Great B&B Business Opportunity In The Cabrera Hills Overlooking The Ocean

Exclusive Villa Ideal For B&B

Exclusive Villa Ideal For B&B

Looking back at the stats on all the people that have subscribed to our mailing lists and subscribed to our Youtube channel it seems that a lot of you are curious about real estate deals and bargains up on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Until I studied the logs, I really never realized that so many of you were interested in real estate bargains (it is almost 80% of you apparently).

DR Escapes is not about pitching real estate, but I don’t guess it would hurt anything to start to share some examples of some of the better bargains we have stumbled on as we scouted the area. Some of the examples I will share have already been sold but I thought you might be interested in seeing some examples just for reference. Some of the examples we will share are technically not even for sale, but through our many years of contacts here we have our suspicions that bargains could be negotiated. As I write about the properties, I will try to give you some idea about which group the properties fall in.

Because we discover most of the bargains through our word of mouth contacts with locals, occasionally through banks and occasionally through long-term expats.  Many of the best deals we find are not listed with real estate companies and never will be. As I said, technically some of the best deals are “not for sale” except to trusted contacts. I know that sounds unusual, but it is the way it is.

Where possible, I will try to gain access to some of the properties to do a video walk through just to give you a better perspective of what we look for.


The first example I will share with you is of a prime villa that we believe offers the best opportunity for an exclusive B&B and upscale open air restaurant in this part of the North Coast. As you will see in my two videos, this villa is already configured to make the most out of a B&B and it sits nestled in the hills overlooking Cabrera and the ocean, up in a little rain forest area. This property was built and is owned by a very prominent and well respected Dominican and was designed to accommodate his well-connected guests in privacy and in style, which helps explain the private helicopter pad and secure gates on the grounds. The best price is yet to be negotiated and it will probably be a good bit less than the cost to reconstruct it.

My wife and I were actually planning to purchase this property ourselves to convert to a B&B before we got so busy with the whole DR Escapes venture. We prepared a very detailed business plan based on the price we felt we could negotiate and we are confident that a well run B&B and open air restaurant could offer a very good return on investment. If it is something you think you may be interested in exploring, go to this contact form and let me know to contact you to explain our business plan a bit more and give you our best guess of what price can be negotiated for this property.


In the next post I will try to give you a little tour of the inside of this Villa/B&B.

If you want to see more examples of property bargains in future posts, please leave me a comment below.

For now, it is off to the Capital to pick up our next group for one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.


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