Lunch At Mira Mar And A Drive Through Cabrera

Cabrera Village Home

Cabrera Village Home

We had a few hours to kill between visits from families participating in the free north coast discovery tour.   It has been very interesting meeting and talking to families from all over the world as they allowed us to escort them on our little off-the-beaten-path tours of the north coast.  Most of the reactions have been quite positive.  We realize that this little village on the north coast is not perfect for everyone but for many it has proven to be like a quaint step back in time.  I always like to say this place is a little like “Mayberry with internet”, referring back to the Andy Griffith TV series from the sixties.

So what does that saying mean to me?  I’m not sure, but maybe some of these might fit my Mayberry vision

  • less pretensions and focus on status
  • less emphasis on keeping up or outdoing your neighbors
  • less  obsession with building the next biggest McMansion
  • less drive to run faster and faster on the job treadmill
  • more reason to “know your neighbor”

For some, considering life in a little village like Cabrera takes a little getting used to….

In cookie cutter subdivisions in America and Canada most homes look alike and you are sheltered (and controlled) by rigid building codes and neighborhood covenants.  After all, they are “protecting you” from the actions of your neighbors.  Down here you will see a great deal of diversity.  You may see a humble little house worth $50,000 or less only a few blocks down from a villa that might be worth $1,000,000 or more.  In many places in America that may be considered very undesirable.  Here, on the other hand, it seems that people just get along no matter what their trappings.  It is far more about the quality and friendliness of the people than the size of their house.

As you will note from this little video as we drive through streets of the village of Cabrera.  Most of the homes are relatively humble.  But you will also notice that these people take pride in their homes and keep their property clean and trash free.  They do not rely on someone else or someone in the government to keep their places clean.  They are proud people and it shows in their dealings with us expats.


Of course, that is not to say that Cabrera doesn’t have its share of upscale neighborhoods and multimillion dollar villas, because it does.  In a future video tour I will take you so see some of the more impressive expat properties in the area.  There is something here for everyone, from the simplest natural lifestyle to a life of luxury in a mansion at a bargain price.

For now, it is Barry back on the road in the DR.

john December 26, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Love stopping at this place for lunch when i can.Eating fresh produce with an ocean view and a cool breeze can not beat that.jb

Barry December 27, 2014 at 4:29 am

Me to and the owners are wonderful people. Makes me hungry just thinking about it (burp)

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