Dominican Republic Carnival 2015 – Wish We Could Have Stayed The Night

One of the many stilt walkers you will see at Carnival

One of the many stilt walkers you will see at Carnival

Dominican Republic Carnival 2015 in La Vega was a big hit.  The costumes were stunning, the masks more than a little scary and the crowds truly into the moment.  All I can say is that they definitely know how to run a safe and fun event that entertains around 100,000 hard partying Carnival goers crammed into the streets of the 300+ year old city of La Vega.

We are sorry we had a conflict and could not stay over for the nighttime festivities… but next year we will for sure.  Keep in mind that there are similar festivities staged in other cities throughout the Dominican Republic during February.  La Vega is probably the most traditional but the others are just as festive.

In Part 5 of our video series, we check out more of the costumes and talk a little about the history of Carnival as it is celebrated in the Dominican Republic.  Because we had to head back to Cabrera over the mountain roads, we chose to leave in the afternoon while it was still daylight.  There was so much more to see and so many more stunning costumes that we hated to leave, but next year we will catch it all.  Maybe you can join us.


For now it is Barry in the DR, wishing you a life of adventure.


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