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Early Retirement - Retire Early Lifestyle Interviews
Early retirement is still possible for the average American or Canadian when you choose to retire overseas.  There is probably not a week that goes by that I don’t receive at least one email or question about whether it is still feasible to retire early and live a good life on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.   Of course, you know my opinion.  Absolutely yes…. and I believe you will live a much more fulfilled and adventurous life in your early retirement here.  But what do others think?

Who better to ask about early retirement than a couple of recognized authorities on the subject.  The Retire Early Lifestyle blog and Akaisha and Billy Kaderli are widely recognized as authorities on the whole “retire early” topic, having been quoted and interviewed by all the mainstream media, including the Wall Street Journal, The Motley Fool, Forbes, Kiplinger, US News, Fox and all the rest of the heavyweights in the news business.

Well, now it is our time.  Join us on our 5 part interview of the Kaderli’s as we dig in deep on what it takes to successfully retire early and why living overseas is so important to pulling it off successfully.

Retire Early Lifestyle - Meet Billy and Akaisha

Retire Early Lifestyle – Meet Billy and Akaisha

While the Kaderli’s pursued their own path through early retirement, starting almost 25 years ago at the tender age of 38, there are many parallels to the life we have chosen and that we share with many on our free Discovery Tours of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Since their retirement, the Kaderli’s have traveled the world and lived in a number of countries including Mexico, Thailand, Nevis in the Caribbean, and Guatemala, among others. They discuss their early retirement concerns and explain how they overcame the doubts and fears of their friends and family. They explain what early retirement in a tropical paradise is like for them and dismiss concerns potential expats might have about being bored, stressed or afraid.

In this first video they discuss:
— Overcoming a hectic life of drifting apart
— The benefits of a total lifestyle change… together
— Being a perpetual traveler… at a snails pace
— What is a day in the life of an expat like
— How do you stay busy and interested
— Its a lifestyle, not a vacation
— Slow down and let life and the day come to you


The Kaderli’s are not alone in their appreciation for the lifestyle they enjoy as world travelers and as American expats living in a foreign land.  There is an ever growing number of Americans, Canadians and Europeans choosing to venture out and test the waters of living offshore.  Most stay but it is always comforting knowing that you can pack your bags and head right back anytime you choose.

I think one of the best pieces of advise hidden in this series of video interviews is…. Stay young at heart, follow your dreams and be confident in your decisions.

By tomorrow we should be finished editing and producing Part 2 in this series.  You will want to come back to check it out.  Some of the topics we plan to cover in Part 2 include:

  • How to supplement your retirement income overseas
  • The major benefits of a tropical retirement
  • Kindness of the people
  • The change of lifestyle and mix of cultures
  • Year round pleasant weather
  • Access to affordable healthcare
  • Much more reasonable cost of living
  • Quality of non-GMO foods and organic foods
  • How to avoid the overpriced US healthcare system
  • Would you do it again if you could roll back time
  • How did you overcome skepticism of friends and family
  • GREAT ADVISE: Follow your dreams, Be Courageous
  • Transition from “outcast” to “hip”

For now, it’s Barry back on the road showing another family all the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has to offer on one of our weekly free Discovery Tours.


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