The Meaning of Life

With out a doubt it's one of the most important questions to be clear about. Live in the NOW!

With out a doubt it’s one of the most important questions to be clear about. Live in the NOW!

It’s not often that some tidbit of information clearly answers a perplexing question. The perplexing question I’m referring to is what is the meaning of life? To date it’s been one of the most commonly asked questions mystifying people since… well since the beginning of time.

To varying degrees at one time or another we’ve all asked that question even if it was only to ourselves. I suppose it’s part of us as human beings to ponder on what seems impossible to answer. We continue to search for answers. Even if the best answer we come up with is nothing more than a placebo that makes us feel better most will accept it.

When it comes to thought provoking questions we look for answers in a myriad of ways which I personally feel is largely determined by the environment we were raised in. If what I’ve written in a recent post “your cells react to the environment that their placed in” holds true that might serve as fair reasoning why no single answer can possibly suffice. However as human beings it’s our prerogative to continue searching for answers. It’s in our DNA to question the almost unanswerable question what is the meaning of life?

If it seems that you're in a constant bottomless murky abyss. Look to yourself for clarity stop asking others. They may be more confused that you are.

If it seems that you’re living in a constant bottomless murky abyss. Look to yourself for clarity stop asking others. They may be more confused that you are.

Recently a subscriber emailed me what I now term the single best explanation I’ve heard to date. I better comprehend why most never achieve happiness and real contentment in their lives. For some it’s all about the future but somehow the future never arrives. Really how can it as it’s in the future and even if it ever develops into the present most won’t recognize it as their constant focus is towards the future.

As an example think about the old story of the horse that has a carrot hanging from a stick dangling in front of him. The carrot represents the future and although he keeps chasing it he can’t remove himself from the present and shift into the future. Just can’t seem to catch up to it no matter how hard he tries. Although he keeps chasing the carrot (future) it never arrives. All this horse really accomplished is he removed himself from the present. He replaced the present with frustration trying to have the future. Now ask yourselves sound like anyone you know?

Keeping Up.... But WHY?

It keeps spinning as long as you’re willing to run on it. I suppose the better question might be is the following “are you really getting anywhere”.

Even worse what if you’re one of the so called lucky ones that happened to find prosperity. Only catch is you’re still removing yourself from living in the now and wondering what comes next. The vicious circle continues. Most of your working life you spent removing yourself from the now and dreaming of a positive outcome of what you’d like as your future. The future dream became reality as it’s become the now…the present. So what do you do? Remove yourself once again and prove my point they’ll always be another future unfolding. My friends the wave continues until the day that you permanently check out so think about how you’re spending you time. Live in the now.

For others it’s all about the past. They just can’t get beyond what happened in the past. The past will always remain in the past and there’s no going back there to change it. All I’m going to say about dwellers of the past is this. If you’re trying to move forward but are looking in the opposite direction be careful of the wall you’re about to run into. It’s gonna hurt big time.

Folks can dwell in either future or past all they want to. Both only serve to remove them from the only thing they have control of. We all only control the now. What is happening at this very millisecond. The now is the present and the present is all we have.

It’s a seamless wave that’s with you every moment of your life. Future present past and the cycle never ends till you end your existence in this world. If you’re breathing then the wave is constantly moving. Revolving future present past and none of us has any control over this frequency or if you prefer wave.

Sam Harris: The Meaning of Life


We only live in the present yet we continue to remove ourselves from it. We habitually substitute it with something which we have no control of and most are completely unaware of the fact that they’re even doing it.

At the last stages of one’s life the one single thing that people regret the most is this. They Regret what they cared about. they regret spending so much time worrying about petty things. Worrying about things which they had no control of. Might come as a shocker to you but the majority of folks asked that question of what they regret the most in their life that was their number one answer.

I’m at peace with knowing this. While it took me over forty years to uncover it for almost twenty now I can honestly say I’m at peace with knowing this and I’m at peace with living in the now. Actually Liane and I both are only she discovered it earlier than I. There’s truth in the saying yesterday’s history tomorrow’s a mystery and the now is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

john Foster October 28, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Thanks Barry I understand now..

Barry October 29, 2015 at 2:05 am

Glad it made some sense. Now take action and enjoy while you are still able to. Even living to one hundred doesn’t yield that many days. Nothing happens without taking action.

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