Lost In The Cabrera Outback With New Friends From Edmonton Canada

Lost in the outback of Cabrera with new friends from EdmontonLike my dad always told me when I was a kid, before I really started traveling, he said “Son, the only way you are going to ever find yourself is to get lost first”.

And LOST we did get as we trekked across some of the backroads surrounding Cabrera Dominican Republic. On a recent one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours an Edmonton couple decided to spend a few extra days in the area so we decided to do a little something out of the ordinary. We hopped in the 4wd truck and headed out to explore more of the backroads up in the hills above Cabrera. While I have been in this general area before, these little roads snaking through the small rivers and through the countryside were new to me and we were definitely “lost” if “lost” means not having a clue where we would end up and whether the roads would be passable. I swear, one of the little roads that was supposed to be a shortcut across another river was impassable because someone was building his house right in the middle of the road. How’s that for unusual. Only in the DR.

Typical little homestead in the outback of Cabrera

Typical little homestead in the outback of Cabrera

It’s interesting to see the little communities and homes of these local farmers and see what obstacles they face in their day to day life. I enjoy these little treks out into the countryside. But there may be a few more important lessons to be gleaned from these little treks.

In this second part of of our little video tour, we continue our trip further out into the countryside…. and we do happen to get just a little lost.

So, what can we learn from these little treks out in the countryside?

First, these people live a very simple life with few material possessions, yet they are friendly, helpful and welcoming. I have total confidence that if we ever did get stuck or totally lost on these crazy trips we could count on the locals living in the area to help us out. When I take these occasional trips into the outback it always makes me scratch my head wondering what the heck the critics of the DR are talking about when they say the DR is unsafe and when the all-inclusives preach that it is not safe outside the protection of the compound. That simply is not true.

The second thing that is apparent from these backcountry treks is just how self-sustainable life can be down here. Stick a stick in the ground and it grows. Look up into the trees and there is more fruit than a family could ever consume. Stick some vegetable seeds in the ground and eat chemical free food year round. Let the free range chickens roam for all the eggs and chicken a family could eat.

And finally there is something to be learned about simple,inexpensive living. Houses situated to capture the steady tradewinds virtually eliminate the need for air conditioning and of course there is never a need for heating in these coastal towns. Tasty and healthy food is cooked over woodfired outdoor ovens. If many of the “essentials” of life like electricity were somehow disrupted for an extended period of time these families would suffer very little.

Don’t worry about getting stranded on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours. On our 4 and 5 day tours we stick to the areas of greatest interest to potential expats, but I just wanted to share a little about the off-the-beaten path communities too.

For now, it is Barry in the DR off on another of our tours.

Robert and Carol May 9, 2015 at 11:28 pm

We had already come to the conclusion that North America was going to become dangerous for the elderly in a few years, so we were looking for a place that respected the elderly(and had palm trees and heat. With a last name of Sommer and being from the Great White North-There ain’t no such thing as too hot :-). We knew we had to visit for longer than 5 or 6 days, so we committed to a three and a half week stay. Barry arranged for us to stay in a two bedroom villa on a cliff looking out over Cabrera and the ocean. The owners were a Spanish couple who were back in Spain. We got to know Liane, Johnny and Willey and met a bunch of others(hi Stan and Ethel, Scott and Tappy, Marie Jose-Sa Va?) and generally had a great time. One night Carol and I were relaxing in the gazebo overlooking the town and ocean and looked at each other and said this is the place. The next day we saw Liane and I said to her “did Barry tell you we are going to be neighbours?” Barry was gobsmacked because we hadn’t given any indication that we felt that way. Being the procrastinators we are(NOT!) we started the process to acquire a building lot( we met with Julio Abrea-Guzman in whose office Carol promptly fell on her keester-bet he remembers her for a while :-))
So we got back to Alberta just in time to see the Canadian equivalent of the Communists elected to a majority government in our province. That absolutely cemented our decision to move to the DR. Our next step is to contact Maria Abrea and start the procedure to obtain residency( we met her during our visit and she definitely is a high powered individual). Our intention is to be ready to move by the beginning of the new year. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. If you don’t like being called a Communist-you will be ignored-handle it.

Juan Munoz May 10, 2015 at 7:20 am

Hey Barry your friends are making me feel warm allover. Not just communists, but Marxist, socialist, and progressive. They’re everywhere. Too funny. God help us, though.

Barry May 11, 2015 at 1:55 am

Yea they’re good people

Dylan Sirois October 8, 2015 at 8:53 pm


I haven’t yet read through all the comments on here but i have been watching many of your videos and came up with a couple of questions.

In your experience, is it generally only retirement age folks making the move from the US, Canada, and Europe to the DR? What percentage would you say are people like myself, under 30? I have noticed that I have been conditioned to believe that I am in the best place I can possibly be here in the US. I also feel like we have abandoned so many of the values that made this country great. I am not giving up on my country but I’m so discouraged by the continued moronic decisions our leaders continue to make. Can you believe that we are actually CONSIDERING that some liar named Hillary Clinton could be the next president?!

I just got back from a trip to the DR with my wife who is Dominican. We traveled to the north coast and stayed in Puerto Plata. I loved the visit and for whatever reason have really been thinking about making the journey. My wife is good with whatever it seems, so i guess i’m very lucky in that regard. My experience in the DR is fairly limited with only 6 different visits each of about a one week duration.

Anyway, Thank you for all your videos. My wife and I have both enjoyed watching them. I especially like the videos on starting businesses!

Best Regards,


Barry October 9, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Hi Dylan, I understand what you’re saying. Perhaps better than you know. Here’s what I’ve learned after over 35 years living in such places. If you can think out of the box you’ll do fine. This has nothing to do with the DR as a seperate country from the rest but rather as a universal agreement around the globe. Everyday hundreds of thousands of families of all ages move to different locations. Some wealthy others not, Some young and others older. I’ve been living this lifestyle for so long YET still there are some folks back home in Edmonton insiting that I can’t possible be living this way. Guess what they’re correct because FOR THEM it would be impossible. However it doesn’t make it impossible for others. If things work out wherever you go great and if not other doors are constantly opening including the home door that you’re currently residing in. It’s up to you to make it work both where you’re currently residing at and where ever you may go. All anybody can give you is their own personal experiences but the folks with no experiences always seem to be the same folks with most of the opinion why it can or con’t work. Funny thought is they’re providing this information from the same easy chair that they’ve been in for the past 20 years. Hope this helps you.

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