Who Is Richer? He Who Has The Most OR He Who Needs The Least

Who is Richer?

Who is Richer?

Lifestyle…. It’s all about lifestyle.  That is an interesting question, don’t you think.  Who is Richer?  The man that has the most OR the man that needs the least.  Two sides of the same coin?  I don’t think so.

Most of us were programmed to chase the dream.  Earn, Earn, Earn.  Accumulate, Accumulate, Accumulate.  After all, isn’t the old saying “he who dies with the most toys wins”.  Well I think for a growing number of us baby boomers, we are finally recognizing that perhaps there is an alternative for a “richer lifestyle”.  A more enjoyable, less stressful lifestyle off the traditional treadmill.

In life, as in business, when all is said and done, it is what you have left over at day’s end that really counts.  Too many of us work till we die, or come somewhere close, chasing that “better life” while for many of us, if we removed the blinders, we would realize that a “better life” is right at our fingertips NOW…. if we only knew how to grab it.

Like many others that have discovered the expat lifestyle in the tropics, “richer” translates into good health, low stress, lower cost of living, a slower pace, organic foods, minimal government intervention, friendly neighbors, a comfortable low maintenance home and a tropical atmosphere.  That sure beats the accumulation cycle treadmill that most people are on.  In the end, so many of these people will chase their entire life to get what they could simply reach out and have right now without all the years of chasing.


All I can guess is that maybe they do not understand the economics.  Maybe they have not put a pencil to paper to figure out how much they could save on everything from housing, to heating and air, to property taxes, to fresh foods, to entertainment, etc.

Well, we will try to do our part to at least answer some of those questions.  We will start with the biggest cost… housing.  We get a steady barrage of questions about homes, farms and apartments.  How much do they cost?  How well are they built?  How much are the property taxes?  What do they look like?  What are other expats buying and why?  Are there any bargains?  Where is the best area?  etc, etc, etc.

So, we are starting a new series to try to answer your housing questions and this video explains what we will attempt to do in this series of videos.


Maybe these videos will help, but there really is no substitute for putting feet to ground and seeing with your own eyes.  That is one of the opportunities you have on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours, if you choose too.

For now, it is Barry in the DR…. out on the road again.


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