Let’s Explore The Southeast Region Of The DR – Road Trip 2015

Southeast Dominican Republic Road Trip 2015Finally, Liane and I were able to block out a week between the free Discovery Tours to take a little vacation of our own.  This year we decided to explore the Southeast region of the Dominican Republic.  As you will see in this series of videos we start our little adventure traversing that beautiful stretch of highway that runs from Cabrera down toward Santo Domingo.  Some of the most impressive portion of the trip cuts through large hillsides as the road passes through a national park.  Along the way, we chose to turn off the highway and cut over to the Southeast coast, on the other side of the Samana bay.

Follow us along on this trip as we explore a nice quaint Eco Lodge, Taino caves with abundant petroglyphs from the 14h and 15th century, out of the way little coastal villages, and even some of the more popular tourist areas.  Along the way, of course, we will fit in a little 4 wheeling on the sandy roads and trails in the region.


In this first little introductory video we explain our planning (or lack thereof) for this road trip and give you a glimpse of the stunning highway that runs through the national park.  In future videos we will let you explore some of the off-the-beaten-path sights right along with us.


One of the things we really enjoy about living on an island as large and diverse as the DR is the never-ending variety.  Each region has it’s own character, history and diversions and there is no reason you should ever experience “island fever” if you should choose to retire or live here.  There are some things that we find common among all the regions we have visited.  These include:

  • The locals, for the most part, are friendly and welcoming
  • We feel safe and secure as we explore this coutry
  • In general, the people are proud of their little homes and of their towns and it shows

Maybe you will get down here one of these days and start exploring this diverse island along with us.  The first step is to take us up on our invitation to participate in one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.


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