Temperature’s Rising, Can You Feel The Heat.

Cover up what ever you want to. It's not going to help you. This is certainty not belief. Facts don't Lie.

Cover up what ever you want to. It’s not going to help you. This is certainty not belief. Facts don’t Lie.

Has anybody been noticing the change in temperament amongst the citizens of their home nation? Noticing that it’s not only spreading but simultaneously heading in a negative direction? Obviously this question is going to have a multitude of varying answers. Right about now some might be thinking how can you not see the massive changes while others might be scratching their heads still trying to figure out WTF it is that I’m asking about. A lot of your answer will depend on where your host nation is and since everything is connected in a cyclical nature will be affected in dissimilar degrees. The temperature’s rising and it has to be this way but most still remain clueless to it’s source of origin.

Remember the correct question to be asking yourself is NOT will I be affected but rather to what degree will I be affected. Always found it amusing that the thought of remaining in your home nation was safer just because of the fact it was your home nation. Guess not many tend to read history much however that doesn’t prevent it from repeating.

I hear this being stated all the time. It’s safer for Americans to remain in America or Europeans won’t turn against other Europeans, Stay in your home nation and you’ll be better off. Wonder what answers one might receive when asking the same question to elderly folks from Poland, France, Germany and a host of countries too long to list.

When the show of 2016 arrives if any of you still are foolish enough to be  thinking schools and offices will be open... enough said. What's happening in Baltimore is nothing.

When the show of 2016 arrives if any of you still are foolish enough to be thinking schools and offices will be open… enough said. What’s happening in Baltimore is nothing.

Then the all-time grand slam of them all. Opps bad choice of words considering what just occurred last Wednesday over in Baltimore. Americans will always be safer in America.  Right now I’d like to sidebar and take a moment to perhaps provide some information. Judging by the amount of emails received seems to be a source of frustration for many of my readers.

Let me share what might be a good suggestion for some. If you want to get your spouse or others you care about up to speed with your thought pattern just have them stop watching local news and start watching news from other nations. Really it’s that simple and the best part of it is you won’t have to say a thing. How easy is that compared to pulling your hair out each time you’ve tried in the past?

Not sure how many are aware but currently you folks in America are rather famous! You’re now covering the first five minutes on almost every other nation’s news and sorry it’s not about how great the lifestyle is or how well you all step up and protect each other.

Are you programed to receive? Open up your sources of information.

Are you programed to receive? Open up your sources of information.

It seems this” stay in your own nation” philosophy runs deepest in America when compared to any other nation… at least any other nation that I have readers in which now is almost all. I’ve never done the research to determine where it originated from but I can tell you it’s not accurate and is nothing more than a mind control game of one sort or another.

Thanks to a friend’s recent email I’d like to borrow their closing sentence. It sums up this safest in your own nation philosophy best. “You can’t fix stupid but a roll of duct tape can muffle it for a while.” Against stupidity the Gods themselves contend in vain. A. Einstein stated the following: “Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity… and I’m not so sure about the universe”

In the long run it’s been my personal experience by simply agreeing or agreeing to disagree is the fastest way one can exit from it and move onto the next chapter of life. You’d be well served in remembering you trying to win an emotional argument. Little to no actual research has been done with this type of person so all their offering is their opinion.

Starting to look very much the same and both are corporate unions. Watch the unions for when their pensions are at stake it's yours they're coming after. History proves this statement correct.

Starting to look very much the same and both are corporate unions. Watch the unions for when their pensions are at stake it’s yours they’re coming after. History proves this statement correct.

Although the percentages still remain low is seems that more and more have begun noticing the extreme uptick in violence. Just in case anyone is wondering it doesn’t matter if it’s initiated by police the military or by the public. Violence still equates to violence. Why and what led up to it is what’s important. Without this understood all that will happen is a repeat performance with little more than the technology changing.

Once again the better question to be asking might be what causes this violence to occur in the first place and why has it always followed a cyclical pattern? Perhaps we’re viewing this box from the wrong angle. Just maybe we need to stop focusing in the individual events but rather the chain of events prior to it.

Over in Europe protests almost on a daily basis now numbering in low to mid six figure ranges and it seems that it goes almost unnoticed. As if this is now a normal occurrence. Areas of Europe have people turning against each other as unemployment among youth in some areas is now teetering at close to 60%. All of these protests in every nation are met with obliging forces equally pleased to crack a few dozen skulls to keep it a bit interesting. Can’t help but wonder what thoughts might arise by asking them the aforementioned question.

The stray always remains longer than the rest of the herd. Be flexible and don't care what others think. This to is a lesson well documented throughout history.

The stray always remains longer than the rest of the herd. Be flexible and don’t care what others think. This to is a lesson well documented throughout history.

Africa, Ukraine and the Mediterranean countries have become little more than national slaughter houses and still I can’t help but wonder if asked would they feel the same way about a home nation always being the best choice? Look this is not a baseball game and there’s no home field advantage…did it again sorry.

As events and their locations are always changing I never will understand why so many people can’t understand the importance of flexible thinking. After all what’s at stake but your future and your family’s future? No big deal right? Whatever your thoughts are I’m still holding onto my research not my emotional thoughts that in 2016 (leaning to sometime during the first six months) a major uptick in violence will be arriving to western nations. This uptick will be seen without any possible denial even from the most closed minded. The pattern to support its accuracy is already well set in place. What’s currently occurring is merely the trailer for an upcoming blockbuster arriving soon to a theater near you. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Juan Munoz May 1, 2015 at 5:18 am

Hello Barry, as usual your observations and your focus seem to be on the money. Your previous posts definitely are proffetic to put it bluntly. I’ve been observing the unfolding of events and I must say that things don’t look promising. Would like to touch bases with you and discuss the options that might be available. Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Best regards and godspeed… Juan J. M.

Barry May 1, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Hello Juan, Thanks for the comment. I’m forever amazed by the fools who just will not do any research before committing themselves to providing their opinion. It’s mind boggling how some will tell you religion has killed more than anything else in history or you being safer in your home nation which was the point of my post. Misinformation is far more dangerous than no information is. Just a quick glance at some past research we did and in under 2 minutes pulled up these quick facts in history.

1. Joseph Stalin- Over 23 million killed.
2. Mao Tse-Tung- Over 49 Million Killed
3. Kim Sung 2 – over 3.5 million
4. Pol Pot (Cambodia) between 1 to 3 million.

Just the tip of the genocide leaders. I could go on for hours but sure you already get my point by your comment. I on purpose left out the dictators that were killing using religion or color as their motive fooling the misinformed fools who willingly supported them. Hitler is one of many but wanted to provide you with an example of what I meant and why I didn’t select him. THESE 4 examples are the rough numbers OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE that were slaughtered. No war no religion no color no differences in thought. Just fools rest all their soles who believed that their own leaders would always be there and home nation was always the best place to be.

I can always be reached by email.

Jean May 2, 2015 at 3:19 am

For thousands of years people have been moving from one nation to another for one reason or another, whether is was disaster, war etc… I find it hard to understand that one would choose to stay in a country because they are patriots, instead of trying to save their life and their loved ones, especially when they are aware of what is coming. I made my move to the DR and I’m so much happier & healthier. I have more freedom and no concerns about what will be in my homeland.

Barry May 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm

It’s not that I’m implying that the DR is the only choice but rather that their are other choices. I’ve had some fun over the years with some folks who were stuck in that mentality of staying put at all costs is better than roving to higher ground before the flood arrives. I’ve been called among several other not so nice things unpatriotic. Only to then reveal I’m Canadian. Funny look on their faces for sure. Then I wanted (on purpose) to check mate them totally. So I started asking where their farther and mother was from. Some proudly pointed out in an abrupt manor AMERICA. Continuing on down the list after two or three generations was receiving answers from all other parts of the planet. I simply replied hypocrite and watch it painfully soak in but only then was it understood the point I was trying to get across. At least for most of them. A rock doesn’t absorb anything except heat and for those holding that unflexable closed mindset are about to experience an inferno.

Juan Munoz May 2, 2015 at 5:02 am

My point exactly. Do people think that we are immune or somehow above falling into the grasp of some interprising individual(s) that would stop at nothing to attain power. Oh! Never mind. I forgot that we are living in the “LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.” Yeah sure. Tell it to the untold millions all over the world that have been and still are slaves to their own governments. Prisoners in their own land. God help us.

Barry May 2, 2015 at 4:54 pm

Juan While I’m in total agreement I’d like to add on a couple of lines. God helps those who help themselves. That being said if there is no movement in any direction then even the creator can not walk on the same path to guide us. Sure source or (the creator) is always there. But because of us living in a physical world with it’s limitations of having only five senses if there is no movement there can not be any direction. Einstein even coined the saying “nothing happens till something moves” Just something to think about. Look forward to connecting soon.

lance May 17, 2015 at 2:08 am

I am here in the US and it is very frustrating trying to get through to people about how the way of life in the US is unsustainable. People seem to think that everyday is going to be the same.We are going to be leaving soon, my family and I that is. We are planning on moving to Colombia as my wife is Colombian but would like to consider other places as well.Thank you for your work though I have just found your web site.

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