Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity – Dropping Out, Cashing In and Surviving a Collapse – Interview

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity Interview

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity Interview

I had the good fortune to interview Chris Martenson of the website the other day. PeakProsperity is one of the websites that I follow closely because of Chris’s positive and proactive approach to preparing for a financial collapse. No doom and gloom from Chris, just “pick yourself up and make yourself less vulnerable”. It is interesting how closely aligned our thoughts and approaches are on this. We both believe that a simpler lifestyle off the beaten path is essential. We both believe that taking care of the fundamentals such as food, water and security are at the core of any survival plan. You will definitely want listen to the interview to hear Chris’s perspectives on each of these important topics.

  • Can you really drop out for a better life?
  • What is the Central Bank’s role in rendering your paper assets worthless?
  • Just how fragile is the infrastructure in the US and other first world countries and what you can do to compensate?
  • Why are so many Americans finally considering relinquishing their citizenship?
  • Why are “alternative investments” the only REAL investment options?
  • Why can a single keystroke wipe out your paper assets?
  • Is there ANY possibility the central bankers and politicians can turn this around?
  • Is there ANY possibility the US will finally become energy self sufficient?
  • What is prosperity… real prosperity?
  • Why is emotional resilience so important to achieve prosperity?

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity

In this first part of our two part interview, Chris shares his story and explains how “prosperity” for him involved getting out of the city and into a self sustainable community.  As we have always said, no one place or approach is right for everyone.  It turns out that we were able to discover a lot of what Chris was seeking in our home on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  Chris found his in a more remote area in the US.  But the quest was very similar… we both were partially motivated by a concern about an economic collapse and the unrest that would cause… but we both found that knowing what we know now…. we would gladly make the move again simply to gain a better and less stressful way of life that we both enjoy now.

In this first part of the interview, Chris also discusses the role of the Central Bank and discusses just how frail the first world infrastructure is to any disaster… financial or natural.


In the second part of our interview Chris covers many of the hottest topics for potential expats and others seeking safety during a collapse.  He winds up this discussion with some sage advise about emotional resilience and why that may be the single most important element in your quest for your own prosperity.


So what are you doing today to prepare your family to achieve your own prosperity?  If you would like to take a look at what a life in prosperity can look like here on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, then please take advantage of one of our free Discovery Tours of the north coast.  And by all means, please check out Chris’s Peak Prosperity website for plenty of thoughtful and timely information about a plan for prosperity.

Christopher November 18, 2014 at 6:03 am

Barry…nice interview. I found the point basic but important that people need to diversify their cash in real resources or as Chris calls it “real wealth” rather than the claims on the wealth such as cash, stocks, portfolios…This just backs up everything we have spoken about together. Thanks Buddy, Chris

Barry November 18, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Basic it where 99.5% of the peoples understanding is current located at. Funny thing is they still won’t learn till the wave folds and they have that OMG moment. I would pay close attention to the mirage being put forward about shale oil. It has a lot of people believing in it and even more scary banking on it being true. We’ll all soon see what’s basic and whats life changing. Remember depressions don’t kill wealth the merely transfer wealth. Shame the population just can’t seem to grasp the simple line and it been that way sine before the time of Abraham. HINT watch for my next post you may be a bit surprized and hint thanks for helping us out with it.

Christopher November 19, 2014 at 4:59 am

I am happy to help in any way. As you know I take what you say very seriously. So shale oil is ending…good to know, I’ll look out for more info. on that. Congratulations on the interview, you had insightful questions and Chris is a very intelligent guy too. I will check out his website…Good eve, Christopher

Barry November 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Shale is just starting but is not a long term viable method for a sustainable solution. That’s where the misunderstanding lies. The media is portraying it as the be all end all solution.

Paul November 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Hey Barry and reaaders, Great interview and good solid information! I pretty much agree with everything revealed here and We believe, there is a much better life in simplicity and climbing out from under the thumb of the American government. With FATCA and other laws that have already been put into place, the IRS and banks already have the ability to affect soft investments regardless where you have them, in whatever bank in whatever country. There are few options to protect your soft assets if any. There are already pressures from the US on foreign banks to force them to comply with reporting and accountability. Very soon mandatory withhold on transfers of every kind out of the country will go into affect ( last I heard the were targeting January 1 2015. If they can do that, they can zero your accounts anywhere at any time. I do believe hard assets are the answer and the big question is…. what are the best hard assets. I don’t believe Gold and Silver are solely the answer or even the first solution but can certainly be a part of diversification. They may have and have always been a means of value and exchange but only as long as you are able to maintain physical possession and full control over it. Then, find a buyer that has some media of acceptable standard exchange for goods to pay for it. Try getting gold out of the country in any quantity. If things get really bad, the only hard assets of great value will be bullets and seeds. People will want food not metal and only after the dust settles will precious metal have much value again on an average daily basis. But hard assets I do believe is the answer and diversification is a good policy. Some gold and Silver, fine, but I believe that will be more long term but short term, Widgets are the answer!!!!!! Pic your widget. Land is necessary as a baseline in a good place/country of refuge. ( we have in fact bought in the DR in Cabrera) but I believe others things that will have daily value that can be exchanged for food or other goods is very important. What is your widget of choice? It must be something or better yet a culmination of things that don’t depreciate physically like food or wood. It should be something that people readily need in day to day living even in difficult times. Hammer, axe, screws, saw, knives, water containers things that are timeless and small enough that can be liquidated in small lots that then can be used to purchase food. There are lots of variables and again while gold and silver have always had value, unless there is a current demand and someone has the resources to purchase it, it’s value may be negligible. Owning 100,000 acres of land in an extreme depression is of little value if you are hungry but having some land so you have a place to live is important. It must be paid for and having enough to plant some crops and maintain some cows and chickens etc would also be helpful. Thanks to you Barry for ferreting out the people who are knowledgeable and sound thinkers to share their insights with us! Time grows shorter by the day so prepare now! Don’t be one of those who say I knew I should have planned for this and didn’t and get left behind!

Barry November 30, 2014 at 4:27 am

Paul good to see your comments again. Agreed with your comments but would like to mention just one addition and that is added to your last sentence. “some of the most informed people will find themselves lying in the bunk next to the clueless in the same FEMA camp insisting they knew well in advance this was coming” its still a world of action and knowing everything without doing anything won’t do you the least bit of good.

Paul December 2, 2014 at 1:50 pm

Yes Barry, I fully agree and it will be a sad day becuase it includes many of our families. Knowledge without action is dead. Knowledge with action is wisdom.

No Government in the history of humanity has ever escaped what lies ahead and none have ever protected it’s people from it. Much to the contrary, the leaders of such governments cause it, use and discard its people and protect themselves.

Protect yourselves and your family before it’s too late. For the non-believers, dig into all the consiracy theories and you will start see truths in them. Even if a lot of it is just hysteria, whats left should be enough to scare you into taking action. Money controls, FEMA camps, laws taking away your rights, diminishing your rights under the constition, giving police and government full access to everything you own or taking you hostage without just cause or eveidence, increasing taxes, decreasing tax breaks ( which essentually is a tax increase) are all conspiracy theories that are now completely true.

Barry December 2, 2014 at 5:28 pm

True on all accounts. But what makes a revolution a revolution? Statistics. So the deeper question might be do you want to be one. The casualties make up a big part of it and I’m afraid this time will just be one more of the same. History repeating itself because we just refuse to change. Thanks for sharing the wisdom with others.

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