Montaña y Mar Project Update – Oceanview Homesites In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Montaña y Mar Project Affordable Oceanview Lots In CabreraOur Montaña y Mar Project is moving along well.  As you will notice in the video tour, we the crew has already started to widen the roads and start blacktopping them with asphalt.  They have graded the roads and are adding the drainage culverts and asphalt right now and we have just opened the Phase 3 portion of the project.

If you have toured this project in the past, I am sure you will notice how much more navigable and smoother the roads are.  Where a 4×4 was needed in the past, I am sure that even a small rental car could now easily navigate the roads today.  And the good news, they have really just started with preparing the roads and laying the asphalt.  Even at this early stage you will probably notice some of the many decorative rock features and flower  beds that are being installed along the roads in the project.

Montaña y Mar Project Paving Has Started and Roads Widened

Montaña y Mar Project Paving Has Started and Roads Widened

While the homesites in Phase’s 1 and 2 were already favorably priced compared to other oceanview developed land, you will find that Phase 3 is priced even lower.  Phase 3 runs along the middle ridgeline below the upper Phase 1 and 2 lots, but with most of the same incredible 180 degree views of the coastline.  In the video we will take you down to Phase 3 and show you some of the views.

The Montaña y Mar Project has already been a great success and a number of the original lot owners are already making preparations and plans to start construction of their homes.  Phase 3 will offer some lower cost alternatives to those who loved the idea of living on the hillside overlooking the ocean, but didn’t quite want to spring for the cost of the larger lots in the upper Phases 1 and 2.  Rest assured that no matter which Phase you enter the project, you will have breathtaking 180 degree views of the coastline below.


If you would like to know more about the Montaña y Mar Project, including pricing and availability please ask your questions on our Property Information Request form so that we can get back to you in a timely manner.  You simply will not find a more spectacular views on developed homesites at a better price in the Caribbean.

Montaña y Mar Project Roads Widened and Paving Started

Montaña y Mar Project Roads Widened and Paving Started

If you would like to personaly tour the Montaña y Mar Project or take a look at any of the other real estate deals in the Cabrera area of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, then the easiest and least costly way to do that is to take advantage of one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.  We will set aside enough time for you to see the project during your stay here if you would like to do that.

Bob & Carol Sommer May 6, 2016 at 5:01 am

Hi Barry and Lianne. Just watched the new video! We can tell the project is coming along well. Was nice to see our lot as you went past the judge’s house:-). Glad to hear you will soon begin to work on your new home. Has any one begun building homes in the project yet?
We are well into the process of gathering all the documents required to obtain our temporary visas and prepping the house for sale here in Edmonton. Once we get the temp visas, we will be coming for a visit, both to see you and Lianne and to begin the permanent visa process. By the way, Carol and I have been attending Spanish lessons in the evenings.
Anyway, catch you later(say hi to Stan and Ethel the next time you see them).

Bob & Carol Sommer May 6, 2016 at 5:42 am

Hi Barry & Lianne.
Just watched the new video. I presume Loma Alta has been renamed to Montana Y Mar? ( Sorry, haven’t figured out how to get the accents on the letters yet). Even saw our lot as you went past.
We are in the process of obtaining all the paper work for our temp. visas, and once done, we will be coming for a visit to see you and Lianne and to begin the process to applying for permanent residency.
We’re also prepping our house here in Edmonton for sale this summer and taking Level 1 Spanish classes as well.
Happy to hear you guys are getting ready to begin the preliminary work on your new house, I bet you are looking forward to it. I look forward to helping out when we move there. Well I’ll see if this will post this time-Oh, and please say hi to Stan and Ethel next time you see them.

Gary May 10, 2016 at 1:39 am

Hi Barry and Liane,

Good update video. I see that my mango tree is coming along well. Wow you are going to do a fourth project soon! You’ve gotta be one helluva busy fellow. Looking forward to seeing you both late fall.

Take care,

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