Understand Time and Perhaps You’ll Understand People

Time. A very interesting subject indeed. Similar to water is precious but equally is wasted without thinking of the consequences.

Time. A very interesting subject indeed. Similar to water is precious but equally wasted without thinking of the future consequences.

As I was drinking my morning coffee under the shade tree a not so rare thought came back for another repeat visit. I asked myself once again. Why are the vast majority of people we meet wanting to slow down the pace of their lives yet before they even relocate they’re already preplanning ways to occupy all of their time? Serious dichotomy if ever I heard one…and trust me over time I’ve heard just about all of them.

So while Liane and I are sitting under the shade tree I reformulate that not so rare thought yet one more time. Liane, why is it most folks we meet seem to envy a simple lifestyle? They keep mentioning while on tour that’s exactly the change they’re searching for… the simple life.

We seem to see it all the time. Yet It was said that it's no measure of good health by being well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.

We seem to see it all the time. Yet It was said that it’s no measure of good health by being well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.

A less stressful simpler life that includes a robust dose of free time. No sooner than the last word exits their mouth their thought pattern shifts and takes on an opposite direction. An opposite direction of rambling on of abundant new ways to occupy that newly created free time. You know the free time they just finished mentioning was so desired in the first place.

But wait a minute without some form of metamorphosis how is this scenario even accomplished? Can the changelings possibly be in two places at the same time? By their thought patterns you’d think so. I want to slow down so I can speed up and this is exactly how you learn to play tennis without the net. Zig zag zoom and splat right against the wall. But it’s only the way of the western mindset.

Honestly some of us sit back quietly and silently laugh. We listen and watch they’re wide eyed facial expressions as they begin comparing their mutual chest scars from previous heart surgeries. As if this is some sort of metal to be proud of. Obviously many don’t understand your cells react to the environment they’re placed in and many never will.

The Secret Powers of TIME


And so the saga continues. The changelings want to slow down by speeding up. They want to un-complicate by complicating. They want to change bad health habits by eating the same process foods only in a different country. The changelings seem to want to change everything without really changing anything other than location…but can they…can any of us?

If anyone can find better definitions of insanity please let us know…inquiring minds want to know. We want to know so we can guide ourselves as far away from that slippery slope as my trusty 4-wheel can carry us. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

Paul October 8, 2015 at 8:43 pm

Are you going to be showing land and/or house for sale in the future or is that done?

Barry October 9, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Hey Paul, Short answer is yes but when time permits. Just finishing a 5 week tour schedule with several families. Need to of course have some time for me and Liane and do some of the many things around the property that have been put off since being so busy.

Tanja Meski October 10, 2015 at 9:38 am

Thanks Barry for these observing mind’s posts. I would think that most people want to be busy to feel important and to look like their life has a grander meaning. This majority tries to fill the expectations they’ve put onto themselves and always wonder of what other people think of their decisions. Being on a holiday or dedicating one’s life for exploring another country and taking it slow is probably only possible for a person who can feel close to 100% comfortable in their own skin and psyche. The people who take the leap certainly don’t care about other’s opinions too much. I’d also assume that moving to another country and changing a way of life takes a certain type who is open to changes and who sees changes with positive connotations only. Facts around won’t change but a person can, if it’s in them.

Barry October 12, 2015 at 12:23 am

Tanja, I person who I admired passed on a few weeks ago. I first met him many years prior when a friend had an extra ticket to one of his talks. This friend promptly stated you’re going to love the way this guy thinks. It’s an awful lot like you do…come on what do you have to loose it’s an extra ticket and the ticket’s on me. During his presentation he came to a part in his talk regarding meaning and perhaps why most of us are always searching for it. I can still remember it almost word for word…” If your value in life is placed on what you do then if you no longer do you have no value. If your worth is placed on what you own and you no longer own you then have no worth”. A bit later on he expanded more on a persons self worth “if you place your self worth in someone else’s hands then you’ll only be happy when they are. None of these examples determine who you really are and what your are actually worth. These are self determined and it a sad day when they are forfeited and placed in some one else’s power”. Several years later We met again at another conference. His name is Wayne Dyer and I miss him and his way of thinking. While facts don’t change how they are viewed certainly can. Another point I remember from Dyer is “perhaps the most important question we’ll ever ask ourselves is…do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe? Depending on how you answer it will often determine the pathways of your life”. The world needs more of this type of thinking.

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