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Loma Alta Ocean View PropertiesContinuing our tour of ocean view properties that are popular with the families that are participating in our free North Coast Discovery Tours, we will take a look at one of the newest development on the ridgeline overlooking Cabrera Dominican Republic.

Today we will drive up the newly paved mountain road up into the Loma Alta region just to the east of the town of Cabrera.  The Loma Alta project spans several ridgelines that parallel the coastline and overlook Playa Diamante, Boca Beach and Cabrera. Most of these easily buildable lots share 180 degree views of the coastline, with distant views of the Samana mountains on clear days.

Another Day At Loma Alta

Another Day At Loma Alta

While it is true that many of the existing lots in this development have already been sold, a few new ridges are being opened for a few more oceanview lots. This Loma Alta project is attracting a diverse group of multinational investors and retirees. We currently have a mix of Americans, Canadians, Europeans and prominent Dominicans in the development, including several Dominican Distirct and Supreme Court justices.


There is a single point of entry into this development making it ideal for security and limited outside traffic. The roads up to this development are newly paved and in excellent condition. This development sits approximately 800 to 1000 feet above the coastline and catches almost continuous cooling tradewinds, making air conditioning totally optional.

Far Away From Noisy Roads But Close Enough For Great Views

Far Away From Noisy Roads But Close Enough For Great Views

I have to admit, Liane (my wife) and I fell in love with the breathtaking views in this little development and decided to purchase a lot to build our own little house.  There are several things we like about this development and the way it is laid out, including:

  • This is truly a multinational community with Canadian, American, European and Dominican owners.
  • The Dominican owners include District and Supreme Court justices enhancing the security aspects of this community
  • There is a single point of entry into the development, again enhancing security and limiting traffic and traffic noise.
  • The views from every lot are nothing short of breathtaking, especially give the very reasonable price of these lots.
  • Each of the lots have private entrances
  • The roads in the development are still natural giving you the sense that you are still in the outback.
  • Oh, and did I mention the price… these lots ranging between one half acre up to about one and a quarter acre are priced right.

In the two videos below, I will take you up on a couple of the ridges to take a look at the views and to tell you a little about the development.


Now, over on the second ridge of the development.  More great views.


By the time you view this post, I am not sure whether there will be any lots left in this ocean view development, but you can always drop me a request for more information on this Property Information Request form and I can give you an update or tell you about other properties that we have identified as best buys.  Never hurts to check on the latest.

For now, it is off to the Capital and getting ready for a LARGE group  of families that will be taking the free North Coast Discovery Tours over the next few weeks.   Busy, Busy summer.

Christopher July 31, 2015 at 6:21 am

Beautiful, serene views Barry. Interesting about the unobstructed views and the close proximity to the highway. Awesome to hear about the multinational community!!!

Vickie Troutt April 5, 2016 at 1:51 pm

Can’t wait to get there and start building! Thank you for giving us our tour in Sept 2015. We are so excited to be there by early 2018.

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