Rum, Sand And Surf On Saona Island Dominican Republic – Road Trip 2015

Sonoa Island Rum, Sand and Sun DayI guess every vacation eventually comes to an end, and our 2015 road trip through the Southeast region of the Dominican Republic is no exception.  We wrap up our little week long road trip with a visit to the largest out island of the DR.  We head out on a two hour cruise to Saona Island to enjoy a day full of fun, sun and sand….. oh, and did I mention RUM.

It really was a nice day on a beautiful beach just off the coast and a must do if you happen to be touring the Southeast of the DR.  The island and nearby town of Bayahibe gets more than it’s fair share of toursists from nearby Punta Cana and a large crowd of visitors from the Capitan of Santo Domingo on the weekends.

There are plenty of amenities, foods and drink on the island and you should enjoy you day on the beach without hassle and without lugging a bunch of stuff with you.


In this video we take the boat over to Saona and take the first few minutes to show you around the beach.  There was plenty more to film while we were over there, but…. we promised ourselves a no-work day and just kicked back and enjoyed the beach, the crowd watching and….. did I mention, a little RUM sipping.  Fun day.


You know, funny thing about vacations ending.  Come to think about it, most people would look at where we live up in the coastal village of Cabrera up on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and say that our vacation never ends.  And I guess there is some truth to that.  Compared to the life that most Americans and Canadians live, we do live in a perpetual vacation.  Come check it out for yourself on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.


Gary October 18, 2015 at 6:57 pm

Hi Barry,

Funny my whole family was also in Bayahibe and La Romana on our recent trip to the DR. We were pretty close in time to each other, Barry. It would have been great for all of us to have a dinner and rum together at Captain Kidd. We didn’t stay too much time in either Bayahibe nor La Romana. Since we traveled with our two little grandchildren we stayed most of the time at the resort and in the beautiful ocean. However we did take the whole day trip to Saona Island. It was really great! Barry did you wade in the natural swimming pool on the way to the island? It’s a large very shallow part of the ocean that you can stand up in. It was great standing there drinking rum and coke. I’ll send you some photos. A really memorable experience. When we finally got to the island our entire tour group had the most delicious recently caught fresh lobster that you could imagine. I must have eaten three whole lobsters (better take advantage of this – it would cost a fortune in the US for this).

We didn’t spend that much time in the town of Bayahibe but the restaurant we ate in was really great. It was a small family owned restaurant that served a combination of Dominican and Italian food. Everything cooked from scratch. As typical in the DR the meal from start to finish took around 2 hours but so what. Time in the DR is much slower than in southern California.

By the way as a side note, I was amazed at the number of Italians who live on the coast from Santo Domingo all to the way to Punt Cana. The tour company owner of our trip to Saona Island was Italian. We saw many Italian owned restaurants and the owner of our hotel we stayed in Boca Chica was Italian. The Italians seem to blend in really well with the Dominicans. They all speak really fine Spanish and they bring a lot of quality and class to the Dominican Republic. I think it’s a positive for everyone. I can see why there is such synergy between Italians and Dominicans. Both cultures have that laid back quality in their life. In fact in Italy I remember our meals also lasting sometimes two hours (just like in the DR). In fact our whole family was helped by a nice couple of women from Naples. We were stranded at Playa Bonita outside of Las Terrenas and couldn’t get ahold of our taxi driver. These nice women squeezed all of us into their small car and gave us a ride to our hotel. On the way to the hotel we had a great conversation with them. We met some new friends.

So Barry you’re right about a problem becoming an opportunity as you stated in a previous post. Our problem not getting a taxi became an opportunity to meet wonderful and kind people and to make some new friends.


Barry October 20, 2015 at 12:39 am

Gary it’s kind of funny when we’re with some folks as initially they not used to not being rushed. For them it’s normal to park your ass down and hook up the feed tube. After 20 minutes disconnect it pay and go. Total loss of memory of the need for people to be together relax at the end of the day and enjoy some quality time. Now what is kind of cool is towards the last few days together they start remembering how good it feels and recognize it’s the right way. They’re just victims of placing their cells in that type of environment and as so must adapt to it. Repetition over time shadows it into being some sort of normality. The other sad thing is the cell phone is the first thing that’s reached for while waiting. People are loosing their communication skills other than communication over a device. I’ve recently read the results of a rather shocking poll. 58% prefer on-line relationships over person to person. Looks like they’re winning the battle of divide and conquer at least at this point current in time.

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