Dr. Ben Carson: Because We’re Smart”

 Dr. Benjamin Carson addresses the 2007 International Achievement Summit in Washington, D.C. (Academy of Achievement)

Dr. Benjamin Carson addresses the 2007 International Achievement Summit in Washington, D.C. (Academy of Achievement)

I recently received an excellent YouTube from a long time subscriber. This YouTube consists of Dr. Ben Carson conducting a prayer breakfast speech hosting several influential patrons including Barack and Michelle Obama. Dr. Carson briefly talks about his history which includes how he was raised in extreme poverty. As to how he amounted into becoming one of the most respected neurosurgeons for this he credits his mother.

It was his mother that made him read books whether young Ben wanted to or not. As he stated these were often followed by mandatory book reports which his mother pretended to grade. According to Ben she barely was able to read. She must have been a remarkable mother as well as an influential person. I’m quoting Dr. Carson” while growing up I may have not realized it but she was”.

I’ve always admired people who in spite of adverse conditions flourished. It’s these few that somehow turn adversity into opportunity. These few people in some way mastered an understanding on how desire trumps adversity. With all his credentials and accomplishments Dr. Carson hasn’t lost perhaps what is the most important lesson of them all.

Dr. Carson continues to function in a way that allows him to understand with wisdom but also be wise with understanding. It’s these self-actuating personalities that always rise to near excellence thus amounting to the best that they can be.

Taking into account the time span exhausted for conditions to have deteriorated to present levels it’s my thought that Dr. Carson speech tends to be somewhat over optimistic in several key areas. One area in particular Dr. Carson falls short is by not understanding what will be the prerequisites for rebuilding a once great nation. But for now sit back and listen to Dr. Ben Carson. We’ll go into this a bit deeper after you’ve had the chance to absorb what I feel for the most part is an excellent speech. An excellent political Speech. Note: During his speech try to keep your eyes on Obama. Silence really does speak volumes.


Dr. Ben Carson: Prayer Breakfast Speech With President Obama


Given the fact that this speech was sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation and in fact was titled “Prayer Breakfast Speech” I understood that the scripture quoting wouldn’t be too far into the speech. It is and with that in mind I want to sidebar and make mention of the following.

Over the past four years we at DR Escapes have met so many folks from all over the globe. Keeping the fore-mentioned in mind it goes without saying that the diversity of people would yield variations in beliefs and religious practices. I respect them all, I have to for if I refused to hold to this level plateau I’d only be helping folks who share the same views as I do and that’s not what helping others is all about. Without maintaining this even keeled plateau regardless of my own personal so called sureties would then tend to fall under the heading of judging rather than helping and for me the differences are at 180 degree opposite poles of each other.

Today there seems to be a common misuse of the word spirituality. Over several millennia the true meaning of spirituality seems to have veered onto various different pathways and taken on more of a religious nature. In keeping with the aforementioned respect to all I’ll just re-quote Dr. Carson when he mentioned proverbs 11:12 “A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor. But a man of understanding holds his tongue”.

It’s been my personal understanding that birds of a feather will always flock together. The part that’s often unnoticed is eventually they’ll all crap on your car’s windshield. Don’t put your belief in what others do for if you do the future outcome is all too often disappointment. However if you don’t expect anything and something positive evolves then it’s received as a non-expected pleasant surprise. Now back to the topic of this post.

At around the three minute mark Dr. Carson mentions in a humorous way how it’s very difficult to speak to a large group of people today and not offend someone. While I tend to agree with the part about speaking to a large group of people and not offending someone I disagree about his referencing the statement limiting it to just the present few years.

By enjoying reading as much as I tend to do I’ve discovered in many text this offending people goes back a long way and is not limited to just the present time. I’ve mentioned the following in prior posts. “No one wakes up tomorrow to find a fully grown oak tree on their front lawn. Years ago some how a seed was planted”. The seed of divide and conquer was planted many decades ago. What we are now observing is the trunk, branches and fruits of prior labors coming to realization.

What seems to fall under the same category is the fact that people are afraid to talk about what they want to say. Do your research and promptly you discover that all throughout history this too is a mirrored statement to the previous? Throughout history if you said the wrong words or disagreed with the trend you were tortured executed or both.

Where I side with Carson hands down is in the areas of today people have selective hearing. Many do entirely miss the point of conversation and are limited by only hearing those few words that may of offend them. This discourages people from bringing up what they want to say thus we tend to have a world of fluff conversation and electronic relationships.

How many of you find it difficult to talk in depth on what might be termed as delicate subjects? I’m aware it’s a leading question as so many of you have already expressed your frustration on this. By the amount of venting I’ve already listened to I’d say not only have we reached this point but surpassed it long ago. This is a very dangerous situation that’s already well down the rabbit hole.

Some folks declare their frustrations by expressing how they’ve actually felt alienated at times solely because of their thoughts differ from the masses. While others have expressed feelings of isolation from not being accepted by the masses or of friendships that tempered down only because of attempting to bring up certain subjects. All of these negitive outcomes simply by attempting to help others they care about. All I can say is I wish they understood and appreciated how fortunate they actually are. As history will dictate once again the masses are heading down the wrong path.

Carson is right about what happens if we refuse to speak up about what we believe in. It just further develops into more of what divide and conquer is all about. Perhaps that’s why religious folks tend to frequent the same, trends folks seem to follow suit in fact all other similar frequencies tend to break into these smaller groups of similar thought… Yea the D and C plan is working quite well at least to this point.

Carson switches subjects and continues on with discussing his views on education. Or should I more accurately say lack of education? I’m quoting when I say “when you educate you liberate”. Carson also comments on how “I have control over my own destiny”. I’ll agree with his comment if it pertains to education along with a few other select subjects. If Carson happens to be including in his statement the vast variances that comes naturally within ones life then that just won’t hold water. It’s too easy to checkmate in debate.

The speech takes another turn and enters into the subject of 1800’s education and compares it with today’s. According to Carson anyone enrolled in school during the 1800’s finishing 2nd grate was totally literate. While this may be accurate the better question might be is what was the percentage of children attending school during the 1800’s? You’ll find most didn’t and had to work alongside the family. School was limited to the select privileged few. However I still found this statement to be interesting so I pulled up some information on what an 8th grade exit exam from the late 1800’s would look like and pasted some questions below. After reading them comment and tell me what your thoughts are. Would 8th grade kids of today pass this?


Grammar (Time, one hour)
1. Give nine rules for the use of Capital Letters.
2. Name the Parts of Speech and define those that have no Modifications.
3. Define Verse, Stanza and Paragraph.
4. What are the Principal Parts of a verb? Give Principal Parts of. lie, lay and run
5. Define Case, Illustrate each Case.
6. What is Punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of Punctuation.
7. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

Arithmetic (Time, 1.25 hours)
1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
2. A wagon box is 2 ft deep, 10 feet long and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
3. If a load of wheat weighs 3942 lbs., what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1050lbs. for tare?
4. District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
5. Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.
6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft. long at $20 per meter?
8 Find bank discount on $300 for! 90 days (no grace) at 10 percent.
9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per acre, the distance around which is 640 rods?
10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt.

U. S. History (Time, 45 minutes)
1. Give the epochs into which U. S. History is divided.
2. Give an account of the discovery of Americaby Columbus.
3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
4. Show the territorial growth of the United States.
5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas.
6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.
7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln, Penn, and Howe?
8. Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, and 1865.

Orthography (Time, one hour)
1. What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, and syllabication?
2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
3. What are the following, and give examples of each: Tri-graph, sub vocals, diphthong, and cognate letters, lingual?
4. Give four substitutes for caret ‘u! ‘.
5. Give two rules for spelling words with final ‘e.’ Name two exceptions under each rule.
6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: bi, dis, mis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono, sup
8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, fare, last.
9. Use the following correctly in sentences: cite, site, sight, fane,
fain, feign, vane, vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.
10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

Geography (Time, one hour)

1. What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas?
3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?
4. Describe the mountains of North America.
5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver, Manitoba, Hecla, Yukon, St. Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspin wall & Orinoco.
6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S.
7. Name all the republics of European give the capital of each.
8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

After reading these questions and meeting several youths of similar age bracket I’m right beside Carson when he says “We’ve dumbed things down to that level” and I add perhaps beyond. What scared the crap out of me was when I heard Ben mention a quote about the nations forefathers “The people who founded this nation said that our system of Government was designed for a well informed and educated populous and when they become less informed they become vulnerable”. If that’s true we’re done for it’s Game over! 

Continuing with the subject of education it was 16 years ago that Carson and his wife started the Carson College Fund. What made this come to validity was hearing the results of a survey. An international survey involving 22 countries. It was given to 8th graders testing them on their abilities of solving math and science problems. The American students finished 21st barely edging out the last place country. Ask yourself has it gotten better or worse over the last 16 years? Calling it quits and heading to the beach is starting to look better every day.

After asking how can this be and by visiting several schools it was soon obvious to the Carson’s that America valued athletics over intellectual skills. Not hard to believe. Ever watch parents act at a little league or Pee Wee hockey game. Really? What are they teaching their kids? Still wonder how America has lost its values? Mention that topic to almost any parent and once again you’ve just crossed the line and reentered into the no fly zone of delicate topics. Most parents just don’t want to hear it and yet again you’ve just been labeled the bad one .

The final point Carson addresses on education and why it’s so important to have an educated population is “Because we don’t want to go down the same pathway as many other pinnacle nations who have proceeded us”. OK sounds good or at least it reads well. Carson used Ancient Rome as an example. Only problem with his example is ancient Rome was destroyed by corruption not lack of education.Government corruption to be more precise.

I’ll agree it was destroyed from within but that holds true for almost all once great prior super powers. I’ve mentioned several times prior there are only two ways to destroy a nation. One of them is let the citizens destroy it themselves which is the same as Carson saying “destroying from within”. However none that at least I’m aware of were actually caused by lack of education. Corruption and in particular corruption in Government tends to top that list by a large percentage.

Continuing further Carson used the term moral decay to describe what happened to Rome of ancient times. Here’s where we start separating in what amounts to an abrupt different directional path of views. So ask yourself what’s new here anything different occurring? What changes if we add to Carson’s list other past great nations like China, Spain, France or a host of other prior top dogs? Anything different transpire once it became their turn at the top? NO they all eventually fell and it will always continue to be that way unless a one world Government comes into play. It’s called a paradigm shift and it’s a normal occurrence. Similar to markets going up and down it’s just going to happen. Nothing stays on top forever.

Here’s a strong possible reason why it always ends this way and will continue to do so. In case anyone’s wondering America will be no different. All once great nations shared one thing in common. They all initially sacrificed for the greater good. They all initially gave into the common cause to better their nation BUT there’s one habitual fault with doing this. Well actually two the first is corruption and the second is what follows.

Once any nation becomes top dog it’s almost impossible for the population to maintain it. WHY? Because it defeats the initial purpose the people were sacrificing for. They sacrificed to reap the benefits at some later date in the future. Sit back and enjoy the good life the benefits and conveniences. Makes no sense to sacrifice without reward received at some point in the future. Any trained circus animal even understand that. A trained dolphin will do back flips all day long for a hand full of tasty fish.

Once arriving at the top it’s normal over time for humans to get spoiled and entitlement minded. Anyone hear of retirement, pensions, 401’s, Social Security ECT. How many would participate in any of these programs if people didn’t at least believe it would allow an easier life for them in the future. A later payback with interest if you will.

It’s the same basic reason (payback plus) and it makes little difference if it was your forefathers sacrificing for for the nation or your parents sacrificing for you. It’s all is done with one thing in mind and that is to reap the rewards at some point in the future. As human beings we tent to get fat and rest on our laurels. It’s not for blame it’s normal once again just look into history. Most answers are to be found there.

Where I veered in disagreement from Dr. Carson the most is when I heard his solution as to “why we can fix it” fix the education system. We can fix it ‘because we’re smart” that’s what he said because we’re smart.

In the first place smart wouldn’t be facing the dire straits they currently find themselves trapped in. If the Government wanted your children to be educated you’d have the highest placements found anywhere in the world period! For a nation that spends more on education than any other nation or country there’s no other excuse other than they don’t want your children to be educated. They want them indoctrinated.


Watch this How Sad


Cuba might make for a good example of higher quality education from a poor country. Castro once said our people may be poor but they won’t be uneducated. By the way Cuba and India are both credited for producing some of the best quality Doctors anywhere in the world.

Believe me when I say that I understand Dr. Carson’s whole speech is nothing more than a political show. A dog and pony show of sorts but If you crave a clear understanding of what’s really taking place I think for those of you who are not familiar with the term Bread and Circuses should look it up.

I’m glad Ancient Rome was chosen as Carson’s example. Bread and circuses would perhaps be the ultimate term to best describe what’s been used to place the nation where is currently is and continues to dupe the so called “smart ones” into their false beliefs. The false belief of a prosperous future. Bottom line is politicians are regularly contradicting themselves so nothing new in that arena but you need to understand how to decipher what’s actually being said and where words originate from in order to understand what’s being shoveled your way. Trust me one more time when I say what their shoveling doesn’t smell very good.

Continuing on I couldn’t help but notice just ten minutes earlier Carson mentions where America placed in international competition against 22 other countries? Suddenly “because we’re smart” we’re going to fix it. I don’t think so even after 1000’s of years other than possibly China name me one country that has. Didn’t any of them also have smart people? Carson makes it sound like this can be fixed in a few short years. Ah yet another example why it’s the Greatest Show on Earth as it continues to attract Men Women and children of all ages. Last time I checked you had to finish first to be the best. Perhaps that too has changed over the past few decades and I somehow wasn’t made aware of it. I’ll quote again about “we need to put things into their proper perspectives enough said”.

Any nation with over 318 million people is going to inherent some smart people and America certainly has its share of smart people. Trouble is several of them are packing up and leaving. Most of them are leaving to transplant and continue profitable careers in countries that don’t penalize for performance.                                                                                               Has anyone checked the rise in US citizens renouncing their citizenship’s? While numbers still remain small the domino effect is going to kick in real soon.  However pay attention to the percentage increase as it’s almost off the wall. If it continues in this direction the numbers have no other choice but to follow.

To further clarify this point of what I mean by the domino effect I’ll use the analogy of taking a penny and doubling it every day for one month. In one month you have 5,368,709.12 stashed away. Watch if these renunciations in citizenship follow suit over the upcoming years. I assure you they will up to the point where congress passes another law making it too expensive to renounce. At that point these folks will be trapped and most of them still won’t recognize this is just another example of the many forms of currency control. Final note on this subject these people who are giving up their citizenship are not the poor and destitute. They’ve made their tough decision to do so because they’ve had enough. Enough corruption!

There are another couple of groups where you’ll find America’s smart people hanging around together. Try looking under heads of corporations and politicians. That’s where you’ll find them at the club. You certainly aren’t going to find them among the populace. That’s reserved for the gullible and uninformed circus attendee’s. I believe the politically correct term for these people is citizen. Medical Doctors used to be included in “the club” but as of late only a few still have active memberships.

Coincidentally these remaining few members just happen to possess deep ties into the pharmaceutical industry. The key word being coincidentally. That’s why so many of the so called non-members are among the highest percentages of professionals renouncing their citizenship and restarting their practices in other countries. Look at this as one of the many benefits bought to you courtesy of Obamacare.

Before closing this longer than normal post I want to briefly touch on what Carson calls the “most important issue” of them all health care. I can understand his feelings healthcare being the most important issue after all he is Dr. Ben Carson. I suggest instead of talking about healthcare and making it sound normal that almost the entire population should be sick what’s wrong with concentrating first on staying healthy?

Take active steps in cleaning up the nations food supply. Abolish all GMO’s. To begin with there not needed and they don’t yield higher results per acre. Discredit the fallacy of their being food shortages. This to falls under the big top of being just another circus show. Never in man’s history has more good food been destroyed. Research will confirm this and in many cases waste nears 50% of yield simply because of a bruise or a slight cut on the product.

Bottom line is healthy people are far less to need these services which are tied into the system. The countries GDP is enhanced by the number of sick people in it so where’s the incentive of making you better. The incentive is to maintain you at a certain level of wellness but still keeping you IN THE SYSTEM!

It would serve you well to understand these final few words with certainty. Your health care system was brought to you by the same people that brought you your education system, political system and taxation system. With that in mind I close this post and humbly quote the good Dr. one last time. ENOUGH SAID! Until next time this is Barry in DR.


juan j.m. November 6, 2015 at 4:45 am

Oh my!
Barry, this is a sobering post. Sobering and deeply disturbing.
God help us.

Barry November 6, 2015 at 5:08 pm

God is always helping us. Perhaps the more prevelant question is are we accepting it. Denile is very strong and staying in the comfort zone has not only distroyed millions of people over time it has distroyed nations even civilations. One can react or one can be proactive. Again both only amount to choices and this is why I’ve mentioned no rights or wrongs…ONLY CHOICES!

Bryan November 6, 2015 at 3:41 pm

One of your best posts yet Barry. You have a sharp eye for delineating issues that seem to elude most. But, what is most impressive is that you see the interconnections of these ideas and not as stand alone issues. Many thanks.

Barry November 6, 2015 at 5:04 pm

Bryan I really admire Dr. Ben. He’s accomplished what I don’t think I would ever be capable of doing. He’s an excellent example to all of humanity. Having paid my respects here’s a few points I’d like to bring up. I bring this up once again out of RESPECT for the man.
1. Similar to Ron Paul I really hope he does not win in 2016. Reasons being and they are similar to why I’m pleased that Paul didn’t get into the club. First point he won’t be able to change anything. For a long while Presidents of the super power countries have been demoted to being little more than controlled puppets attached to a series of strings. SECOND point, Again similar to Paul. Over time they both would become little more than martyrs for a demanding lazy population base that inherited this deadly entitlement attitude. When they fail to deliver(and they will)on promises made with the best intentions they will be hung out to dry. The controlled medias will insure this happens. THIRD point. Both Ron Paul and Dr. Ben Carson are just too good to be lowering themselves to accept such a cesspool of a position. We already have the correct people in place for that and until corporation and Gove. are separated ain’t nothing going to change.

With all due respect to the Dr. Raising yourself to a position of self actuation is to be admired… and I do. But rebuilding a lazy nation of 320,000,000 million people who are still content on being entitlement minded is quite another feat. This is an primary example of what happens when you think with your heart before first going through your head. By thinking in this manor EVEN KINDNESS becomes very dangerous.

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