Come Explore The Latest Major Highway Opening Up The North Coast

Rio San Juan To San Francisco de Macoris

If you have followed this blog any time at all, you know that we will never pass up an opportunity to go exploring new territory, especially if it means we can throw it in 4-wheel drive.  One of the other things that makes living on the north coast so interesting for us is watching progress as it happens.  And that combo is what we have to share with you in this week’s videos.

Latest New Highway To The North Coast

Latest New Highway To The North Coast

As you will see in our little road trip, they are building a major new highway spanning the mountain ridges between Rio San Juan on the North Coast and the nations third largest city, San Francisco de Macoris.  Once completed, this new mountain highway will probably shave anywhere from an hour to hour and a half off of a shopping trip from Cabrera to San Francisco de Macoris.  But much better than that, this new highway will open almost virgin new mountain vistas, properties and farms to both tourists and locals alike.   Just looking at this impressive mountain land, I am convinced that it has the potential to evolve into the next Jarabacoa and Constanza, attracting weekenders up from Santo Domingo, San Francisco de Macoris and other more conjested areas.

As you will see in the videos, we are catching this development in the very early stages, but already savy investors (especially well positioned locals families) are beginning to snap up mountain homesites and development sites.


Major Road Construction Through Rough Terrain

Major Road Construction Through Rough Terrain

This is one of the reasons we wanted to take you along with us on this road trip, so that you could see the level of commitment the government is making in this region of the country and so that you could see why we believe there will be excellent investment opportunities along this new highway.  This type of early investment is definitely not for everyone.  It takes a fair amount of vision and patience to tap into these early stage opportunities when they pop up.

Whether you ever choose to own anything on these mountain ridges, I think you will have to agree that this new highway, once completed, will open more opportunities for fun new daytrips from Cabrera.


In our next video, we will continue our road trip exploring the new highway being constructed between Rio San Juan on the North Coast and San Francisco de Macoris in the central region of the country.  We even 4-wheel across a couple rivers along the way.  Just imagine what the new highway from Santo Domingo and out to Las Terrenas looked like  in the early stages of construction and that is what you are seeing on our road trip.


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