Another winter storm front. Hard to believe that even this can be over with in just a few minutes but it can.

Another winter storm front. Hard to believe that even this can be over with in just a few minutes but it can.

Another wet day as we’re well into the rainy season. I was driving around town paying some bills and taking care of some other tasks when I passed a rather unique holiday decoration. I viewed it as more than just simple holiday ornamentation. This simple ornament served to rejuvenate several reasons why we decided to relocate so long ago.

It reconfirmed why Liane and I wanted to break away from the complexity of living in some other nations. This decoration also reminded us why we are living in the countryside of the DR and especially why we love living in the small town of Cabrera. So I’m asking you to take some time to reflect. It’s rather amazing how such a simple yet creative decoration can inspire deep thought. At least for those still capable of such a task and it’s not many.

A simple ornament but look closely. You'll notice it just a bunch of tires. First a tractor tire. Then two large truck tires followed up by smaller tires ending up with a motorcycle tire. All placed in the middle of an intersection. No hassles either that's two examples of what simpler is.

A simple ornament but look closely. You’ll notice it just a bunch of tires. First a tractor tire. Then two large truck tires followed up by smaller tires ending up with a motorcycle tire. All placed in the middle of an intersection. No hassles either that’s two examples of what simpler is.

As an example of what’s meant when I use the term complexity read on. I’m writing this post using my cell phone as a modem. A week ago we had a power surge from an electrical storm. The high pulse took out our modem and also a rectifier in our voltage regulator.

Right now we’re only relying on city power for charging our backup batteries. Because of the higher voltage we’re experiencing when city power is up and running we’re shutting down the freezer, fridge, and all electrical equipment except for the house lights. Bulbs are cheap if one gets pooched from the added voltage. Since the city power will charge up our batteries it’s only at the time is cuts off that we’ll then turn on all appliances. Fridges and freezers will remain cold for the time period needed to perform the city power battery power cycle and our battery system is more that strong enough to make it till the next cycle.

So why am I mentioning any of this? Ever notice how many westerners react if there’s a glitch in the electricity or the internet for a couple of minutes? Ever whiteness people’s response when a store doesn’t have or just ran out of what they wanted? Try spotting the reaction on some people’s faces when the candy counter by the checkout line has Snickers but not Snickers with almonds. Just watch the response along with the strange looks the cashier receives. Spoiled sad entitlement minded people is mostly what you’ll be seeing.

God forbid the entitlement minded miss the 10:30 cutoff time for breakfast at McDonald’s and you may soon be observing an all-out frontal attack that’s not limited to the employees behind the counter. Customers are fair game as well. I won’t even bother mentioning the wonderful holiday spirit retained on black Friday or on Christmas. Look what’s become of so many. These are rather common incidents! I can’t imagine what’s going to be when real shortages take effect.


I’m mentioning this for several reasons. Most of which have to do with people forgot almost every simple thing of value they once cherished. Simple things they now long for and wish they still had. People say they want to change to a simpler life yet most long ago forgot how.

Presently the higher percentages of people just seem to transfer their so called stressful life that they originally wanted to flee and are merely unpacking it in some other destination on a different shelf. They want to make changes in their lives without making changes in their lives. It’s been a week now and Liane and I haven’t even batted an eye about these inconveniences. A week later how many others do you know that would view this in the same context? I would wager not many. Slow down and start enjoying the ride and worry less about the destination. I can assure you once arrived to your new destination another one is waiting in the shadows. Life never ends.

The incarnation of a God descending from the heavens to assume a human or animal form as sort of a savior and to achieve some signal benefit for mankind is known as an Avatar. For most people time is just an ingredient in the recipe of procrastination. If you’re tired of starting over then stop giving up. Learn your lessons as you’re paying dearly for them. Final thought and perhaps most important. START BECOMMING YOUR OWN AVATAR!! Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Kevin M December 9, 2015 at 4:35 am

I’m guessing you had no problem with your heating or air conditioning ; ). As for the Mcdonald’s video maybe the man was really trying to teach them about Natural Law? Just a thought. Thanks!

Barry December 9, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Kevin when and if folks can adjust to simplicity only then will they understand. What a feeling of contentment and of knowing most of the things that would turn others so called world upside down have little effect on you. Then you begin to appreciate these things as luxury not necessity. Only our experience about it so take it in that context.

chris lewinski December 12, 2015 at 6:27 am

thanks Barry, neat post. I think we drove down in this area. especially like the line about paying big for lessons and do find that to be true on some of them. i posted the christmas tree on facebook and wanted people to see that it’s the spirit that counts. all the best buddy!!

Tanja Meski December 31, 2015 at 9:55 am

I loved the comparison where someone is destroyed from the inside, when learning that there are no snicker bars with almonds at the counter. That’s funny Barry but holds so much true in it. I always believed that if one is so dependent on something so superficial and not essential for their well-being, stock it with you wherever you go! Someone I used to know took a certain sweetener with him, because he just ’couldn’t live without it’. Having to have something (other than medications -types of products) to me screams like obsessive-compulsive behavior. There is always an alternative to almost anything. And if one tries something different, it just might surprise positively! A change is the only thing that changes. Love, Tanja

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