Only A Fool Tries To Survive By Acting Like A Vegetable

At one time or another if we're being honest we all know that feelingOnly a fool tries to survive by acting like a vegetable – staying rooted in on place when the political and economic climate changes for the worse. When the going gets tough, the mentally tough go elsewhere, the way your forefathers once did…” Doug Casey, ‘Getting Out of Dodge’, ‘International Man’

While Doug Casey can be somewhat controversial and in your face on many of his points, the fact is that he makes some darn good arguments for why NOW is the time to get up off your butt and take control of your life before someone else in the government or the Federal Reserve comes along and takes that opportunity away from you. In Casey’s recent article “Making the Chicken Run” he builds a very strong case for a failing economy and social structure in America, primarily, and Europe, secondarily. This article is a MUST read if you have any interest in preserving your assets and your freedoms.

Militarization of the police

Militarization of the police

Societies evolve in cycles. Take the recent cycle starting in 1980. As Casey points out, from about 1980 through 2000 much of the world was on an upswing. Lower taxes, collapse of totalitarian communist regimes, open markets in China, a lax attitude toward international travel and assets placement, and more freedoms on many fronts. Compare that to today’s atmosphere. Since 9/11, under the guise of “protection”, there are increasing pushes for higher taxes and fewer freedoms, including controls over movement of your assets and your asses across borders. Security related bureaucracies have mushroomed in every corner of the country and even local police agencies have become more militarized. Remember, anything that can be used to keep the bad guys out can also be used to keep the good guys in. Casey makes the case that this current cycle harkens back to the repressive and controlling atmosphere of the 1930s, except worse.

Casey does delve into a logical question. Why don’t people just pack up and move to higher ground, or make the “Chicken Run” as it was called when masses of Rhodesians escaped the repression and violence in Rhodesia in the 60s and 70s. My conclusion is that unless things get violent, most people just hunker down and hope and pray their government will take care of them. Meanwhile, the asset starved politicians that are mostly focused on saving their own jobs and hides, clamp down tighter and tighter on its citizens for more taxes until it finally restricts the freedom of it’s citizens to move their assets or their asses out of the country. It seems to me that America is already well along into the path of no return down this rabbit hole. At some point there will be no way for the average guy to get out.

As Casey says, “A wise man, at least in my view, doesn’t allow himself to be limited by an accident of birth.” After all, America and many other countries were founded on immigrants that eventually left other countries looking for more freedom and the opportunity for a better life. There is nothing inherently wrong or negative about immigration out of your home country if it would serve you or your family better.

But, it’s not patriotic. We are not being “loyal” to our country. I have heard statements like this before from people that were hesitant to even consider expatriation.

All About Control And Hanging On To The Tax BaseOnce again, Casey draws a bead on that phenomena. “A crisis always draws exhortations from the authorities to “unite” and “pull together” – which usually boils down to following orders and turning in those who don’t. People will want, and will get, “strong leadership”. This does not bode well for libertarians, classical liberals, and free thinkers in general. As the crisis deepens, it’s likely to be dangerous for someone who doesn’t agree with groupthink.”  Sadly, I believe America and most of the “first-world” countries are already solidly on the path to delivering “strong leadership”. It is evident from the never-ending growth of the police state and government and military budgets to “protect” us from terrorists, the boogey man and anyone else they can dream up. All the while, the majority of the citizens, spoon fed by the mainstream media, cheer along their government officials and succumb to more and more taxes and tighter controls entangling in every nook and cranny of their daily lives.

“There is almost no way you can effectively insulate yourself if a government and society as a whole goes crazy”, according to Casey. If ever you wanted to explore the outcome of a government gone amok with the backing of a relative passive citizenry of “sheeple” one only need to look back to the evolution of Nazi Germany in the late 30s and early 40s.

So what is a rational person to do. Casey sums up a fairly straightforward Plan B. “At a bare minimum, you should have a meaningful amount of gold in a foreign safe deposit box. In addition, you should own some foreign property, preferably in a location where you would enjoy spending some time. These things are currently not reportable, and it would be impractical for the government to get you to repatriate that capital.”

Plan B in a tropical paradise

Plan B in a tropical paradise

While this seems like common sense to me and many of our readers, to the majority of Americans, Canadians and Europeans this is not so evident. In fact, way too many people in these countries do not appear to even have a clue that their countries are on the path toward a serious collision with fiscal reality where the value of their retirement accounts and their savings and investments will shrink like a melting ice cube.

We looked at most of the obvious Plan B countries. In fact I lived in several of them and traveled to others. They all seem to have their advantages and their disadvantages. When all was said and done, we found that we had more freedom from government intervention and a simpler, less costly lifestyle here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Of course it is not perfect, nowhere is. But in general the people are friendly and accepting of expats, the weather is great year-round and the cost of living compared to the United States can be a bargain. Oh, and did I mention…. LESS government intervention.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

If you would like to check this place out and see if it might work in your own Plan B, then you should take advantage of one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours where we will pick you up at the airport and show you around our great little part of this big island. We will introduce you to other expats, probably with similar interests to your own, as well as to many locals. Over 4 or 5 days you will get a real feel for what life outside your home country can be like. As Doug Casey says “Only a fool tries to survive by acting like a vegetable – staying rooted in one place when the political and economic climate changes for the worse.


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