A Lazy Day At Bacardi Island – Another North Coast Beach Escape

Bacardi Island - The Iconic Tropical BeachBacardi Island, just of the coast of Samana Dominican Republic, is one of those perfect settings for a lazy day on the beach.  One of the neat things that Johnny does when a new batch of students graduate his English Language school is treat them to a little outing at one of the nearby beaches.  Johnny invited us along to check out Cayo Levantado, otherwise known as “Bacardi Island” because of all the Bacardi Rum commercials filmed on that very tropical looking island.

Johnny's English School Outing on Barcadi Island

Johnny’s English School Outing on Barcadi Island

This was our first trek over to Bacardi Island, and despite it being an overcast day with a little rain shower here and there, the outing was great.  Turns out that Bacardi Island really is one of those iconic tropical islands like you would expect to see as the backdrop for a Bacardi commercial, or a Sports Illustrated swimming suit issue or an episode of Gilligans Island.  Beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees everywhere and just enough quaint little shops and bars to meet all your needs.  Not a bad way to spend a day in paradise.

Typical Bacardi Island Scene

Typical Bacardi Island Scene


Since we had a crowd of people in our party, we brought along folding picnic tables, chairs, plenty of grilled chicken and fixins, and plenty of soft drinks and maybe a touch of rum and Presidente 🙂



While I was on Bacardi Island, I decided to get the camera out of the bag and shoot a few of the scenes so that I could share a little of the day with you.


We have a very busy upcoming tour schedule with quite a few families from all over the world participating in the free North Coast Discovery Tours.

Bacardi Island Tropical Huts

Bacardi Island Tropical Huts

If you haven’t  been on a tour with us, give it a shot.  It is a great way to meet the locals and other expats and really check this place out.  Heck, who knows.  You may even like it and choose it as your fallback position if you should ever need or want one.  Trust me, there are much worse places to call home and spend your days.


For now, it is Barry on the road again.

Dave July 23, 2015 at 12:45 pm

We’re just finishing up a 3 night stay in Samana City for our one year anniversary. We spent 2 full days on the island and in my wife’s own words it is “heavenly”. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the DR.

We decided to go the economic route and stay in a small hotel next to the pier on “big island”. Beautiful views, full kitchen, air conditioning all for $40 a night. Samana City is a great place to stay. Plenty of restaurants, a beautiful malecon and nice wide streets with very little traffic this time of year.

A 30 minute boat ride to the island and back was just over $10 per person. We took our own cooler full of drinks and snacks and saved even more money.

Some friends we met from Canada stayed at the hotel on the island. They paid well over $4000 for thier week in the sun. Thier mouths fell open when I told them we spent around $450 for our 4 day trip. Just one of the perks of being a local I guess.

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