It’s Natural Law and We Don’t Matter

Natural Laws are just what they say Natural and not imposed by man. I recommend that you take the time and watch the three YouTubes in this post. You won't be sorry.

Natural Laws are just what they say Natural and not imposed by man. I recommend that you take the time and watch the three YouTubes in this post. You won’t be sorry.

Since the events of Paris took place a lot of emails have been coming in asking various questions. Most of these questions revolve around two subjects. One obviously deals with safety. The second subject kind of surprised me. Several people have brought up the previously mentioned hockey stick uptick in violence. Several pointed out how this was repeated in prior posts up to a year ago and that it would be arriving within a certain set of time perimeters. “Expect a hockey stick uptick in violence from the last quarter 2015 to first quarter of 2016”

I’d like to make it clear I feel we haven’t even reached the taped portion on the blade of this stick but judging by the amount of emails recently received several people feel we’re well beyond. At this point of the post I want to sidebar for a bit and clear up something that is widely misunderstood yet still is one of the most important components of what’s currently going on for you to understand. Natural laws of the universe don’t care about you! Stop, look, listen repeat. Natural laws of the universe don’t care about you!

Let me continue by providing an example of what I’m referring to. Picture if you will a warm summer’s day. A few families gathered around in someone’s back yard. It’s a great atmosphere for an afternoon BBQ. Several people sharing a good time together. Everyone’s enjoying the food as well as the fun. The jokes are hilarious the stories entertaining and the children all playing together. It’s a harmonious atmosphere which I’m sure all of my readers can relate to at one time or another.

A short time later unnoticed by any of the parent’s one of the toddlers decides to wonder off through an opened gate. Enjoying his new found freedom from the rest of the group this toddler decides to wonder close to the side walk. Soon after he notices some other kids playing some sort of game that he’d like to join in and be a part of.

The game involves the use of a big red ball and he’s really intrigued by all the fun he’s observing. A few seconds later the ball misses it destination and rolls onto the street. He figures here’s his chance with a kind gesture and full of excitement nonetheless not paying attention he darts out onto the street when a passing car hits and kills him instantly. Yes it’s a sad story but here’s the point.

Did the natural laws of the universe care about the fact that he was attempting a gesture of kindness? Did the natural laws care about the fact he didn’t understand what danger he was placing himself in? Did the natural laws care about the others that will be adversely affected by his mistake? His parents his family or even his friends did the natural laws care about any of them? Did these laws care about the hurt, injustice or life changing that going to occur by this innocent mistake? The answer to all of the above is NO! NOT IN THE LEAST! You’d be well served by learning to understand this. But either way you choose the natural laws of the universe won’t give a rat’s ass about it because these laws don’t care about any of us.

Mark Passio Natural law Part 1


Hang onto your eyeballs while reading this second yet equally important fact of our universe. Chances are most of you won’t like what’s coming up in the next sentence. According to the natural laws of our universe “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT OR WRONG according to these laws it doesn’t matter. At this point while some of you are looking for that lost eyeball I’ll continue on with an understandable explanation of what this seemingly harsh universal law is really all about.

One aspect of universal law is it has to hold true throughout the universe not just on planet earth. An example of this would be gravity. Gravity is a universal agreement not a universe law. Since gravity doesn’t hold true for the entire universe it can only be described as an agreement with the universe.

Listed below are ten examples provided for your consideration. I’ve purposely picked a variety of subjects and current events unfolding around the world. It doesn’t matter what examples are used as in the end they’ll all adhere to the natural laws of the universe. You might want to keep track of your answers for the end of this post.

Later on compare them to my response on what actually DOES MATTER according to the universal laws. I’m confident many will be surprised how it actually fits and makes perfect sense. The purpose of this post is to provide a sensible better place of understanding. OK here we go with ten examples. Take your time in answering and continue when you’ve really put your thoughts and views to paper.

  1. Your thoughts and views about what’s recently occurred in Paris and Brussels.
  2. Your thoughts and views of what happened on 9/11.
  3. Your thoughts and views about what’s happening with the Muslim refugee situation.
  4. Your thoughts and views on the escalating violence.
  5. Your thoughts and views on what’s developing over in the Mediterranean.
  6. Your thoughts and views on Government involvement when it comes to how you’re going to raise your children.
  7. Your thoughts and views as to what seems to be loss of personal freedoms.
  8. Your thoughts and views about GMO food and chemically tainted water.
  9. Your thoughts and views about religion in general and of different religious beliefs.
  10. Your thoughts and views about the education medical health insurance systems in the nation you reside in.

If you’re ready we’ll continue but first I want to take another direction for a moment. I’m amazed about the amount of emails and conversations I’ve had over the past four years. I’ve begun to take notice two of the more popular statements that arise at some point during these conversations are “What are the odds that will ever happen” and “It will never happen here”. It’s so ironic how these two statements often follow a strong point that was bulls eyed during the conversation. An obvious point was made that the ear on the other side didn’t want to hear or at the very lease was caught off guard.

Natural Law Part 2


I can still remember how many times I’ve heard these two statements mentioned during prior conversations. What are the odds they’ll be letting in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants? Never happen in my nation. What are the odds most of them will be men of military age 25 to 40? Not in my nation. I can’t tell you how that statement once held true for my readers over in Europe. Not anymore though. These folks just didn’t pay previous attention when I tried to explain to them that natural laws don’t care what you think or what you believe. They don’t care about you period!

Seems to me a close second when it comes to not understanding natural laws has got to go to the many closed minded American mindsets. By these vary same laws many will fall victim to forced reaction and harsh decisions when the time arrives for them to experience how universal laws work and how they govern all on their own. Reconfirming this applies with or without you consent, approval belief or nonbelief. One of my biggest wonders is how anyone still can’t see the massive changes with all that’s taken place over the last couple of decades? But these laws don’t care about what is seen and what is not seen.

These natural laws are what all too often lead us into war. By not understanding these laws we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Not understanding them leads to what has allowed us to be divided and conquered so many times I could write a book that would be too heavy to lift. So who really does understand these laws?

The occult does. They understand them. In fact they understand them very well. Note when I refer to the word occult I’m referring to the original definition that comes from the Latin word occultus meaning hidden or secret. I’m not referring to the common English usage of occult which refers to knowledge of the paranormal or conspiracy theories.

“OK I get it they understand these laws and the vast majority of us don’t but you still haven’t answered what does matter about these universal laws.” Just some thought that might be wavering in your head about now and in closing I’m going to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what that is.

According to universal laws it makes no difference what any of us thinks or believes. As long as there are others who are well organized disciplined funded and working towards a common goal who believe otherwise. That is what the universal laws are in agreement with in fact total agreement with.

Use any of the prior 10 examples and apply this law to your own answers. It doesn’t matter what you or I think about ISIS. It doesn’t matter what you or I think about the Muslim refugee issues currently plaguing Europe America Australia and Canada. It doesn’t matter what you or I think about the loss of freedoms, GMO foods, Fluoride in drinking water or even other sources being able to instruct you on how you will be raising your children. According to Natural laws of the universe IT DOESN’T MATTER!

As long as there are others who are organized disciplined funded and working towards a common goal who believe otherwise.

Natural Law Part 3


If you think otherwise you’re free to do so but it doesn’t matter. If you fail to grasp these few key points mentioned in this post… it to will not matter. According to universal laws all that matters is what’s printed above in bold. Agree or not you’ll continue to be affected by these laws. If you still have any doubts about the above mentioned just have a good look at what’s going on all around you. See anything you don’t like? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Kevin M December 9, 2015 at 4:19 am

Thanks for the great post Barry! WOW! I’ll have to watch this 8+hour series over again a few times. Worth every minute! This is something that I always new existed but, I couldn’t have broken it down like Mark has done in this presentation. I wish this information was required in school. I love Mark’s presentation style – tells it like it is period! “I’m an Anarchist, but most of my followers are statists” – Jesus — LOL.

Barry December 9, 2015 at 12:40 pm

I agree shame so many won’t listen to his wisdom several times over. He does find the correct words and places them in their correct order to focus on the clear picture. Sad fact most have an abundance of knowledge and a lack of wisdom. Both are very different attributes.

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