Early Retirement With A Better Quality Of Life Is Possible – Part 2 Of Our RetireEarlyLifestyle Interviews

Early Retirement Part 2 Interview in CabreraWe continue our Early Retirement onsite interviews with the Retire Early Lifestyle team on their first visit to the Dominican Republic. Today we are in one of the many villas in the hills overlooking Cabrera Dominican Republic in this Part 2 of our series.

In this discussion we explore whether early retirement is still viable for the average American or Canadian. We explore how ordinary folks are able to live a better lifestyle on the beaches in the Caribbean. We discuss some of the lessons Billy and Akaisha learned as they traveled the world after retiring at age 38, over 25 years ago.

Whether early retirement means dropping out of the rat race in your 30’s or 40’s or waiting until your 60’s or later, the objective is still the same.  Live a better, less stressful lifestyle in a place you enjoy, hopefully at a lower cost so that you can outlive your savings.  Everyone has a different vision of what their “early retirement” will look like.  For some of you that includes finally starting a small family business, for others it may mean a daily trek to the beach for a surfside lunch of fresh fish and organic veggies.  Your job is to find your own vision.  For many of our visitors that vision includes a home up on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  For others maybe that means a jungle home in Costa Rica or a highrise apartment in Panama.

In this Part 2 of our interview series we hear Akaisha and Billy’observations about their first visit to the Dominican Republic and their thoughts about the North Coast of the DR.


If you would like to explore your early retirement options in a tropical offshore location, I encourage you to come down and take advantage of one of our weekly free discovery tours of the North Coast of the Dominican republic.  See some of the sites that Akaisha and Billy saw on their first tour of the Dominican Republic.  If you would like to know more about the DYD tours then click this link.

Juan J. M. May 30, 2015 at 4:54 am

Excellent interview Barry. Very informative. Definitely gives you lots to think about. I’ve come to the conclusion that the time is now. I’m thinking about coming down to the DR. asap. Would like to start a conversation with you at the earliest possible time that you might have available. Been thinking about sometime towards the end of aug.-Sept. When do you think we can have a conversation? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance Barry and keep up the good work. Juan J. M. Apopka,fl.

Barry May 31, 2015 at 2:39 am

Juan been a while. Just noticed your comment. Reach out anytime you want to. Always a pleasure talking together.

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