The Slow Making of a Demoralized Mentality

Some call it progress

Some call it progress

After more than 360 visitors somethings have become quite obvious. Not only to myself but to all of us who’ve lived in similar peaceful surroundings for any length of time. One of which we’ve noticed the most is people living in stress free ambiances tend to have a different outlook on life. A more positive outlook if you will and if that environment is wholly embraced tends to lead to a higher level of contentment.

There’s one catch to that and it’s a big one…“if that environment is wholly embraced”. Because if it’s not nothing changes but the geography. Time will prove me correct on this one and I’ve built decades of experience viewing this happen from a close vantage point. Decades living in such surroundings has of course changed me… it had to. Separation creates clarity doesn’t it?

Johnny's English School Outing on Barcadi Island

Living in peaceful surroundings just seems to make even the little pleasures big. It’s been said there’s nothing in everything and everything in nothing. I can attest it works but only if you let it.

Several times over past decades I’ve witnessed folks who were initially unsure about their change only to adapt and become integrated in a far superior lifestyle. On the reverse side I’ve also seen several folks who were initially a raging inferno trying to change everything all at once full of desire attempting to rearrange every aspect of their lives in a few weeks’ only to eventually burn out. There’s an old saying from the Zohar that states “fires that start off as raging blazes seldom have enough wood to keep burning for any length of time” It’s been my personal experience the same holds true for relationships, romances, major changes and a wide range of other circumstances.

Look it’s taken decades to develop the place you’re currently at… so take a bit of friendly thought from someone that’s lived in these surroundings for almost four decades. Remember I never give advice it’s only something you might want to think about. Does it really even make sense that you’ll be able to change decade old habits in five or six weeks? Only you can answer that for yourself.

If you want to make changes in your life you've got to make changes in your life. W. Dyre

If you want to make changes in your life you’ve got to make changes in your life.
W. Dyer

These kinds of changes don’t occur rapidly as they can’t. Hasn’t it taken decades even for nations to change? Changing from raging war against poverty to just plain out bombing poor people? Decades have passed before hard work turned into what’s now called entitlement. It used to be thinking for one’s self was admired now its considered nonconforming. Perhaps the widest ends of the spectrum might be what was once considered proud had somehow changed and became demoralized.

My point is not to judge what’s better or worse right or wrong. There’s more than enough people already trying to do that. My point is all of these changes took multitudes of time to manifest. The same as it will take you to change or it’s just not going to last.

So what is it that may be causing the change so many desire? Some will tell you it’s economy based. Things have gotten so expensive and their standard of living had to be negatively adjusted in order to live within a certain budget. For others it’s replacing what’s known for the anticipation of what’s unknown. In other words replace the mundane with adventure of newness. Several cases unveiled not liking where their nation seems to be headed. A sense of loss of privacy and a whole lot of Government along with it laws. The reasons are endless but there’s only one thing common. They’re all looking for change.

I’ve added two YouTube’s to this post in efforts to provide what perhaps might be for many the undetected underlying cause for wanting change. Lain McGilchrist discusses how the brain actually processes information. Rather than one side being dominate over the other as its been understood for ages Lain brings forth several facts that reveal in actuality they both work together. It’s over the last couple of decades that the left side has become more in control and that’s not good for the way we think or for that matter our planet.

The Divided Brain: Iain McGilchrist


The second is by Steve Cutts. Steve takes you on a time warp of man’s progress and how we’ve abused every resource on the globe. How closed minded and arrogant we’ve become over time. Humanities false understanding of self-importance has caused us to mistakenly think there’s no price to pay for abusing every resource the world has to offer. There’s a serious message here and I pray it’s heard in time or we’re all going to be sorry.

Man: Steve Cutts


Any herd can only flourish according to the natural resources available to it. Truth be known we’re nothing more than another herd in spite of mislabeling ourselves as the human race…perhaps the better question is race towards what? Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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