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Early Retirement with the RetireEarlyLifestyle teamEarly retirement is only for people that want to live life to its fullest before they are too tired, too old, too sick or too broke to enjoy the experience.  But amazingly, that has very little to do with chronological age.  On our free North Coast Discovery Tours I routinely meet people of all ages that are not afraid to live life to its fullest in an exotic tropical location like here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  They have ranged in age from pre-teen all the way up into the 80s.  It is never too late to enjoy life and retirement…. and for many of them, the earlier the better.

Back Home with The Wife, Chickens, 4 Cats and a dog.

Back Home with The Wife, Chickens, 4 Cats and a dog.

In my opinion, the real difference between those that can enjoy a tropical retirement and those that cannot largely relates more to attitude and flexibility than it does to years and money.  And I am not alone in that belief.  In this Part 3 of our 5 part interview series with Akaisha and Billy Kaderli of the Retire Early Lifestyle blog, they share their perspective on what it takes to live the good life in retirement… irregardless of your age.

One of the topics they start this part of the interview with is a discussion about why these (sometimes ancient) cultures are almost immune to the major world disasters and financial woes that seem to ravage the “rich” first-world countries in times of crisis.  Pay particular attention to what they have to say about that and ask yourself…. “Where would I prefer to weather the storm in bad times”.


In Part 3 of the video interview series, the Kaderli’s dig right into these topics:

  • Life in “Maya Land”
  • Why these overseas communities will weather any storm
  • You can always go back, no decisions are permanent
  • With internet, you can work anywhere
  • The ideal age to retire overseas
  • Its a mental issue more than a physical issue
  • Never too young to become financially independent
  • Young at heart
  • What do you miss about the United States
  • Has life overseas changed over the years


You may want to check out their blog and some of their books if you want to follow their adventures as they travel the world living life to it’s fullest.  They dropped out of the work-a-day world 25 years ago at age 38 and certainly have learned how to get the most out of an early retirement.

As you know if you have followed the DRescapes blog for any time at all, most of my adult life has been devoted to living a lifestyle of discovery and adventure, including stints as an underwater photographer and a professional racing boat owner and driver.  Maybe some feel that I have lived recklessly from time to time, but nevertheless I chose a life of adventure and exploration that has worked well for me.  As we settle down into our middle to upper age years I am convinced we have discovered the perfect retirement haven for our family here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in this little oceanside village of Cabrera.

Today it is our primary mission to share this little village with other Americans, Canadians and Europeans that are looking for a better lifestyle and a better retirement.  We do that through our free North Coast Discovery Tour and we would be happy to have you join us on one of our weekly tours.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR off on another Discovery Tour.

Maria Abreu April 22, 2015 at 1:41 am

I loved this article and interview! I have always felt safe in the DR becasue it’s considered something of a neutral zone. The rest of the world can fall apart but somehow this country is untouched by the global trauma, they are a self-sustaining culture. When I moved to the DR I managed a firm via internet, working through a remote connection. Other expats that I know teach English online and are doing well with what they earn. One of the things that I love about this country is that you can live well earning a fraction of what you do in the States. The quality of life is much better and I absolutely love it here, how can you not!! I mirror the thoughts of Billy and Akeisha when they say there is nothing that I miss about the States.

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