CABRERA ROCKS! With Frank Reyes

Only in the DR!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Only in the DR!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

On a previous post I mentioned how carwashes in the DR are many things. One of which of course is washing cars but they also range from bars to restaurants from gathering places to even live concerts! That’s correct even live outdoor concerts!

Last week our friends over at Monarca Car Wash held yet another live outdoor major event. One of if not the most popular bachata singer in the country Frank Reyes was playing under the stars. Don’t know about you but we feel that’s kind of a cool thing. Spending the evening sitting under the stars enjoying your favorite beverage while listening to some excellent music.

prep work for the big night starts early.

prep work for the big night starts early.

It’s not uncommon for these major events to hold up to a few thousand people. Now I relies that a few thousand people doesn’t amount to what would be considered a major event in many other nations… but out here in the smaller rural towns it actually does.

It really makes for a great night of entertainment. You could stop for a late dinner at one of the local restaurants and start off the evening right. Followed by a wonderful late night’s entertainment filled with top quality music. And I do mean top quality. For example this past concert started at midnight and ran on till just past 4:30AM. Needless to say not much gets done the next day.

The Brothers and the bosses. They make sure it all goes off perfect.

The Brothers and the bosses. They make sure it all goes off perfect.

For those of you who don’t know what bachata music is or who Frank Reyes is try looking on YouTube. I have a feeling once you listen to a couple of tunes you’ll understand why we say it’s a soothing type of music with a romantic flavor.

While out in the town I happen to drive by to get “Yota” washed and noticed all the frantic setup taking place. Like I previously said “Monarca Car Wash Purveyors of fine rum and clean cars” These guys really do ROCK!!! Next month happens to have another top national musician but the music is called Tipico. That’s more of a country flavor but very different than what most of us would refer to as country.

While many watch dancing with the stars I'd rather be dancing under the stars.

While many enjoy watching dancing with the stars on TV. For me I’d rather be dancing under the stars.

The DR Escapes team has a lot of folks arriving from July 15th to August 8th. I think it’s 19 in total so we’ll try our best to keep posting but it may be tough. Look up Frank Reyes and enjoy some beautiful sounds and savor the musical spirit of the DR for a while. Heck why not crack open a bottle or two of your favorite rum while you’re at it. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Kirk July 15, 2015 at 6:38 am

No way!!! He is my favourite bachata artist! Along with Hector Acosta! We are only missing him by a few days. We should have come earlier. He would be amazing to see live. Glad you posted about this thanks Barry

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