Your Health May Depend on Where You Live

Many say you are what you eat. I believe the same can be said for you are what you breathe.

Many say you are what you eat. I believe the same can be said for you are what you breathe.

After the final couple departed on what might be our longest consecutive stretch of visitors I now have a couple of days to catch up on things. That’s why I’ve been behind on both my posts and my chores around the house. One things for certain no matter how busy I’ll never let it interfere with the time Liane and I spend together. Over the years we’ve grown to understand that no matter what price you sell yourself for in never represents the total cost. There’s always one more deal to close or one more chore left undone. In fact I’m certain the only day everything lines up perfectly is the day that you pass on over to the higher side and I’m hoping that perfect day doesn’t arrive anytime soon.

For the longest time folks have been asking Liane and I how we seem to be so relaxed all the time yet we’re both still busy. Why don’t the effects of everyday life stress us out? It’s as if they think we don’t seem to have any problems… but we do. One thing that’s helped tremendously is years ago we’ve decided to substitute the word problem and replace it with opportunity. Sounds easy but I guarantee you it’s not. I’ve always liked the quote by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer “if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” Both examples are simple in word format however putting it into practice takes a lot of devotion.

Another bit of verbiage I’ve often used in several past posts is “your cells react to the environment they’re place in”. If any of you are wondering how I came to realize this…it’s from all my past traveling. Not only noticing this fact in myself but with most of the people I’ve met along the way as well.

For years I’ve witnessed that fast paced environments stressful professions and constant on the go lifestyles tend to lead to certain types of personalities followed promptly by certain health habits followed not so promptly by certain health ailments. The same holds true for folks living in wide open sparsely populated less stressful areas. For example areas full of nature not concrete. This environment has the same tendencies leading to certain types of personalities, habits although lack of ailments.

Every day bumper to bumper traffic. Subways to work. Concrete everywhere you look. Look at the faces man and then you tell me.

Every day bumper to bumper traffic. Subways to work. Concrete everywhere you look. Look at the faces man and then you tell me.

It should be rather obvious to most that folks hailing from larger cities and fast paced lifestyles seem to have different personalities than do folks from laid back simple small country towns. I’m not implying one is better than the other or which is correct only indicating it is what it is.

The amusing thing at least to Liane and I is how the vast percentage seem to want to change lifelong personality traits… but change them in a couple of days visiting or after a couple of weeks post relocating. We honestly believe they don’t even recognize that thought pattern also happens be a byproduct of that very same fast paced lifestyle they’re trying to rid themselves of. A lifestyle mind you that just happened to take them decades to form… but change is expected in hours or days. Kind of reminds me of a line in Jimmy Buffet’s song Margaritaville“trying to cram lost years in five or six days”.

Re-wrap the crap and I'm not only referring to what you're eating.

Re-wrap the crap and I’m not only referring to what you’re eating.

I guess it’s much the same as ordering the number two extra cheese no pickles and expecting it at the next window in about 45 seconds. Where as our visitors experience evening meals lasting a couple of hours (or longer) wondering where the time went. I could say the same thing about relationships friendships and families but I’ll save that for another article. A very long article.

There’s hardly anything similar about living in these vastly different environments yet still the vast majority just can’t seem to get it. For some it’s on line relationships/dating, subways and looking straight ahead or towards the ground for fear someone just might say hello. For others it’s growing up together, talking to many of your neighbors and really getting to know each other, old dirt roads with the pickup truck and perhaps saying hello to a dozen folks within a half mile on your way to town. People change is going to take time so invest in the time it takes to change. Enjoy the journey and stop worrying about the destination because in the end we all share the same destination.

My kind of Drive Thru.

My kind of Drive Thru.

Part of how I relax is reading, doing research and traveling down many back roads that most locals haven’t even heard of. Some examples of how I work is traveling around with the DR Escapes folks, posting articles creating YouTube’s but most of all is enjoying the results of merging folks together and blending them into a new and possibly better way of living… but experience has taught us that’s pretty much up to them.

Many we’ve met have trouble letting go of decades old habits and can’t grasp the fact if you want to make changes in your life you’ve got to make changes in your life. Some just unpack the same baggage onto a different shelf and soon after realize nothing’s changed but the geography while others are kicking themselves in the ass for not doing it ten years sooner. In either case both are correct.

Perhaps a Bit different than your typical day but I like it.

Perhaps a Bit different than your typical day but I like it.

I understand our way of living might be considered backwards to most. As for myself I have nothing but fun while working and my off time is spent expanding my personal knowledge in various fields of interest which brings me to the point of this post. A point I really want to stress (pardon the pun but I couldn’t help myself)

Another and perhaps more serious side effect of placing your cells in certain environments is health issues. How many of us know or possibly even themselves have serious health issues and are honestly wondering how did this happen? For some it’s obvious but for others no so. I’m referring to these folks who actually do watch their diet exercise and stay in reasonable shape.

In other words the folks that it shouldn’t have happen to…Heck it’s now prevalent in professional athletes and all sorts of in-shape folks who are suddenly finding out they have some serious health issue that just happened to pop up out of nowhere. So how many of us know of such examples? WE ALL DO!

Octagon Home Porch Ocean View

My office view. Hows it compare?

I was fascinated about discovering what GEO-medicine is and what it really is all about. I always had an idea but today I dove in a little deeper and discovered some very useful information. I want to introduce you to Bill Davenhall. He makes a few excellent points about retracing the areas you’ve lived in the past if you want to find out the root source of your illness.

Geo-medicine just may be something to look into if you’re wanting to find answers to how can this be. It just may be able to provide a traceable pattern as to why the illness occurred even though you took proper care of yourself… a path of history so to speak offering answers to why whatever mysterious illness suddenly appeared for no apparent reason. No one wakes up tomorrow to find a fully grown oak tree in their front lawn. At some point in history a seed had been planted.

Bill Davenhall: Your health depends on where you live:


Why aren’t Doctors asking for this history on those tedious long family information forms that we’ve all filled out one time or another? Davenhall claims and I have to agree that it may discover a lot about why you succumbed to whatever illness it is you may have. For my US subscribers check out this site dartmouthatlas If you want to perform this research about you own personal history you’re going to love this site.

Under the ole shade tree. Seems our cells adapted to this environment rather well. But it's not for everyone GLAD!!!

Under the ole shade tree. Seems our cells adapted to this environment rather well. But it’s not for everyone GLAD!!!

We’re all a product of our environment in so many ways. Every morning while having our 2 hour long coffee’s together Liane and I look up while sitting beneath the shade tree and thank source that the environment we both love is where it belongs. Right here in Cabrera. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

Rene September 4, 2015 at 12:46 am

Great to read some more of your philosophical musing, Barry. All I can attest to is the way my mind expanded within days of arriving in Cabrera to thinking about painting, gardening, exploring the diverse landscapes…all thing I WANT to do…things that feed my soul…I want very much to live that life…even with all the little inconveniences that may come with small town island life. I look forward to learning what life I truly want to live!

Barry September 5, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Thanks wish I had more time to post more often. Keep on your journey but consider what I’ve written about decades to form where you’re currently at. Caution in changing abruptly as the G-forces might cause you to black out. When that happens you become blind and may loose you way. Over time Liane and I have seen this happen many times. Just something you may want to consider.

Gary October 18, 2015 at 6:18 pm

Hi Barry,

Another of your fine philosophical “food for thought” writings. I liked what you said about problems being opportunities instead of miseries. Take my computer for instance. Since a year ago I switched my operating system to a Linux one (which there are no back doors for the NSA to spy on like Apple and Windows) and there have been repeated problems especially with software/hardware drivers. At first it’s an inconvenience because I can’t get much done but after a few minutes I look at it as a challenge which, because of my research to fix the problem, made me more of an expert. And this example can be repeated ad infinitum on all aspects of your life. So Barry you’re absolutely right that when you look at something differently things really open up.

I just saw the video you recommended. Very interesting. Good luck though getting the medical profession to adopt his recommendations not when they have billions of money to be made selling the population on pharmaceuticals and keeping people from getting well. What Davenhall is saying is just too much simple logic for the AMA to digest. Pressure will have to come from the grass roots to change doctors. The video is very worth watching and promoting to friends and family. On my just recent trip to the DR I saw first hand the difference between life in the country and the city. Geography does make a difference. The country folk and farmers that you and I saw on our off road adventure are really happy and friendly people as compared to even in such a small town down the road as Cabrera, never mind a city the size of Santo Domingo. Their cells gave got to be in a much healthier state than in the hustle bustle of cities.


Barry October 20, 2015 at 12:42 am

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, and the other is to refuse to believe what is. Forget where I first heard that but holds true with any subject you want to test it with.

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