We Are Doomed!!!

Welcome to Agrabah. Now lets bomb the hell out of it.

Agrabah. Sounds foreign lets bomb it. Muffins baking in an oven.

A subscriber recently sent me this YouTube. In forwarding the Tube his comment was “Barry you’re gonna get a good laugh at this one”. I receive several emails a day from subscribers and do try my best to read each one. With that being said this one was no exception. He was right I had a good laugh actually a great laugh but soon the opposite effect kicked in. My laughter faded and a feeling of sadness had replaced it. I realized this YouTube served as a prime example of why we are doomed.

When societies, countries or nations become demoralized they take on several misguided beliefs. One of which follows. When citizens become dumbed down to the point of worshiping athletes and Hollywood poster children as their potential new leaders it sends a signal. A signal to the controllers that these minds are baked enough. They’re ready to be pulled out of the oven cooled and placed into the display case to be marketed. Marketed to who you ask… marketed to the public that’s who.

It’s these minds that serve as the advertising program promoting freedom of religion (as long as it’s their religion) the economies in a total recovery and thanks to good folks like “the Donald” America is going to become great once again. Really?

Ah the well baked muffins. See how they line up perfectly. One conforming to the other. Remind you of what our system currently is like?

Ah the well baked muffins. See how they line up perfectly. One conforming to the other. Remind you of what our system currently is like?Muffins baking in an oven.

Somehow along the way the well baked must have missed a few simple facts like the debt just rounded 19 trillion the middle class is suffering actually what middle class and by the way which I’m extremely confident in mentioning most of these muffins never heard of separation of church and state. You know the constitution. What everyone is supposedly fighting for.

Just in case I’ll refresh a few cooked muffins recently placed under the display glass for marketing. Separation of church and state” is a phrase used by Thomas Jefferson and others expressing an understanding of the intent and function of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

It’s located in the first amendment. Possibly because of its importance or a more probable reason might be the founding fathers already knew the people don’t spend much of their time reading. Such placement would insure the masses needn’t be concerned about reading the entire constitution. This way the people could return and continue on with the real important tasks at hand. You know like killing the natives then robbing them of their wealth and land. Now that’s the American way baby!!!

The American Dream. Hope you enjoyed the Superbowl. Keep staying tuned to what's important.

The American Dream. Hope you enjoyed the Superbowl. Keep staying tuned to what’s important. Muffins baking in a oven.

If you’re muffins not fully baked yet there’s something you may want to consider. Currently the same things happening to you. Right before your very eyes your wealth is being robbed confiscated or forfeited. Choose the word you like best as for me they all amount to the same effect. For many your land is being taken either by confiscation or forfeiture due to taxation. The killing oh yes can’t forget about the violence. Look into it a bit further on you own and you’ll see its rapidly escalating. Payback really is a bitch isn’t it?

This short YouTube consists of a poll taken while asking this one question. Americans were asked the following question “should America bomb the country of Agrabah?” This question was posed to a wide range of Americans consisting of various religious and political beliefs as well as a healthy variation of wealth status. They wanted to create as level a playing field as possible. “Should America be bombing the country of Agrabah?”

While viewing the results my laughter promptly subsided and replaced with sadness. Actually hopelessness might be a more appropriate description of what took over. Some of the stats I’ve listed below.

  1. 41% of Trump supporters voted yes. America should bomb Agrabah.
  2. 30% of republicans that is republican primary voters support bombing Agrabah.
  3. 19% of democrats voted supporting the bombing of Agrabah.

Let’s recap this so it’s crystal clear. Of Americans that were polled two out of ten democrats’ three out of ten republican primary voters and 4 out of ten Trump supporters all were in favor of bombing the country of Agrabah.

Funny what happens to almost all of them. The puppets on the sage. Appearing in all nations. All of them after your freedom righ? Ask youself who's been funding them all.

Funny what happens to almost all of them. The puppets on the sage. Appearing in all nations. All of them after your freedom right? Ask youself who’s been funding them all. Muffins baking in a oven.

Some of you might be asking yourselves what so wrong about that? There are a lot of bad people over in the middle east. They’re all out to destroy us and they hate our freedom. At least by the polling numbers that’s what a sizable percentage of the population seems to think. Averaging it out and 30% of the polled were in favor of bombing the country of Agrabah. What could be so wrong about bombing Agrabah? It’s better to be safe that sorry.

Here’s what’s wrong with the numbers. The country of Agrabah doesn’t even exist!! It’s a fictitious country made up for the movie Aladdin. Yea the animated children’s movie Aladdin. I really want to clarify this so for the sake of those muffins leaning towards the well done side read carefully.

Fictitious is a synonym for pretend, invented, fabricated, untrue, false and or made-up. Oh yea almost forgot just in case referring to the aforementioned well baked a synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.


Agrabah Doesn’t EVEN FUCKEN Exist!!! These people are voting to bomb a country solely because of it having a foreign sounding name. More accurately a Muslim foreign sounding name. People this by any way measurable is incredibly wrong. Agrabah “Sounds foreign to me… sure lets bomb it.” I can’t even fathom the words to describe how wrong this is!!!

When the well baked muffins are to the point that they’re answering questions before even asking WHY, WHAT, or WHERE we’re done for. WHY would we want to bomb them? What have they done to us that would even make us consider bombing them and last but not least? WHERE THE FUCK IS AGRABAH!!!*&$#@!!! Nope sounds foreign let’s just bomb it. It’s over folks and the price a lot of us are going to be paying during the reconstruction period is going to be costly.

Tierd of the squid. Don't worry Bernie or the Donald will make it all better. Muffins baking in an over.

Tired of the squid. Don’t worry Bernie or the Donald will make it all better. Remember we’re on the road to recovery. Muffins baking in an over.

Ask yourself one more time. Aren’t we so much more moral in western nations? In the not too distant future a large percentage of you are going to get your asses handed to you. WHY am I so certain of this? WHAT new knowledge did I receive that allowed me to reach the level of surety rather than merely wallowing in belief? It’s because such a large percentage of you will still be trying to figure out where the fuck Agrabah is while masses of the population are being slaughtered right in front of you.

Think I’m wrong? Better start asking those W-questions I keep mentioning about. One key subject to be asking w-questions might be your recent immigration issues. Do these people look like their starving to you? Not to mention the fact most are toting I-Phones and are males 25 to 45 years of age. Don’t worry about it just keep an eye out for the passports that list Agrabah as the country of origin and everything will work itself out just fine. Those of us who refuse to believe in conspiracy often finds themselves believing in coincidence. A respectful percentage of you are right on track for where you’re headed. Until next time this is Barry in DR

Kevin M February 14, 2016 at 4:06 pm

“Let’s bomb Agraba to find out if there were any bad guys In it”– future quote N. Pelosi. Thanks for the disturbing post!

Barry February 15, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Kevin disturbing yes the truth often is but it goes to show you how misinformed the general public really is. I believe it adds to my previous quote of the uninformed being meek. It’s always been the misinformed who are dangerous. Once again they’re looking to first instigate then actually start another manufactured war which I believe they will succeed in doing so. Again largely due to the ignorance of the general public. There really is nothing new under the sun.

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