My Interview With Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity Interview

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity Interview

Ever since my interview with Chris Martenson I haven’t had the opportunity to compose any new posts. The good folks arriving have kept me up and running and I guess you could say I’ve been busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger. However I now have a couple of days to catch up on things around the property and even sneak in a quick post. Since I share many of the same views as Chris on the subject of what’s going to be arriving over the next while I thought I’d like revisit and delve into a few key points of Peak Propensity’s Energy and the Economy Chapter 22 of Peak Prosperity’s Crash Course.

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity

Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity

All of our systems and resources were designed or calculated with one common element. They all depend on never ending growth. It doesn’t matter what system  we’re referring to economic financial Government or what resource population water energy  in order for any system to function and Maintain itself the one key element that must remain in place is constant growth. Now in actuality there’s no problem with this and provided growth continues it could go on forever. However as Chris points out “as long as there’s no boundaries”

Whenever something that depends on exponential growth takes on a physical barrier or limitation everything changes! Quoting former scientist Chris Martenson “We owe almost all of our progress over the last 150 years to fossil fuels”  “Our complex systems including the monetary system only knows growth” I concur completely all you really have to look at is the worlds population growth since the introduction of fossil fuels. Please keep in the back of your mind for the duration of this post “as long as there’s no boundaries”  You’d be well served if you do.

Even human population (at least currently as of writing this post technology can change everything) is completely dependent upon the amount of natural resources available to it. Actually you’ll find that to hold true for anything that lives. I would suggest you consider the aforementioned carefully it’s a possible game changer if ever there was one.

The way of sustainable life in the DR still amazes me till this very day.

The way of sustainable life in the DR still amazes me till this very day.

Since all these systems and resources rely on never ending growth to sustain themselves then perhaps this explains why we’re witnessing the abnormal volatility in markets, commodities, world peace, protesting amongst the people along with a host of other changes. Seems to be systems and resources have stopped growing and have begun to hit that barrier we’re talking about.  The wobble of this roller coaster volatility gained considerable momentum over these last few months noticeably more than the previous few months. I’ve clearly mentioned this would be developing in several past posts ranging as far back as two years.

Have any of you ever wondered why no one has ever done an official study of how much population our natural resources can support? It’s a good question and as Chris mentions “who really knows?”  An even scarier thought is perhaps they already have but didn’t release the findings. If so this in itself may be the underlying cause for the next big world altercation. We’ve all heard statements about how the world is overpopulated and something needs to be done or we’re all not going to make it. Funny thought but the name Kissinger seems to ring rather loud when it comes such statements. I’m well aware that there’s a host of others but it’s driving home a potential point… Who Really Knows?

Your Free Will allows you to be correct in both cases. I can live this way or I can't live this way.

Your Free Will allows you to be correct in both cases. I can live this way or I can’t live this way.

In the final few minutes of Energy and The Economy video Chris mentions a few predictions. I would ask you to pay attention to all three but in particular number three “Standards of Living Will Decline”. By knowing what you don’t want eventually will lead you to what you do want Chris started changing his lifestyle about ten years ago. What was first bought on by fear blossomed into a blessing and if he had to do it all over again he would in a moments notice. For me It’s been living this simple way for decades and I also wouldn’t even consider going back to living an illusion…an unsustainable illusion!

At DR Escapes we’re living proof that sometimes when standards decline quality enhances. Perhaps this is why I’ve never been a fan of the so called doom and gloom club. Like Chris I to view this as an opportunity to change… change from what’s not sustainable and reconnect to what is. I suppose it just another way of taking either the RED pill or the BLUE pill to re-paradox the movie Matrix. Sadly I must admit for the masses it will unfortunately be history repeating itself as most will continue to live in their illusion and accept denial as an ever present way of life. That is until reality places a pin hole into their bubble and we all know what follows once the bubble suffers its first penetration…It explodes into nothing but vapors of the past. Like in anything there’s cost and then there’s a value. Over the three in a half decades of living a simpler life it’s taught me one thing for sure. No matter what price you sell yourself for it never represents the total cost.  Think about if for awhile. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


Energy & The Economy Crash Course-22


Chapter 22 – Energy and the Economy from Peak Prosperity on Vimeo.


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