Tropical Octagon Home Capitalizes On The Tropical Lifestyle

European Octagon Ocean View HomeSo what is an ideal “Tropical Home”.  That is a reasonable question I have heard often, especially when you consider how diverse our group of tour participants is.  For many of you, your idea of an “ideal” home where you live now may be dramatically different from what I might believe is “ideal” for the tropical climate down here in Cabrera.  People down here in the tropics spend much of their time outdoors and this particular home that we will tour today was designed to make the most out of the outdoor spaces despite it’s modest interior space.

If what you are looking for is a relatively low maintenance home, with great outdoor living, great tropical landscaping, ocean views, lower temperatures and steady breezes, then this home may be closer to your “ideal” tropical home than the McMansions that so many Americans are familiar with.

Octagon Home Porch Ocean View

Octagon Home Porch Ocean View

This little ocean view home overlooking Cabrera Dominican Republic illustrates some of the ideal construction characteristics of an “ideal” smaller tropical home. More info on this oceanview home on our Property Information Request form.

There are a couple construction details to notice as we tour this smaller oceanview home. This European designed octagon home is perched on one of the upper ridge lines to offer ocean views and to capture the cooling tradewinds. Notice the way the roof is constructed to allow the hot air to escape. Notice the ratio of deck and outside space compared to the modest interior space…. over 3 to 1.

Octagon House Pool Deck And Kiosk

Octagon House Pool Deck And Kiosk

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with plenty of outdoor covered decks, pool deck, detached kiosko and ample grounds.  While some of you may not be totally thrilled with the very bright and colorful paint scheme on the inside… keep in mind that paint and tile installation is a very cheap fix in Cabrera.  Local painters and tile guys are very affordable and the materials are readily available, including very low cost natural coral stone tiles.  The interior is about 100 sqmt, and the total construction including decks, kiosko and pool totals about 330 sqmt.

Octagon House Car Park And Drive

Octagon House Car Park And Drive

One other thing you will notice about this home is the extensive use of colorful tropical vegetation in this very well landscaped home. With year round tropical temperatures and ample rains, it is relatively easy to achieve this level of landscaping. There are a couple other advantages you have in maintaining a high end landscape like this home. First, the readily available local coral stone makes rock walls like you see in the landscaping of this home affordable. Secondly, the labor rates for full or part time grounds keepers are very, very low compared to any other place you have ever lived. A retiree on Social Security can even afford a grounds keeper and housekeeper if you should choose that level of “luxury”.

If you would like to know more about this home, or other ocean view properties near Cabrera Dominican Republic, then click the link above and tell us what you are interested in.

In this video, we take a quick tour around this smaller European octagon home located in the upper hills overlooking Cabrera.


This is Barry, continuing on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.  Come join us on one of our trips.


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