Understanding the Difference Between Linear and Cyclical Thinking

At first glance things are rarely what they seem to be

At first glance things are rarely what they seem to be

Our next visitor missed his connecting flight which left me with the time needed to compose what I feel might be one of the most important posts to date. I wanted to get this post out over a week ago but just haven’t had the time to do so. It seems all throughout history the vast majority of the population has been stuck in a linear thought pattern and it’s imperative that you understand the difference between linear and cyclical thinking. Your’s and your family’s future may depend on it.

The importance of understanding this point may be the key to your survival. WHY… because not understanding this critical difference in thought is what’s eventually led to the past demise of every once great superpower in history. Whether it was Rome, Greece, China or the British Empire in fact all previous superpowers have suffered the same fate by not understanding cyclical thought patterns and simply adhering to linear ones.

China seems to be the only one that’s reemerging but it’s taken them about 3500 years to do so. The others previously mentioned seem to be making the same mistake by continuing to think in a linear fashion and if that’s correct nothing going to change but the technology. The end result will most definitely be the same.

So what’s it going to cost you by not understand this crucial difference in thought patterns…Your wealth? Perhaps if you’re lucky but what if you’re not? Then it may cost you a lot more. Just ask the millions who found themselves stuck in war torn situations. Millions of people ranging from the super wealthy to the poverty stricken have found themselves stuck by limiting themselves to only understanding linear thinking.

I want to introduce you to what is called Newton’s Cradle. I’m confident at one time or another you’ve all seen this device on top of someone’s desk. Nothing special right…but it represents one of the clearest examples of what a linear thought pattern is if it were visible what it would look like. This is how the vast majority of people actually think! An action reaction type of thought pattern… If I do this then that is what I should expect. Watch the video and pay careful attention to it.

While that’s still fresh in your mind I’d now like to introduce you to how the world actually works. As everything is connected it therefore has to work in a Cyclical manor. The markets the metals the cycle of war the fluctuation of currencies all work off of this principal and they’re all connected to each other!

Watch this next video I found about a week ago on my favorite site. Actually I’d recommend you watch it twice and try to learn by it. Pendulum waves accurately dictate how things cycle within each other and in fact are predictable patterns. The problem is almost none of us think in this manner. Take notice on how the pendulum looks. Depending from what side you’re viewing it from takes on the appearance of a graph either going up or going down where Newton’s graph is linear in appearance.

After watching this second video I sincerely hope it’s opened your eyes. In fact it’s my desire that perhaps now you’re viewing how the world functions threw a completely new set of eyes. The cycles the markets and the currencies all work this way… interconnected. You best get this or it’s going to get you.

One last statement I’d like to bring to your attention before closing this post. Whatever it is that you’re thinking about or invested in don’t make it personal! For example if you’re into the metals don’t be trying to convince everyone that you’re right even though the metals have lost more than half their value over the last three years (in US Dollars) and on the other side if it’s equities don’t pound the drum how well you’ve done over that same time period. Everything has it’s cycles and every markets time will come and go.

By understanding this type of thinking has allowed me to mention with confidence (which is a topic worth a separate post) the Dollar is and still will be king for the near foreseeable future. Two and a half years ago mentioning that the metals are going nowhere but down over the next few years and your time to take action is rapidly running out. That too is a cycle nothing more and as they say those who refuse to study history are condemned to repeat it.

To those who’ve made abrasive comments about any of the above paragraph and it was quite a few I hold no animosity. I understand it’s not personally aimed at me but rather a passionate desire to portray what you believe in is right. They’re good folks but suffer from faults in their thinking pattern…Linear thinking is their problem! Their emotionally attached to what they believe is correct. They refuse to understand everything’s connected even though it’s costing them a fortune and may be what eventually traps them in a situation that they don’t want to be in.

This is not about being right or wrong. It’s about surviving and making a profit while doing so in a vastly changing interconnected environment. Sometimes you want things that you don’t believe and other times you believe things that you don’t want. Both are a misalignment to your natural wellbeing. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Gary March 25, 2015 at 4:19 am

Hi Barry, very mind stimulating short videos for sure. Following cycles in history is one of my continuing interests. You’re absolutely right about linear thinking in the western world, that is the Anglo American empire which includes north America, western Europe and Australia. Civilizations like Russia and Asia do not think primarily in linear terms. Reading this article really got me thinking about a very dangerous development highlighting the perils of linear thinking amongst western leading politicians and which could lead to a human extinction event. This is the ever encroaching, ever aggressive movement of Nato towards the Russian border with the obvious intent of intimidation and eventual invasion. So being a student of history I thought to myself, “Oh here we go again.” The cycle is repeating again. The Swedes did it, Napoleon did it, the British did it in Crimea, the Germans and Austrians did it in WWI and lastly Hitler did it in 1941. Every time it ended very poorly for the invaders. These linear thinking fools in the west just don’t get it. But unfortunately there will be a war with Russia and it will not end very well for the US here at home. Since WWI invaders of Russia have had their nations devastated. A US war against Russia will boomerang and will have itself devastated. You can take that to the bank. The last place you want to be is in the US in a war with Russia. The north coast of the Dominican Republic is looking better and better.

There are many other examples of cycles but this was just one that come to mind. Barry you and I were on the same page today.

Barry March 25, 2015 at 1:55 pm

Scary that we are on the same page isn’t it. Glad you enjoyed it and was nice talking again. I do appreciate our conversations. Now continue on your B game.

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