asks? Liane and I were watching Christopher’s expression and just smiling at each other.

The expression we still liked the best was when he returned with Christopher’s meal. About a two pound fillet middle cut with all the trimmings cooked just how he requested. Our expression was something to be witnessed when he actually ate the whole meal. Boy that man has a healthy appetite. Every place we ate his comments were the same “this food is alive” and from someone with his knowledge of organic foods that speaks volumes. I guess the biggest surprise of all came when the bill arrived. I calculated his portion and it came to 10.43 US. That was his OMG moment.

Gravity fed overhead aqua ducts. Totally changed Christopher's understand of the what sustainable means.

Gravity fed overhead aqua ducts. Totally changed Christopher’s understand of the what sustainable means.

Christopher is considering starting a radio or TV show about healthy sustainable living. I asked him if it would be worth going out to where our region’s water comes from. Since it’s almost entirely gravity fed and the same gravity fed system supply’s most of our region’s rice crops it might be worth filming. It’s about a three hour drive up the region and for sure you need a 4-wheel drive to hike it so we started early.

We first traveled through the town of Las Gordas. In English that translates to chubby women. Yep the town is named chubby women for their diet consists of a lot of rice. After all its rice region. Continuing on and you’ll come to a small village named Tizon. After Tizon about twenty minutes later you’ll be in Guarapo. Guarapo is a juice of sugar cane and yes of course it can be mixed with alcohol. Guarapo is another small farming town. Passing through Guarapo next town in line is Mata Bonita (pretty bushes or pretty scrubs) in English. A few turns here and there and you’ll now be in Memisos. Crossing a small concrete bridge and hang a left and you’re now in the end part of what I refer to as canal country. From there it’s about 25 KM on rougher roads and across five smaller rivers to where the Government damming starts.

River crossing three of five rivers we crossed.

River crossing three of five rivers we crossed.

You should have seen Christopher’s face like where in the F*ck are we. Our good buddy Johnny was along for the ride. After all that I think Christopher gained a whole new meaning of what sustainable means. All of it gravity fed and no electric pumps even in the Government damming control area. All manually operated valves. He also witnessed several large aqua ducts running over the dirt roads almost like a highway for the water. Christopher shook his head in disbelief. Perhaps I’ll make a few YouTubes in the near future and post them for all of our readers.

Clowning around with the locals

Clowning around with the locals

Between the beaches, back country, food, rivers, assortment of towns and meeting several folks and friends his week flew by. That’s still to this day what I find so hard to understand. In a small town like Cabrera time passes faster than in any other place I’ve ever lived. That’s for Liane and me but like the package says your results may vary which brings me to an excellent point I’d like to close with.


Look nothing's going to work until you first try the product. Different products work for different for different people but at least give various products a try. WE DID!!!

Look nothing’s going to work until you first try the product. Different products work for different for different people but at least give various products a try. WE DID!!!

Cabrera and in fact the entire region is right for Liane Me along with a growing number of others. The only way to know if anything works is to first try the product. Remember like the instructions always mention side effects and results will vary. Secondly no one product is right for everyone. That’s why there’s so many different products on the shelf. But if you’re looking to change cure or modify something in your life one things for sure. Nothing can work before first trying the product. I know Christopher will never feel the same since sampling it. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Christopher October 29, 2014 at 5:19 am

Barry, a very nice write up on our time together. Surely this trip has affected my being. A whole lot of rugged nature, friendly people and love all in one week. I couldn’t ask for anything more, from my time with you and Liane in your house, to the backcountry trips, the beaches and real commentary all the way through it was spectacular!!! I will be back…Thanks for taking the time to escort me around!! Christopher

Barry October 29, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Christopher it was our pleasure. Where ever we go or what ever we see your going and seeing it as well. WHY? Because your always in our Hearts. Enjoy the ride.

Christopher November 2, 2014 at 9:27 am

Barry and Liane…that touches me and really means something, enjoying the ride together…

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