Cabrera Expats Check Out The Big Box Stores In Santiago

Upscale Expat Friendly Stores In Santiago

Upscale Expat Friendly Stores In Santiago

After leaving the La Sirena supermarket, we head a little farther into Santiago to check out the largest big box store in Santiago. Price Smart is very, very similar to a Costco or a Sams warehouse store in America. As you would expect, products of every imaginable kind are stacked high on the shelves from floor to ceiling. Most of us expats make a trip down to Price Smart every month or so to stock up on all those things that are cheaper and more convenient to buy in bulk. The Price Smart is also an excellent place to stock up on tools, automotive necessities, paper products and bulk food staples.


In this final video in this Santiago Shopping Trip series, we walk the isles of Price Smart and then take a quick peek at a store that is very similar to an upscale Bed, Bath and Beyond.  These are only a few of the many expat friendly stores you will find in Santiago.  You will find even more of these kinds of stores in Santiago.

We like to take a trip down to Santiago every month or so, but personally we would never want to live in such a congested and busy place.  We prefer the quieter, calmer lifestyle we enjoy on the North Coast, in the little seaside village of Cabrera.  After all, we can always take a quick trip down to the big box stores when we really need to.


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