James Wesley Rawles Threat Assesment – Russia Resergence, Ebola Pandemic & Power Grid Vulnerability

The Hourglass is way beyond half gone. You need to start moving on your plan "B" That is if you actually plan on having one.

The Hourglass is way beyond half gone. You need to start moving on your plan “B” That is if you actually plan on having one.

We face a Russian resurgence, the possibility of an Ebola pandemic and a continuing threat of sabotage of our power grid and water supplies.  In this Part 3 of our 5 part interview with best selling survival author, James Wesley Rawles, we explore how and why these threats may escalate and the probable impact they may have on citizens in the United States.

Through his SurvivalBlog James routinely analyzes world threats and outlines detailed blueprints for how a normal American or Canadian family might best prepare to weather whatever storm is headed our way next.

This is an interesting short interview video about several real and potentially immanent threats to our current lifestyles and freedoms.  You will also want to check out our next post with Parts 4 and 5 of our interview.  In Part 4 James hints at a direct connection between ISIS and the CIA.  Very interesting theory that explains how ISIS could become the worlds greatest threat in such a short time. 

In this video James discusses why we should all be concerned about three immediate threats and some ideas on what we might do to be prepared if one or more of these should erupt.  James discusses the resurgence of Russia, a scenario for an Ebola pandemic and his opinion that the US is asleep at the wheel when it comes to safeguarding the power grid and water system in the US.


I hope you are enjoying these interviews with James Wesley Rawles.  I would love to see your commemts.  Do you agree with James …. or do you think he is off the wall.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

You definitely do not want to miss my next post and the last two segments of my interview with James.  It definitely is the most controversial, but it is totally logical.  There is no other way to easily explain the meteoric rise of ISIS as the worlds greatest immediate threat.  Don’t miss the next post.

Wayne November 13, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Just got a chance to listen to your recent 5 part interview with James. I was really disappointed in much of his responses to your questions. I felt like your questions were far more interesting and informative then his answers. He is far too focused on the “hunker down” and tough it out survival mentality. If things get half as bad as he thinks you won’t want to be anywhere in the US. That’s the point none of these survival guys want to admit. Unless you are in the middle of nowhere (like the redoubt area he talks about) have 5 yrs supply of food and weapons and are ready to kill people who will harm you’re family, then why would you even want to be around when the crap hits the fan??

I was shocked to hear James say that expatriation is not a good option for most americans (part 5)!!! Only if you “know a second language” or “have family business connections”!? Are you kidding me? You just laid out a plethora of benefits one can have when moving outside of the US and he seems to ignore much of those and say that most people shouldn’t consider it? Think of all the people you’ve helped on your DYD tours…did they all know spanish or have business contacts in DR? Of course not, and look how well many of them have adapted.

I truly do not think many of the self proclaimed “Preppers” can imagine what life will be like when they actually have to use their guns/ammo/stored food. My motto when I used to prep was “If ever have to use this stuff to survive…things have already become far worse then I expected”.

I actually have talked with James before when getting advise on prepping, etc many years back. Even then I was a bit shocked on his advice about putting barriers all around my house and boarding up the windows, etc.. I was thinking to myself.. if I have to shoot people from entering my home to protect myself and family..then I should have been long gone years ago. That was the point when I realized why would anyone want to stick around and endure this mess if you could go somewhere more free and better?? I honestly feel that “survival community” is doing people a disservice by not being honest with people about how bad things could really get in the future. They should be telling people that if you don’t have a fully stocked, isolated, energy independent cabin, hundreds of miles away from any large city, then you’d better off getting out of the country now. Unless you want a free stay at the local FEMA camp.

The hard truth is (what James really should have said) is that expatriation is the BEST option by far for most Americans. The only problem is most don’t have the funds to consider it (or they’ve spent all their money on guns, ammo, gold/silver, food supplies).
Sadly, most are too ignorant or prideful to consider that there is somewhere outside the good ol’ USA that is worth living.

Well, that’s my two cents worth. I’d love to see and hear more about daily life in the DR. You’ve done a great job at that so far…Keep the good stuff coming!!

Barry November 13, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Wayne I’ll cut and paste what I answered another DR Escapes listener. I’ll always respect other opinions as they arrive from their own experiences. James background stems from military and Government so it makes sense that’s how he would view things. People don’t learn from words they learn from experience. As for the lock and load mindset we’ll see how their plan holds together when the first one in the family starts to bleed out but I maintain no right and wrong only choices and looks like you’ve made yours. Here’s a bit of informational facts for the stay and fight mindset. The estimated total number of guns (both licit and illicit) held by civilians in the United States is 270,000,0001 to 310,000,000 http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/united-states. In other words almost 100% according to population. Some own more than one while others don’t own any. Now here’s why I’m no fan of statistics and the philosophy of the hunker down mindset. Statistics hardly ever ask the correct question. To obtain the correct information I’m looking for to me the correct question would be what percentage of the citizens are prepared for what’s to come? Do the numbers and you’ll soon find out stretching it you might push to 2%. As of November 11, 2014, the United States has a total resident population of 319,066,000 with approx. 310,000,000 guns. lets look at this a bit further. So you have approx. 310 million guns in the US. Two percent of the population which are properly prepped to hold out this type of bump in the night. So that means roughly 6,200,000 armed prepped people against 303,800,000 people who are armed with similar weapons BUT who are UNPREPARED!!! Shit even Napoleon at Waterloo had way better odds and if history would allow you to go back and ask him… “If you could have reconsidered would you have still gone on the attack at Waterloo?” We all know his answer would have been HELL NO!!! For me it’s all about ample food supply enough water and living in an environment where it never freezes but like anyone I could be wrong. However over 30 years of on the ground experience and personally being in two revolutions when TSHTF tells me otherwise. Sad to say that most folks offering thoughts about how things are and work in other countries have never even set foot on their soil. As for fighting for freedom that’s another joke. Freedom is something western nations never had to begin with. Once again people thinking with the hearts before first using their heads. It’s like they’re fighting for a noun. So much for how I personally feel about the lock and load mentality. As mentioned only choices and mine is to keep my family as far away from what’s coming to unsustainable nations with only 1% of the population into agriculture adding to this a average travel distance of 1500 miles to store shelf as possible. Thanks for posting your comments.

Dave December 4, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Excellent comment Wayne. My thoughts exactly!! That’s one reason we made the move here to the DR. Hopefully it will never get this bad in the US. I like to believe that good people will get control of the situation. But I also agree with Barry. The odds are definitely against it. I still believe that those who are too dependent on the government will lose it when they start to get hungry. It only makes sense. Functioning without the government is a necessity here in the DR. Put 2 and 2 together.

Chris November 21, 2014 at 11:10 pm

” beam me up Scottie, there is no intelligent life here ! “

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