I Was Wrong

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Not a day goes by and once again I’m reminded of why we find ourselves in the situations that we do. Bankrupt Governments and failing economies are merely the effects. Why is it no one seems to ask the correct questions. The cause questions and the cause questions often start with the word WHY. The questions of WHY? So here’s one to get us rolling. Why is it that the word WHY is one of the most overlooked words when asking questions… yet fundamentally the word why is perhaps the most important word in many questions?

I suppose a few reasonable examples of WHY questions follow but again they serve just as a general example.

  1. Why has everything that had once stood for correctness changed to incorrectness?
  2. Why do we now reward herd mentality as correct and have re-labeled what few self-actuating minds that still remain as non-conforming.
  3. Why is athletic ability now more important that intellect?
  4. Why do we find the citizens of our nation entitlement minded rather than aspiring minded?
  5. Why have family values crashed worse than the current price of a barrel of oil?

The deep WHY Questions. With out a doubt it's one of the most important questions to be clear about.

The deep WHY Questions. With out a doubt it’s one of the most important questions to be clear about.

We all know the real deep why questions we need to be asking ourselves. It’s personal and no need for me to go down that path other than to say we know our own why. Are you brave enough to ask yourself why? Several years ago I did and it was perhaps the hardest thing I ever did. Over time it revealed that almost everything I was taught WAS WRONG. Tough thing to do staring in the mirror and admitting to yourself I WAS WRONG… day after day admitting that I WAS WRONG. NOTE: Your parents can’t teach you what they themselves don’t know. Might want to keep that thought handy if you’re ever asking yourself those tough why questions.

As with anything the more resistance on one side the more light that will be revealed on the other. I’ve been asked several times was it worth it? Tough question to answer as from my experience the answer varies. It varies depending on what time in the process I was asked. During earlier times in the process I might have answered no but years later I would have to say a definite yes. Perhaps the single best thing I ever did for myself.

If you ever decide to take on this personal challenge be prepared it’s tough. When everyone around you begins to say statements like “you’ve changed; you’re not the same person I once knew”. Trust me it’s tough but eventually over time you begin to realize that the problem is not that you’ve changed the problem is they haven’t. From their context the change they’re referring to is negative but is it really?

These kinds of folks seem to be oblivious to the fact that change can also be positive. Change can elevate moving one towards higher frequencies expanding comfort zones to accept bigger challenges and perhaps greater rewards and by greater rewards I’m not necessarily referring to financial rewards.

If you are willing to undertake such a challenge understand that these folks at least at the present moment are still vibrating at the same status quo lower frequencies that most folks do. You know boiling in the mundane crab pot over a few drinks to temporarily numb the state that they’re in. They’re either or not willing or not ready to change.

At one time or another if we're being honest we all know that feeling

At one time or another if we’re being honest we all know that feeling

Similar to a heroin monkey usually the next day serves as a constant reminder that somethings not quite right and because they’re not willing to explore other pathways or not willing to ask themselves those all-important why questions most just repeat the process re-numbing themselves into thinking it’s all OK. Besides everyone’s in the same pot of boiling water right But WHY? There’s goes that word again. I personally know this is true WHY… because I’ve personally been there.

These frequencies tend to view change and automatically label it as a negative trait. It’s just how it is and I’m confident it’s not changing anytime soon. Really it’s the easiest club to join as they’re always looking for new members. Remember self-actualizing people are at the highest frequencies and always will be. WHY… because they’ll never accept anything less than the best that they can be.

Switching gears a bit here’s another few why questions but on a different subject and if you’re clever right about now you’d be seriously pondering on them. Times are changing and fast! Here we go. Why are western cultures in for the shock of their lives? Why is payback gonna be a bitch when this comes home to roost? Why have so few asked why are we even invading so many other countries… what have they done to us? Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine Yemen and I’m sure I left a few out …do you still believe they’re after your freedom? What freedom is that?

HINT!!! This may be one of those WHY reasons for these invasions. But I don't know perhaps the US has this uncontrollable desire just to help the rest of the world. What do you think?

HINT!!! This may be one of those WHY reasons for these invasions. But I don’t know perhaps the US has this uncontrollable desire just to help the rest of the world. What do you think?

Look you can’t go around invading other countries and killing millions of innocent people. Destroying nations in the name of freedom is only going to mask the public for so long. In the long run it only serves to create your own manufactured enemies. With a large percentage of families living in those nations being devastated I think it might produce a rather determined enemy don’t you?

Here’s a couple more why questions you might want to think about. Why was the US invading any of these countries to begin with? PLEASE don’t even go there with what the MSM news feeds you. Put down the drink and chips for a bit and discover what’s really occurring… occurring all around you. The answers will make you sick or at least they should.

All along knowing it or not you’ve been creating your own enemy’s and these enemies can’t be defeated. Yet most are still blind to the fact that it’s your own nation that’s been funding these manufactured enemies all along. Watch this short but accurate YouTube narrated by a former agent in this type of espionage. An economic hitman was the title of his position.

America America God shed his waste on me and hides the pines with bill board signs from sea to oily sea. GEORGE CARLIN

America America God shed his waste on me and hides the pines with bill board signs from sea to oily sea.

I’m confident many of my readers already know who I’m referring to John Perkins is his name and I would encourage you to read his autobiography titled “The confessions of an economic hitman.” It details his decade’s long career in this sinister field. An exceptional read if you’re ready to open you mind to how the nations of this world really operate.

Hopefully it serves as a stepping stone in getting you to understand how nations work and more importantly WHY you’ve created such enemies. In the end if their still any doubt ask yourself the following question. WHY are all the weapons being used by both sides American made?

John Perkins Former “Economic Hit man”


In closing I was just remembering something I read not long ago from Simon Black founder of the Sovereign man web site and it goes much like this.

“I hope anyone else paying attention heeds the lesson that desperate actions by politicians have consequences. And these consequences aren’t worth waiting around for. Rational people don’t wait for disaster to strike. Rational people have a plan B. And yes, even if you think everything is just fine and dandy at home, when all the objective evidence indicates that your nation is a warmongering terminal bankruptcy case, having a plan B sometimes means having another place to go”.

Everyone progresses at their own rate that they are capable of at that moment of their lives. For most people time is just another ingredient in the recipe of procrastination. Like I previously mentioned the hardest thing I ever did was admitting I WAS WRONG. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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