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Cabrera Expats Shopping In SantiagoIf you have followed the DR Escapes blog for any time at all I am sure you will recall that I call this little tropical village “Mayberry with Internet”, sort of like stepping back in time to a simpler lifestyle.  But I can hear some of you asking…. “But Barry, will we be stepping back into the stone age where we will have to do without all those comforts we are used to at home?”

No way.  Trust me.  You can find practically everything you are used to and probably many things that you may not be used to.  Now it’s true that you will not find a Walmart or Sams or a Costco on every corner in the small villages, but that does not mean that something similar is not available.  When we want to stockpile some of the bulk purchase items we head for Santiago.  When we want the best selection and prices on furniture and appliances we head for either Santiago or Santo Domingo.  And yes we can usually find these items in the larger towns right around us, but we kind of enjoy the couple hour trip out through the mountains now and then to go to the larger cities where we do find a greater variety and a little better prices.

What you will find in the stores here that you may not be accustomed to …

Fresh, organic, cheap... what more could you ask

Fresh, organic, cheap… what more could you ask

is some of the European products that line the shelves here.  Since there is a decent sized population of European expats in the Dominican Republic, many of the stores cater to them with European products.  Another shopping treat you may not be accustomed to is all the affordable locally grown organic produce and fruits and the free range chickens and eggs and the grass feed beef and pork.  And don’t let me forget the abundance of fresh fish that local fishermen pull out of the sea every day here.  The best thing about all these fresh organic foods is that they are typically bargain priced.  It is common to find the freshest organic foods at prices significantly lower than even the factory engineered packaged foods in most American supermarkets.

In this introductory video we simply give you a brief overview of what the shopping scene looks like for an expat in Cabrera.


Now in this next video, we leave Cabrera out over the mountain, through some small communities headed for big box shopping in Santiago.  We typically make the trip down to Santiago every couple months just to stock up on some of the bulk items and to make an occasional major purchase.  We enjoy the couple hour trip through the hillsides and usually make a leisurely day of it.


In the next videos we will catch lunch in one of my favorite mountaintop roadside restaurants, get a quick peek at a couple of the Carnival costumes and check out some beautiful mountain and valley vistas.  We will end up in Santiago and check out the Price Smart (equivalent of Costco) and several other American style stores nearby.


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