Continuing Our Southeast DR Road Trip – Another State Of Art Highway Project

Latest New Highway And Playa LimonWe see evidence in the news everyday that many countries are struggling and facing financial turmoil, yet we continue to see ample evidence that the Dominican Republic continues on its upswing.  As we were traversing the mid-south to southeast regions of the Island, we stumbled on yet another one of the many new road construction projects.  While the long delays behind construction equipment slowed our progress and nixed a few of our excursion plans, it was still encouraging to see all the progress.  As you will see in the videos below, this is pretty good road work and will continue to open up more beaches for more development on the southeast coastline.

On this trek of our road trip, we were heading down from the southern regions of the Samana bay to the touristy towns of Bavaro and Punta Cana.  In this couple videos we head down the new road and venture off route on some sandy roads toward a couple deserted beaches just to see what was on the other end.  We especially enjoyed the views of the free grazing horses on the beach at Playa Limon and the Lagoon de Limon.

Roaming around and discovering new hideaways on this huge island is one of our favorite pastimes.  Frankly we rarely know what to expect at the end of the trail, but we enjoy the uncertainty and the anticipation and we are rarely disappointed.

In this first video we explain why we are happy about the new highways, even though on this trip the construction messed around with our vacation schedule.  We pull off the highway to check out a little coastal village and to take a look at the coastline.


In this second little video we head on down the highway looking for the next off-the-beaten-path sandy road to explore.  This one takes us into a beach called Playa Limon and to the adjoining Lagoon.  We were surprised when we found a dozen or so horses freely grazing right in the Palm on the beach.  A beautiful, long beach which we had all to ourselves.  I hate it that so many millions of tourists are “trapped” behind the walls of all-inclusive resorts in nearby Bavaro and Punta Cana, never to explore these “Gilligan Island” style deserted beaches.


As we wander around the various regions of this island I hope you gain a better understanding of just how huge this island is.  If you have ever cruised the Caribbean or visited other smaller islands, I hope you can see just how different the Dominican Republic is.  At over 18,000 square miles, there is a great diversity in both topography and in the local communities.

I do hope you will take the time off to come visit us on the North Coast on one of our free Discovery Tours so that we can show you what life can be like off the treadmill.

For now it is Barry in the DR headed out on another Discovery Tour.

Don September 6, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Love these videos, Barry. Can’t wait to get down there!

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