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Bali-Style Home In Cabrera DRIn our year end survey so many of you requested more property tour videos that we decided to move that up a bit on our priority list.  We will try to focus on the more unique properties or those that illustrate a different or unique feature that might be useful if you are planning to build your own home in the tropics.

Keep in mind that some of the properties we show may be for sale while others may simply be good examples of unique tropical properties for idea.  It just so happens that the property we will tour today actually is for sale, and at a pretty good price to boot.

Bali-Style Home For Sale In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Bali-Style Home For Sale In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Today’s property is a Balinese Style home composed of three living pods.  The two outer pods contain master bedrooms and ensuite baths, while the central pod is the primary open-concept living area with kitchen, dining, living room and small office.


Bali-Style Central Living Pod

Bali-Style Central Living Pod

There are several unique advantages to this Bali-style construction in a tropical setting overlooking the ocean as you will find at this home.  First, every room of this home have magnificent views of the ocean and village of Cabrera.  The second big advantage is the way the open breezways seem to capture optimal breezes from both the oceanside and from the hillside behind.  These cooling breezes during the hottest parts of the summer make air conditioning unnecessary even though this home is sitting very near the equator.

Bali-Style House In Cabrera -Poolside Views

Bali-Style House In Cabrera -Poolside Views

Another advantage of this Bali-style is that is makes optimal use of a ridge-line lot like this house sits on.  The various pods of the house span much of the width of the lot offering great ground level views of the coastline, with the pool tucked neatly on the face of the ridge, perfect for infinity edge pools if you like that style of pool.


This particular Bali-style home is situated high up in the hills on a ridge-line that offers some of the best views in the area.  It is on a very private road, yet there are neighbors nearby without being right in your backyard.  The construction materials used in this home appear to be top quality.  This house has been used as a popular rental when the owners are out of the country.  The landscaping is first class and the home is surrounded by a bounty of fresh fruit trees.

Follow me along on a quick little tour of this home and see for yourself.


Whether it is this particular Bali-style home or you are interested in building your own on another stunning oceanview ridgeline lot, I hope this little tour was helpful as you consider the advantages of this style of home that works so well on these tropical ridge lots.

If you would like to know more about this home, or similar properties, please just contact us through our Property Information Form.


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