Road Trip To Constanza – Part Two

Johnny Along The Road To ConstanzaContinuing along on our road trip to Constanza Dominican Republic, I suspect you have to admit that this is a little different than almost any other Caribbean island you may have visited.  In the first place, there are very few other islands where you can drive 5 hours anywhere.  The Dominican Republic is relatively huge by island standards.  The other thing you will notice, is the wide range of topography.  One moment you can be laying on a palm-lined beach soaking in the sun, then only a few hours later be riding the mountain ridgelines with frost settling on the mountain fields.

Valley views from the road to Constanza

Valley views from the road to Constanza

This trek over the mountain roads to Constanza was our first.  We suspected this trip would offer some nice mountain views, but we were not prepared for just how lush and productive this region of the country is.  In some places all you can see is miles and miles of lush green mountain farms.  And where there are no farms, you will be in for a treat with dramatic mountains dropping off into deep river valleys.  Even though the temperature typically averages about 68 °F in the Constanza area, for us coastal dwellers, it seems pretty chilly.  Definitely a jacket is a good idea.

In this part 2 video….


Johnny and I continue our trip over the mountains in the Constanza area.  Mountain farms everywhere you look.  It is amazing that this region is able to turn out the volume of fruits and vegetables it does from these mountain farms using manual labor and the occasional oxen.


If you don’t do anything else in 2016… GO EXPLORING.  Experience a piece of life that is foreign to you.  Stimulate those brain cells that have spent the last decades stuck in the job rut.

If you have not taken advantage of one of our discovery tours of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, then maybe that is a good option.  We are ready when you are.





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