Caribbean Vacation Home As An Alternative For Part Time Residents

Turnkey Caribbean Vacation Home In Rental Pool

Turnkey Caribbean Vacation Home In Rental Pool

Continuing our little series of videos and posts related to real estate investment alternatives here in Cabrera, we will take a look at a completely different type of property.  Last time we toured a very high end B&B type of property.  This time we will go to the opposite extreme and tour a little vacation apartment type of property that might work best for those of you that only plan to visit a couple times per year and are looking for a property that offers onsite rental management and a fairly active rental program during the times you are away.

Since Cabrera is not your traditional tourist destination and is not crowded with transient visitors all year, this particular type of property is a bit unusual here in Cabrera.  Most of the other properties we will take a look at in this series would be better suited for year round occupancy by a family and are either farms, independent hillside homes or offer unique business opportunities like that last B&B.  But for those just looking to get away several times a year and have their carefree property participate in a fairly active rental pool, this may be exactly the ticket.

One other benefit of this property is that one of Cabrera’s best restaurants is right on the premises.  Great food, nice tropical atmosphere and reasonable prices.


In this first video we will explore the grounds of the El Mirador vacation apartments and check out some of the amenities.  These apartments are an easy walking distance to the center of Cabrera and no car would be needed for short stays.  These apartments are relatively well appointed and seem to stay fairly occupied much of the year.  The best thing about these apartments is the rather “hands off” nature of them.  Someone takes care of all the maintenance, utilities, rentals, housekeeping, etc.

Even though they do have their own rental program, personally we would not just sit back and wait for them to book the apartment.  If we owned one of these we would also market it on the many “for rent by owner” websites and through active promotion to our contacts.  This way we could help assure that we would get sufficient ROI to cover our costs no matter what the rental management company did.  The same would hold true on this type of property no matter which town we were in or what island we were on.


In this part 2 of this video series, we will take a walk through one of the 2 bedroom units and catch a glimpse of the ocean views from some of the upper units.


More interesting properties to come, including some incredible ocean view properties at reasonable asking prices.  By the time we get through with this series you should have a reasonable perspective of the diverse range of properties you will find when you visit the North Coast, and specifically the Cabrera area.  If you do have any questions about this property or any of the properties we tour on DR Escapes, please contact us on our Property Information Request page so that we can get you whatever details you may want.

Off to show another family the North Coast on one of our Discovery Tours.  If you have not taken a tour…. why not?

For now, it’t Barry in the DR.


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