James Wesley Rawles Links ISIS to the CIA – Explains Key Benefits Of Expatriation

SurvivalBlog Interview

SurvivalBlog Interview

In the most controversial segment of our interview with best selling survival author, James Wesley Rawles, we get a new insight into how ISIS might have achieved such a meteoric rise in power and prominence is such a short span of time.  James’ theory certainly would explain how ISIS could have grown in power so rapidly, and there are certainly ample past examples where the CIA has played an important role in the training and arming of “future” terror regimes…. so who is to say that it did not happen again now with ISIS.

Even more sobering is James’ explanation of why he believes a significant portion of the action in a future major war will play out on United States soil.  This factors in heavily in James’ urgency to all of us to have a backup plan for survival.

On a more positive note, James and I dig into two of the more common advantages of expatriation and/or establishing an offshore presence.

James discusses the advantages of current and 2nd passports available from countries like the Dominican Republic.  We also discuss the number two reason so many expats are flocking to the Dominican Republic and other offshore havens.  Affordable healthcare.  We have dozens of examples where expats were able to get worldclass healthcare services in the DR at about 10% to 20% of the comparable cost in the US.  In fact, I have an upcoming post where one of our people was able to compare two very similar trips to the ER, one in the Dominican Republic and one in a small town in the United States.  They actually did more intensive care in the hospital in the DR, yet the total cost of care in the US hospital was 71 times as expensive as in the DR.  That is less than 2% as expensive as in the US.  Another place that expats save money on healthcare is in the cost of health care insurance.  Liane and I have full coverage comprehensive healthcare insurance from Humana in the DR.  Our total ANNUAL cost for that insurance for both of us is less than $800….  Many of the US visitors we meet on the DYD tours are paying more than that each month.  INSANE.

In this first video, James and I continue our discussion of threats and James shares his informed theory about how ISIS rose to power so rapidly.  This is certainly something to think about.  There is a lot of deja vu in James’ theory.  Perhaps even more important than theories about how and why ISIS rose to power is James’ views about why a significant portion of the next major war will play out on home soils of the United States.


In this last video in our interview series with James Wesley Rawles, we explore several of the biggest benefits to extending your survival plan to include an offshore component.  We discuss the benefits of 2nd passports and the advantages of a lower cost, more affordable healthcare alternative in countries like the Dominican Republic.


It was an interesting and thoughtful interview with James Wesley Rawles.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did or if you have questions you would like me to pass along to James, please leave a comment below.

Keep checking in often, because there are more interesting articles, interviews and videos coming.

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