Caño Hondo Eco Lodge and Taino Caves – Southeast DR Road Trip 2015

Caño Hondo Eco Lodge and Taino CavesThe Caño Hondo Eco Lodge and nearby Taino Caves were a real treat along our road trip through the Southeast region of the DR.  As you probably know if you have followed our blog post for very long, we tend to fly from the seat of our pants when we set out on our vacation road trips.  There is never a firm plan or schedule and we just roll with the flow.  If we like a place, we stay longer and that is exactly what we did at Caño Hondo Eco Lodge and the Taino Caves.

The walls of the caves were heavily decorated with Taino indian petroglyphs dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.  Not sure how much you know about the Taino indians, but they were the primary occupants of the Dominican republic back before the time of Columbus.  When Columbus sailed into port in 1492 he brought the initial wave of Spanish settlers and their European diseases.  By 1518 almost 90% of the Taino indian population had been wiped out by a smallpox epidemic.  By the mid 1500s, the native population had been whittled down to less that 500 and by 1650 they were basically extinct in the Dominican Republic.

The Caño Hondo Eco Lodge is one of those rustic little resorts that cater largely to naturalists, hikers and nature lovers.  The accommodations are comfortable, the food in the restaurants is very good and the opportunities for activities is great.  Right on the grounds of the lodge are numerous natural pools with little water falls and plenty of paths and rock walkways.  They offer a wide range of excursions and activities including the one we participated in.  We chose to take a small boat to the Taino caves to check out the many petroglyphs.


In this second video of our 2015 road trip through the Southeast region of the Dominican Republic is just a small sample of what we discovered when we landed at the Caño Hondo Eco Lodge.


This island continues to amaze me.  If you love history and love exploration and discovery you will find plenty here.  There is never a dull moment, unless you want one.  Come visit us on one of our North Coast Discovery Tours and check it out for yourself.


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