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It's just another evolutionary change. In case anyone's forgotten it's already happened many times prior in our history.

It’s just another evolutionary change. In case anyone’s forgotten it’s already happened many times prior in our history.

Before continuing on to the next phase in this series I want to address a key point that for many of my readers should come as no surprise. That point is something I’ve mentioned several times in past posts and it has to do with why some of the most educated remain some of the most uninformed. This is a critical point to address and it once again confirms that knowledge and wisdom really are two different attributes.

In this last post on Bioengineering and synthetic biology once again I want to call you attention to Craig Venter. As previously mentioned Craig is on the leading edge of this type of technology and is founder, chairman and CEO of the J. Craig Venter Institute.

J. Craig Venter Perhaps one of the core sources of knowledge in the fields of Bioengineering and the quantum sciences.

J. Craig Venter Perhaps one of the core sources of knowledge in the fields of Bioengineering and the quantum sciences.

Craig proudly claims (and rightfully so) five years prior they already have the capabilities to build a robot that can make over a million chromosomes a day. Craig also claims during the same time period they also have an inventory of over 20 million genes. Venter refers to these as the “design components of the future”

In the YouTube below I would ask that you watch and pay close attention how vividly Craig speaks about subjects beyond most folks level of understanding. He really is considered top shelf in his field of expertise. His knowledge is well respected by all of his peers in similar studies. Listen as Craig seamlessly emanates a series of five syllable words describing various phases of the quantum sciences that are way beyond what most could imagine let alone begin to understand. However I will ask you pay close attention to what follows next.

At the 24:47 mark of the presentation during the Q+A session watch what occurs when someone from the audience asks what might be more of a accusation first then followed up with his actual question. While his question definitely raises a valid point that is not what I’m drawing to your attention. Watch the change in Venter’s mannerisms.


Notice any change in body movements? How about eye contact? Craig at least to me seemed very apprehensive focusing on almost anything except the person who asked the question. A quote “Fortunately there’s not that many people on the planet wanting to do harm with these tools Part of a review funded by the Sloan Foundation and MIT had looked at this question and along with the Government decided that very FFFew (he stumbles on the word few?) biological agents that we work with or even could be weaponized would people go to this route” Gee I feel safer already. Hate to inform him but it only takes one… the one person that possesses enough knowledge to tamper and disable the insurance marker they term as a suicide gene. Once that code is busted it’s game on!

Just another new recipe created from different stock.

Just another new recipe created from different stock.

I would have treasured listening to the person who originally asked the question if he was granted a few moments for a counter point to Craigs rather apprehensive answer. I’m confident he might have mentioned the fact that all throughout history it’s always been a very small group given access to such power. That’s why some refer to them as elites. I myself might have added in which of these so called few people are actually funding you and your research? Really would like to hear the answer to that one.

Replay that segment several times. From the 24:47 to 28:03 mark and then you tell me if that’s the same body motions confidence and direct speech pattern as in the prior rest of his speech. In between the aforementioned time slots in my estimation you’re definitely seeing a man who’s nervous and wants to get off that topic as soon as he possibly can.

In parting with this section and before moving ahead to the next I’ve also included one more excellent thought provoking YouTube from an excellent speaker Sam Harris. Sam wrestles with the topic science can answer moral questions and he brings up some excellent points for your consideration.

Finally before closing this section of the series I’d like to share a few personal thoughts. Part of me feels the creation of synthetic life is in fact an exceptional leap into jump starting man’s next evolution. By our very nature we are and always have been a curious species. It’s my thought that we always will continue towards moving in that same direction. It’s not a fault but rather our nature.

It’s almost like trusting a scorpion not to sting and we all know how that fable turns out. It’s in a scorpions nature to sting and given the opportunity usually will. Don’t blame scorpions for doing what nature intended them to do.

Never once have we turned our backs when it comes to accepting new new ideas or technologies. In fact it’s really irrelevant how questionable this technology is or for that matter how any other technology was in the past. It doesn’t matter what moral questions arise or how a particular religion views the subject or substance of it.

I can only assure you of one fact and that fact will again hold true this time as it’s held true throughout mans history . Because we are human and because it’s in our nature to explore the new and unknown we won’t be turning our backs this time either.

It's long past the time to start the cogs rotating. Ask yourself some deep questions. We're not turning our backs on this newer technology.

It’s long past the time to start the cogs rotating. Ask yourself some deep questions. We’re not turning our backs on this newer technology.

I suppose the part of this technology that unsettles me most is this. Since every stick has two ends part of me embraces the changes that will come fourth however the greater part of me keeps asking… have the controlling elite ever used anything with the best intentions of the masses. I would encourage everyone reading this blog to start asking yourself similar questions. Now at this juncture they just might be the precise thought provolking questions you need to be asking.

I’ll continue the series drifting away from this subject and moving onto the next. I’ll be deliberating on one of the most critical parts of any plan. It’s distribution. From the Internet to McDonald’s from Amazon to E-Bay how things are distributed is of the utmost importance. Distribution to the masses and then received by the masses are two of the most crucial parts of any well thought out plan.

History will once again prove to be a source of knowledge but if we as a species would only learn from history instead of merely repeating history… well once again that just might be another one of those right questions to be asking yourself.

From my point of understanding the only thing that ever seems to change is the technology. Everything else just repeats. I’ll continue when time allows. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Kevin M July 19, 2015 at 6:48 pm

These are the people who keep me up at night- vomit. Looks like just another marketing shill for the trans-humanists. The funny thing is, all of these people who preach this stuff are HARDLY genetically perfect themselves. At least they could send us a fat free model who has perfect health, vision, full head of hair, speech, and that doesn’t have nervous twitches when asked one Real question. This has been my first exposure to Mr. Venter. I have followed Ray Kurzweil’s work, but when you have unlimited funds getting thrown at you – there’s going to be more. : (.
For me what they preach and (implement) can be best summed up in 1 word. DYSGENICS
Looking at the number of views on You-tube is nothing short of discouraging. People need to be involved in this discussion Big Time. I guess it has nothing to do with football – sigh.
Anyways keep preaching the good word. Not all ears are deaf.


Barry July 19, 2015 at 10:23 pm

more and more are developing a sense that something’s just not adding up. The negative point… its always to late before more that a mere 1% do anything. Nothing changes but the technology. Can’t seem to use that line enough.

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