Let’s Go 4 Wheeling On The Backroads Of The DR

4 Wheeling The Outback In The Dominican RepublicAs you know from watching this blog for a while, we selected the North Coast of the Dominican Republic as our Plan B because it offered a number of advantages for us.  We appreciate a less meddling and intrusive government, lower real estate prices, almost negligible carrying costs, cheap but good healthcare options, year-round temperate climates, steady tradewinds and friendly, friendly people.  But there another thing that we like about life on the North Coast.  Adventure.  We love to get out and about on the backroads of this country and discover where they go and maybe meet some new friends along the way.  In today’s post you can come along with John and I as we head our on a really remote cutroad just to see where it goes.

Along the way, there were a few spots where we were not even certain that we would be able to make it through the mud bogs, deep ruts and rivers.  I have to admit that there were a few white knuckle point even for me, and I am pretty comfortable with what my Toyota truck can handle.

Country Homes Along The Backroads Of The Dominican Republic

Country Homes Along The Backroads Of The Dominican Republic

There are a couple things I hope you will gain from watching this 3 part video series.  First, I hope our treks in the outback will help demonstrate just how safe it is in the DR once you get out of the congested cities.  The people we meet out in the country side are just friendly, curious farm folks.  They are friendly and if we ever needed any help out on the road we have no doubt that they would be there to help us out.  Secondly, I hope you can see that whatever you interests, there is plenty to do and plenty to see to keep you from getting “island fever”.  This is a huge island with a great deal of diversity and options.  There is no reason at all that you should get bored here.

Check out the videos……….


In this first video we head out on nice road that were paved in the last few years.  Before the pavement was laid, these roads were bumpy rock roads that were slow to traverse and rattled your bones.  They are a further testament to the fact that this country is moving forward and new areas of the country are more easily accessible and prime for early investment.


In this Part 2 video we head offroad… well actually it is a road of sorts.  Come fight the mud puddles, road ruts and iffy conditions with us as we discover what we can see on this little rarely used backroad.  Pardon the shaky picture at times, but trust me, it was shakier if you were sitting in the truck with us.


In our next post we will include Part 3 of our little backroads roadtrip.  It always amazes me a just how easy it is to drive a 4 wheel in the river beds.  I am convinced that on some of these rivers we could drive for miles right down the middle of the river…. maybe one of these days we will give that a try too.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

If you have not visited us on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours yet, WHY?  Put a little adventure in your life and check out whether the North Coast should be part of your Plan B while you still have a chance.


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