A Short Post That’s Long on Knowledge

200 Pesos Dominicanos. It's a note!

200 Pesos Dominicanos. It’s a note!

I just wanted to make a quick post about a subject I’ve mentioned months prior to a couple of folks who are rather close to me. The first person is Larry the tech guy and the second is Maria head of operations over at Abreu Immigration Services. Since we’re so busy with the volumes of visitors this post is going to be short… I’m baked and heading off to bed. While short in length its message is long on knowledge… trends knowledge that is.

It’s no big secret about what’s occurring over in Greece. Over the years it’s been Band-Aided so many times Johnson & Johnson’s stock should have doubled by now. So why all the hoopla about it… just keeping eyes off of the pitiful financial condition in most people’s home nation. REMEMBER printing news regarding either conspiracy theories or chaos occurring in other nations tends to draw attention away from your own nations issues.

500 Pesos ORO!!! 500 Pesos in GOLD!!!

500 Pesos ORO!!! 500 Pesos in GOLD!!!

Continuing on with the post… about 4 months ago I started mentioning to Maria you best start preparing for what waiting just around the coroner. Your business is about to be hit like a title wave. Around the same time I was mentioning the same thing to Larry but I knew its outcome would have little effect on what he does for the DR Escapes folks. But for Maria that’s a different story!

Maria enjoys listening to the many stories I’ve told about certain occurrences that are going to happen in the near future. On most occaisions rum is being enjoyed and who knows that might be the underlying reason she enjoys the stories but its all good in the end.

One such story dates back about three years. I mentioned that on the next printing of the nation’s currency you’re going to find the wording will be changed. I get a polite smile and a nod that I got you but really what’s going on behind the scene is he’s lost it…he’s finally lost it! All of us trends folks are or at least should be used to that look by now.

Low and behold last year in 2014 the nation updated the currency and the wording changed as follows. Each bill depending on its value had the following word changed. Oro which means gold in Spanish was changed to Dominicanos. For example if you were looking at a 1000 Pesos bill it used to read as follows. Mil Pesos En Oro meaning 1000 Pesos in Gold! The new wording reads Mil Pesos Dominicanos or in English One Thousand Dominican Pesos.

20 Pesos NOTE!!! Printed 2014

20 Pesos in Gold!!! printed prior 2014

Mil Pesos Dominicanos!!! WTF does that mean? Let me tell you what it means. You’ve just witnessed how a asset changes to a debt. That’s right last time I checked a note means a debt. A debt just like what’s on the US currency “This Note is Legal Tender for all debts public and private. I remember Dr. Brea’s (our Attorney) face when I showed him as he laughed at me years prior when I told him the same as I did Maria… except without the rum session.

So why did I mention to Maria that you better be ready for a title wave of clients when Greece made the news? Simple Greece is a Capitalist 1st World country and all who refuse to understand that the same thing is waiting right around the corner are mostly citizens of 1st world Capitalist countries. Virtually every single time throughout history the masses have been wrong…No exception not even once so why is this time going to be any different… it’s not!

It was a simple analogy my understanding of how the masses will always be wrong told me so. My understanding of how everything in the world is connected in a cyclical pattern and still most of the world’s population thinks in a linear fashion told me so. Nothing ever changes but the technology.

Understanding that Knowledge and wisdom are two different attributes is something that’s served me well over the decades and I hope you’re starting to grasp what I’m saying. Still the best example that comes to mind for getting folks to understand what’s meant is the following. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.

So in closing about three days ago I get this call from Maria. WTF is going on!!!! What’s happened we can’t keep up with all the new inquires!!! Is there something I missed??? I just sat back and smiled knowing months in advance that call was coming.

I reminded her of our past conversations about being prepared for what’s to come. It then dawned on her and the light clicked on. Oh yeah almost forgot. A couple of days later I received a second call from Maria. Seems Maria and her husband were talking and had come to the conclusion in the areas of trends strange events and commodities they’ll be listening closer… a lot closer. They mentioned over the years all the wild ideas that I’ve mentioned and that they’ve shrugged off thinking no way! well they all came true… all of them.

Perhaps that’s why I am where I am and you are where you are. Remember no right or wrong only choices…Choices and understanding everything functions in a cyclical Pattern. The world operates as one large transmission where all the gears are meshed together. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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