Dominican Republic Carnival 2015 – Off To La Vega

Dominican Carnival - Creative cosutmes... the whole family participates

Dominican Carnival – Creative cosutmes… the whole family participates

Follow us to the 2015 La Vega Carnival. If you have never experienced Carnival face to face you have missed quite a spectacle. Due to scheduling conflicts we were only able to catch some of the daytime events this year, but I believe the videos we shot in those few hours will give you a taste of what the whole event is like. Of course, like many Latin cultures, the real party starts after dark. Next year we will definitely stay over and catch the nighttime concerts and parties too.

Carnival in La Vega is definitely not a spectator sport.  As you will see in this series of videos, the spectators and the participants intermingle and interact throughout the parade.  Everyone is a participant and it is a people watching spectacular.

In this series of 5 videos you will catch a glimpse of some of the historic buildings in La Vega, some of the shopping opportunities you will find in La Vega and of course, plenty of scenes right from the center of the Carnival action on the streets of La Vega.

Carnival is celebrated in the Dominican Republic during the whole month of February and the festivities usually climax around February 27 which is the Dominican Independence Day. The La Vega Carnival is one of the largest and most traditional in the DR. You will see an outrageous display of colorful costumes, that symbolize many religious and traditional characters such as Calife, Guloya or the famous Diablo Cojuelo.

Outlandish Carnival Costumes and Masks

Outlandish Carnival Costumes and Masks

Carnival has been celebrated in the Dominican Republic since the mid-1500s. Evidence of this has been found in the ruins of La Vega Vieja (near the present day La Vega). The celebration reflects an “upside-down world”, and since the country is Catholic by its constitution the symbolism is that rulers of the world must not be God or Jesus Christ but the Devil. Men dress as women and livestock dominating their ranchers is what you can expect in this eccentric carnival. The main character in the celebration is the “Diablo Cojuelo” (Limping Devil in English) this doesn’t mean that it is a worship for the Devil, it is exactly the opposite because it is a satire of it.


In Part 2 of our video series we check out some of the pre-event activities and see what the scene looks like before the streets are filled with almost 100,000 party goers.


In our next couple posts we will step up the action with Carnival scenery, costumes and masks and even a few impromptu interviews with expats.

Living in such an interactive Latin culture is quite interesting for us expats more accustomed to traditional work-a-day lifestyles.  If you want to rekindle that sense of adventure and excitement that you probably experienced as a young kid, you definitely might want to investigate whether a full or part-time escape to the North Coast of the DR is in your future.  For now, it’s Barry in the DR wishing you happy adventures.

john February 26, 2015 at 3:12 pm

This was a great day for me as it was my first time seeing the carnaval in La vega.
What surprised me the most was the various cultures from all over the world coming to see this carnaval.
Meeting people from places such as Carolina, California,Toronto,and the Uk as well as seeing many Asian and European people enjoying the carnaval.
Everyone we spoke to talked about how they loved the people and the country.
I hope that some of you get the chance in the near future to see this spectacular event.
Regards jbon

tom kuester March 18, 2015 at 10:22 pm

Hi barry it tom from baraboo wi i spoke with you about a month ago.still getting things in order.and waiting for the kids toget out of school.question for you what are the benifits of the DR vs PANAMA .advanages and disadvanages.Im going to try and make there very soon thankyou very much tom or feel free to call me
1-608-381-9902 questions on precious metals as well

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